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41 Pursuit of Narrow Gain Despite Greater Danger

 Holding up the lit match, Meng Qi carefully searched the stone room again but found nothing else. But he was content with the impartation of the Gist of Trueness of the Exterior bladesmanship. He even figured out the Cripple Move, with which he was already more than satisfied!

On his way back, Meng Qi wondered if he should share his find with the others. Under such circumstances, most would choose to keep it to themselves and use the bladesmanship as the last resort to save their lives. That was fair and he was sure they would understand as well. However, they still had to complete the Samsara task together. Letting them know would do nothing to enhance their relationship. Besides, what Meng Qi found was the impartation of the Gist of Trueness. They could not snatch it even if they want to. After all, he was the only one who could teach the Crippled Move.

But if one of them turned into a traitor in the future, the enemy would know all of his Kung Fu abilities. He would have shown his hand and had nothing left.

Upon seeing Meng Qi's return, Qi Zhengyan who had been silent for a long time asked, "Junior Brother Zhen Ding, did you find any enemies?" Zhang Yuanshan and Jiang Zhiwei still had their eyes closed as they tried to harmonize their Qi-circulation, seemingly uninterested in their conversation.

After pondering for a moment, Meng Qi made his decision. "I didn't see any enemies, but I found the first blade remnants of the Ananda Oath-Breaking Swordsmanship etched on the walls."

He decided to keep the impartation of the Gist of Trueness to himself, but share a bladesmanship to gain their trust. This would build a nice foundation of trust for future Samsara tasks.

"Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmanship?" said Zhang Zhiwei in an astounded tone, eyes widening a little. Clearly his nonchalant attitude was an act. He was simply following the Jianghu code, whereby people do not ask about others' finds on their missions to prevent conflict. Meng Qi's honesty and selflessness had taken her by surprise.

Zhang Yuanshan and Qi Zhengyan too could not remain composed and looked at Meng Qi with astonishment.

"Yes. But it's just the first blade of Crippled Moves." When Meng Qi saw their shocked expressions, he nodded. This was exactly the effect he wanted.

"The Crippled Move doesn't matter. I remember seeing it on the contents of the Exchange List for Completing the Crippled Move. The more complete it is, the less Karma Points are needed. The lowest is less than 10% of the original." Jiang Zhiwei smiled. "Little monk, you didn't have to tell us about your find. Everyone has secrets. I have them, so do Senior Zhang and Senior Qi."

"The Crippled Move can be completed?" Meng Qi instantly became excited. His understanding of Peace Quietude Split was quite complete, which meant he probably did not have to spend a lot of Karma points on it.

This greatly improved his mood. He laughed and said, "We've all basically experienced life and death together and we'll definitely be working together in the future. So if I kept the bladesmanship from you, it'll be easy to misjudge our strength when we make our plans in the future. It's just Crippled Move anyway."

He explained his reasoning from both pragmatic and friendship standpoints. The point was to gain everyone's recognition of their 'camaraderie'.

"Little monk, there's really no need. When it comes to estimating our strength, there's no need to reveal your special moves if you let us know your strength and the enemies you can handle." Jiang Zhiwei smiled brightly. Though she did not find it necessary, but Meng Qi's honesty made her very happy. At least he considered them to be true friends who go through thick and thin together.

Meng Qi was startled. "I didn't think I could do it that way... "

Jiang Zhiwei laughed hysterically. Zhang Yuanshan could not hold back his laughter either and shook his head. "Junior Brother Zhen Ding, you're lucky it's us. If we had any cunning thoughts, you will lose all element of surprise for your Ananda Oath-Breaking Swordsmanship. You're still too young and lack Jianghu experience."

His gaze was warm and his smile sincere, obviously finding Meng Qi more agreeable now.

Qi Zhengyan who was rambling about his soul journey nodded at the honest Meng Qi. "Sometimes, if your comrades are aware of your killer move, they will be calmer. That gives the enemy a sense of vigilance and you will end up losing that element of surprise. So as long as your intentions are pure, we don't mind you keeping things to yourself."

This considered as him having made up for keeping the Double-Killing Dart to himself earlier.

Everyone seemed to have become closer after he shared this information.

"Senior Brother Qi, you've become a nag after getting injured," Meng Qi joked. He changed the subject before Qi Zhengyan's face darkened. "There's also door embedded in the wall. The words 'He who is loyal and kind should not enter this door' are written on the right... "

He told them everything he found to see if they had any clues.


Duo Ercha's gaze shifted downwards. He snorted when he saw the traces of those leaving the forest in a rush. "Sure enough, they're still wet behind the ears."

Following the traces that were too late for Meng Qi and the rest to erase, Duo Ercha moved forward steadily and soon arrived at the giant red stone.

"Hm?" Realizing that the traces had disappeared, he cautiously looked around.

The trembling of his body had yet to cease and sweat was dripping down his forehead. Clearly he was not in the best state.

When he was certain no one was around, Duo Ercha frowned in confusion. They could neither fly or burrow. How could they just disappear?

Could it be they had discovered their traces and erased them?

Duo Ercha walked back and forth a bit, observing the traces left behind and found that the traces had disappeared behind the giant red stone. Some stopped in the front of the cliff wall.

He quietly pondered for a moment and walked behind the giant stone without expression. He extended his hand, trying to find the hidden mechanism.

Others might be fooled by this, but how could an experienced Jianghu veteran like him be fooled?

Was it not just a secret passage?

The traces they left behind were too obvious, completely unlike the actions of disciples of respected clans who were allowed to leave the mountain. They acted more like Jianghu novices!

