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48 Xuan Beis Reason

 Meng Qi winced. "This is indeed a fate inescapable!"

Of course, a dream was merely a dream, and bitter pleasure was a kind of pleasure anyway. He clearly understood that he had to continue running on this "sidetrack", although further and further away from his dream. "I could only blame myself for having virtually no defensive skills to survive the World of Samsara at the very beginning. This choice was inevitable."

And as I already made my decision, I shall stop all the complaints and forgo lassitude, and strive my best on this path.

Besides, following this way doesn't necessarily mean I will betray my "dream"!

Recently, already familiar with the martial arts in the Exchange List, Meng Qi had already designed an agenda to improve his major Kung Fu with the help of other auxiliary Kung Fu methods.

It was not Meng Qi's intention to stay as a monk in Shaolin forever, learning mainly Buddhist Kung Fu methods. He also desired some other supreme martial arts, which could ideally be compatible with Iron Shirt, Golden Bell Shield, and other Buddhist Kung Fu methods that he had learned.

Hehe, it won't matter that Senior Brother Qi redeemed the "Treasury of The Sky Realm" ahead of me. My real target is "Eight Nine Mysteries"!

Seeing Meng Qi's expression changing incessantly, Xuan Bei smiled and shook his head. "You are not as good as Zhen Hui. His mind and intention are unisonous, steadfast, and attentive, which conforms to the Gist of Trueness of Buddhism. That's the reason why I let him learn the supreme art, 'Flower-pinching Finger'."

Zhen Hui, totally oblivious of being mentioned by his master, was still muddled and looking at Meng Qi, who had told him before that he longed so much for Shaolin supreme arts like Mo-Ke Finger, Flower-pinching Finger, Form Denial Finger, and Cross Lake as One Reed, etc. Maybe that was why Senior Brother was a little unhappy.

"But you have a scampering disposition, and probably would run into many dangers in the future when practicing in Jianghu. Besides, you have a foundation of Iron Shirt, so it is best that you learn Golden Bell Shield and Vajra Unbreakable Force." Xuan Bei resembled not a harsh master, but explained avuncularly. "Between the two supreme arts, certainly Vajra Unbreakable Force is better, for it could help claim the 'Acala's Dharmakaya'. But your temperament is composed, your personality is frivolous and fickle, and you have earned nothing from Buddhist Teachings. If you practice Vajra Unbreakable Force without full preparation and lead yourself to Acala's Path, you may be overwhelmed by the hatred and anger, and fall into Asura's Sea of Woes.

"Therefore, you practice Golden Bell Shield first, grinding away the impulsive and flamboyant part of your nature. If successful, it won't be too late to practice Vajra Unbreakable Force."

Seeing that Xuan Bei was considering totally for his sake, Meng Qi was less alert. "Master, who won't be too late for?" he asked curiously.

Brother Qi changed his major Kung Fu exactly because of this. He feared that he would not get any chance to learn supreme art until he reached the Exterior, after which he would still face the problem of a feeble foundation and struggle to make progress.

Xuan Bei shook his head again and smiled. "You indeed haven't worked hard on your Buddhist lessons. Acala, the Immovable Wisdom King, also known as the Immovable Vajra, is a level sublimated from Vajra Dharmakaya, which is to be achieved after mastering Golden Bell Shield. The two martial arts are like father and son. Certainly, it won't be too late."

Meng Qi suddenly realized, and he was a bit excited. "Master, when can I start training Golden Bell Shield?"

Ghosts know when the next mission of Samsara will begin. I want to start training as soon as possible. My Ganoderma Elixir of Restoration needs to be used!

"These two supreme arts have already been copied by me. You shall start tomorrow." Xuan Bei pointed to two thick sheets of paper on the teaboard. "However, before you are Enlightened, you can only read the first four sections of Golden Bell Shield."

In the vast majority of sects and schools, the impartation of paramount martial arts was always cautious and careful. Only after reaching a new level could one be instructed corresponding content. It was to prevent disciples from mutinying or degenerating.

Meng Qi nodded heavily. "You will have my obedience."

Having figured out his own affairs, Meng Qi began concerning himself for his Junior Brother. "Master, what kind of Dharmakaya can Flower-pinching Finger claim?"

When it came to the rumors of Jianghu and the classics of martial arts, Zhen Hui had always been keen. With the finish of his Senior Brother's concern, he looked eagerly at Master Xuan Bei, waiting for his reply.