But these novices were really far too strong...


"He who is loyal and kind should not enter this door... I've never heard of it." Deep in contemplation, Zhang Yuanshan frowned and shook his head.

Just as he spoke those words, they heard a creaking sound and turned to look. They saw Duo Ercha, face full of scars, standing quietly outside, waiting for the secret passage door to fully open.

"How did he found out!" Meng Qi was in shock.

Qi Zhengyan was deeply shocked and blamed himself. "We forgot to clear up the traces... "

Thunder and lightning struck overhead, with a surging storm. He and Meng Qi had been busy trying to find a hiding place. Since they had never experienced something like this, they forgot to get rid of any traces.

Meng Qi's heart sank when he heard what Qi Zhengyan said. This was this their own doing?

No, they must not give up!

Meng Qi threw himself at the door before the entrance fully opened, trying to twist the mechanism and close it. He watched Duo Ercha closely, thinking what he should do if he cannot stop him.

"He lost his left hand, arm and shoulder. His white bones are poking out and his body is trembling. He must be badly hurt, so there must not be much of his strength left... " Meng Qi touched the mechanism, already having an idea of Duo Ercha's condition.

Duo Ercha lightly waved his hand and wind started blowing, pushing back Meng Qi who had dived forwards. The entrance could not be closed.

Meng Qi's chest and abdomen were hurting and it was getting harder for him to breathe. His idea instantly changed.

Even if Duo Er Cha did not have much strength left, both he and Qi Zhengyan were no match for him. What could they do?

His most powerful move was the Ananda Oath-Breaking Swordsmanship, but it was a Crippled Move!

Um, Crippled Move was only incomplete in the late stages. He had complete understanding of the early stages so he could still form a complete blade stance before making his move...

Should he put on an act to scare him?

Yes! Duo Ercha was badly injured. When he encountered an enemy and move he was unsure of, he would definitely back off. By then, their primary mission would be completed!

Different thoughts flashed in Meng Qi's mind in that moment. He soon made his decision and stood in stance, tightly holding the Buddhist Commandment Blade in his hand.

With the entrance completely open, Duo Ercha did not attack rightaway. Instead he silently walked towards the cliff wall.

Duo Ercha not saying a word or making a move made them feel extremely pressured. Jiang Zhiwei and Zhang Yuanshan stopped tending to their injuries and barely managed to stand up, ready to fight to their deaths.

"Prepare to die," Duo Ercha threatened, lifting his right fist.

Meng Qi recalled the Crippled Move and drew his Buddhist Commandment Blade, ready to strike.

But at this moment, Duo Ercha suddenly moved backwards and hit a giant tree with his fist.

Amidst the violent winds, a silver-bell-like laughter rang. A white shadow jumped out from behind the tree, floating like an ethereal creature, dodging the fist.

The giant tree was split in half and fell backwards, making a loud thumping noise.

The white shadow landed somewhere close by. It was a lovely girl in a simple white gown.

"I was just a little surprised to see the secret passage. I didn't think you would discover me." The girl laughed. "I was planning to make my move after you have killed them all."

Meng Qi looked at the girl in shock. "Little Zi?"

From the looks of it, this girl was clearly Little Zi!

Little Zi could be considered as graceful previously, but she seemed to have blossomed. She now carried an ethereal air and was a stunning beauty, no less beautiful than Jiang Zhiwei.

"Little Zi? Don't mention that idiot," the young girl replied with a faint smile. "I'm Gu Xiaosang."

Gu Xiaosang? Meng Qi had heard Little Zi mention this name. He found it weird to look at the girl with almost the same appearance as Little Zi.

As they were talking, Duo Ercha continued to attack, only this time without dark clouds or thunder and lightning, but violent winds.

Gu Xiaosang did not panic. Her gown fluttered as if she was dancing in the wind, yet she still found time to chat with Meng Qi.

"Gu Xiaosang, it's really her," Zhang Yuanshan muttered seriously. Jiang Zhiwei pursed her lips and Qing Zhengyan even subconsciously stepped back.

It seemed that Gu Xiangsang had quite the reputation.

Gu Xiaosang defended for a bit and said with a laugh, "General, if you attack again, I'm not going to hold back anymore. How about you kill them first and then I'll kill you. What say you?"

"You and whose army?" Duo Ercha snorted, attacking more violently.

"If you're not injured, even two of me are no match for you. But your left eye is now blind, your head has been attacked by sword, and you were struck by Vajra Palm and the Flower-Pinching Finger of the Citta-Manas Monk. How much strength do you have left? 30, 20, or perhaps 10%?" Gu Xiaosang said, smiling. She flew backwards, avoiding Duo Ercha's lethal blow.

"Even so, killing you is like squashing a fowl." Duo Ercha remained dignified, but he suddenly changed direction, flying toward the outskirts of the forest.

What, trying to escape?

He was indeed the ruthless barbarian!

Gu Xiaosang was like a spirit, like a fairy. Somehow she managed to land in front of Duo Ercha. She extended her hand, closing her index and middle fingers to form a dagger and pointed at the middle of Duo Ercha's eyes.

At the same time, she opened her mouth slightly to murmur about something. A sudden, faint hissing sound could be heard.

"The world of mortals is like a prison; all living beings are in suffering. The wheel of reincarnation never ends; suffering is endless. Have mercy on my people; the gods are dawning on us. Ajati Matriarch, Vacuum Hometown!"

"Ajati Matriarch, Vacuum Hometown!"