Xuan Bei's profound melancholy burst into laughter, which was quite uncommon. He started to talk as a loving father to his lovely son. "Flower-pinching Finger is the first among our Shaolin's 72 Ultimate Arts. It directly derived from the third move of The Buddha's Palm. Patriarch Dharma claimed with it the Kassapa's Dharmakaya, one of Buddhist Fruits of Great Arhat.

"It has stringent requirements that practitioners must have his heart and mind unified, and must not be distracted by other ultimate arts. Even so, it is very difficult to accomplish. Therefore, for generations, few monks had chosen it. But I reckon Zhen Hui's temperament is quite suitable to it than to other arts. Zhen Hui, how do you think? If you object, I won't force you."

Before Meng Qi could talk, Zhen Hui exclaimed with his eyes shining brightly, "Your humble disciple is willing! Uncle Xuan Xin said Great Arhat is the same as the Great Bodhisattva, and they are both Dharmakayas second only to the Buddhist Fruit of Great Buddha."

"This guy has always been like this!" Meng Qi looked up at the beam helplessly.

Xuan Bei shook his head while smiling. "Then you ought to be ready for decades of routine days."

On this point, he was quite sure of Zhen Hui.

After their major arts were confirmed, Meng Qi was reassured, and asked curiously, "Master, many of the 72 Ultimate Arts were created by Patriarch Dharma, so why could he accomplish the practice of Flower-pinching Finger, which requires no distractions?"

"Among those arts, there were some realized by Patriarch Dharma when he was refining The Buddha's Palm. While he didn't practice it, he just made the scripture perfect later after he claimed Kassapa's Dharmakaya. Another some were created after he claimed Dharmakaya, and also some were achieved before he learned The Buddha's Palm." Xuan Bei seemed quite conscientious when answering students' questions.

"No wonder." Meng Qi knew he was as keen as Zhen Hui on inquiring about all kinds of stories and anecdotes in Jianghu. "But, hadn't Patriarch Dharma also accomplished Muscle-bone Strengthening Scripture?"

There was no trace of impatience on Xuan Bei's expression. "Muscle-bone Strengthening Scripture is a peerless wonderful art, capable of transforming rot into a miracle. It could improve the effectiveness of other arts when combined with them, and even help breakthrough their original limits. In addition, it could also shorten the period of their practice manyfold. However, mastering it alone can not help claim any Golden Body, nor develop into any palm art or lightness skill. Its specialty determines that it can work with Flower-pinching Finger."

No wonder... Meng Qi's "no wonder" referred to the many chapters of Muscle-bone Strengthening Scripture on the Exchange List, which, unlike other martial arts of Shaolin, did not say it could evolve into a corresponding new stage. It was because they were totally different.

At that moment, Zhen Hui asked with his pre-puberty voice, "Master, can Flower-pinching Finger eventually evolve into The Buddha's Palm?"

Meng Qi looked down at the ground. "This guy knows so little and it is embarrassing to stand beside him!"

Xuan Bei didn't get angry, but smiled. "For any Buddhist supreme arts practitioner, as long as he manages to see Bodhi's Gist of Trueness, he could evolve his art all the way to The Buddha's Palm."

"Master, Uncle Xuan Xin used to mention in his stories that the Golden Body of the Merciful Guan Yin Bodhisattva, which belongs to Shui Yue Nunnery, is a kind of Maha Bodhisattva's Dharmakaya, which is only second to the Golden Body of Buddha and the Golden Body of Bodhi. I have been wondering if there is anything in our Shaolin that could compete with it. Now the question is resolved. And, is there anything else in our temple leading to the realm of Dharmakaya?"

Meng Qi shifted the topic and tried to inquire some information for future exchange. The explanation of Xuan Bei must be more detailed than that of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms.

Xuan Bei pondered a moment. "As for the Dharmakaya, the first we have is the third move of The Buddha's Palm, A Smile on Pinching a Flower. It is a pity that we don't have the complete nine moves, and the Primary Instruction is lost, therefore we are unable to claim the Golden Body of Buddha. The Maha Exorcism Fist, practiced by me, ruminates on the reincarnation between life and death and leads to Ksitigarbha's Golden Body, which belongs to Buddhist Fruits of Maha Bodhisattva. Unfortunately, I don't have the Underworld Soul Releasing Taoist Scripture, and can only reach a level half-step to Dharmakaya."

"The Underworld Soul Releasing Taoist Scripture ?" Meng Qi vaguely remembered this item on the Exchange List. It was a complete version!

"The True Scripture from Grand Phantasia is also like this." Xuan Bei continued, "Without the last parts, it can only help claim Dreaming Luohan's Golden Body. I guess if it were complete, it could be one of the paramount arts in Buddhism, the Great Code of Attesting Dharma in Dreams, which would help claim Amida's Golden Body."

Xuan Bei continued, "Among the 72 Ultimate Arts, only 18 of them lead directly to the realm of Dharmakaya. They are called the Inner Eighteen. The other 54 arts are only moves or skills, some of which are relatively low, and some of which could be sublimated to the corresponding art in the Inner Eighteen. In the Inner Eighteen, we have Flower-pinching Finger, Vajra Unbreakable Force, Golden Bell Shield, Form Denial Finger, Deadwood Divine Kung Fu... "

After having enjoyed his master's introduction of the Inner Eighteen, Meng Qi thought of himself, and asked casually, "Master, Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship, is it only about blade moves?"

"Yes." Xuan Bei looked puzzledly at Meng Qi. "Why ask this?"

Meng Qi had long ago prepared a good reason. He smiled and said, "Master, I have always been keen on blade art, and also learned a few sets before, and then I heard about this art from Uncle Xuan Xin and started to wonder what it would be like. So I asked you out of curiosity."

In later days, I will inevitably practice bladesmanship a lot, and it will be impossible to keep Master from knowing. His level is close to the Exterior. It is better that I confess now.

It is just... so sad to say that I love using the blade!

I have gone so far on this sidetrack!

Xuan Bei slightly nodded. "The blade intent of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship is contradictory to Buddhism, so it is very difficult for Shaolin monks, especially for those who have reached higher levels already. Therefore, for generations, there are only a few people accomplished in this bladesmanship. Oftentimes, it is only used in the enlightenment period. If you are interested, after your Enlightenment, you would be allowed to borrow the scriptures on the third and fourth floor of the Sutras Depository Tower.

"In your routine days, when you have problems with the practice of bladesmanship, come ask me. Although I am not good in this area, all martial arts are interrelated. One understanding leads to a hundred clarities."

According to Shaolin Precepts, one could only practice one supreme art before Enlightenment. And even after Enlightenment, most people would not choose other arts because of the need to focus on their major art. So for generations, excluding the masters of the Dharmakaya level whose one understanding could lead to a hundred clarities, there was Hecto-dexterous Holy Monk, who had learned supreme arts of highest diversity, 37 in total, but exactly because of this miscellany, he failed to claim the Golden Body.

After Meng Qi thanked Master with sincerity, he pretended to be curious and asked, "Master, have we ever caught Zhen Guan? Where did the secret passage lead to?"

What are the differences and similarities between the secret passages of the two different worlds?

"One step late. He already went downhill by the cliff and was escorted away by his disguised company. If you come across him one day, you must be careful, for his flesh probably changed to half-demon." Xuan Bei did not conceal any truth. "The secret passage leads to under the stupa, which suppresses the demons and devils. There are already some demons and devils that escaped. Fortunately, we discovered this early."

"I can not imagine how they dug out that clandestine tunnel under the guard of master monks." Meng Qi deliberately directed the topic.

Xuan Bei firmly shook his head. "They did not dig. They just took advantage of a relic tunnel that already existed."

"Relic tunnel?" Meng Qi palpitated with excitement.

As a master of such a level, Xuan Bei certainly perceived the change of Meng Qi's heartbeat. He said gravely, "It is not a place for you to have magical encounters. You better not get close to it without having strength above the Exterior level. Okay, it is a sensitive affair. Do not ask more until you are eligible one day."

Meng Qi inhibited his impetus to inquire more. "Master, do you have other biddings?"

Xuan Bei nodded. "Go back to the Warrior-monk Yard, bring your stuff and move here. Zhen Ding, tomorrow I am taking you to a special training place. With your foundation of Iron Shirt, you can take advantage of this place and accomplish the first three sections of Golden Bell Shield."

"Ah? What special place?" Meng Qi was very curious, but Xuan Bei just smiled tacitly. He then went back to the Warrior-monk Yard with Zhen Hui, with his heart wondering.