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8 An Eccentric Reunion

 Meng Qi sat bolt upright and gasped for air. He just had a nightmare about how his true identity was exposed and His Abbotship, who attained the Golden Body of Luo Han, killed him with one palm.

Even though he had never met His Abbotship, the dream was so clear and detailed that he couldn't stop quivering even after he woke up.

"Where is this place...?" Suddenly, he heard the cautious voice of a woman.

"Who is it? Why is there a woman in my room?"

Meng Qi was startled and hurriedly looked around, but as he looked he became even more startled. He was not in his room anymore!

He was in was a large square that had white marble floors. The center of the square was completely empty, but around the square there was a circle of statues, of many mythical creatures, including dragon, phoenix, One-legged Bull, and Pi Xiu. Beside him, Meng Qi saw three people that he had met yesterday- Jiang Zhiwei from Xi Jian Pavilion, Zhang Yuanshan from Zhen Wu Sect, and Qing Jing from Xuan Tian Sect. The three of them looked around with confusion and suspicion shown on their faces.

Meng Qi struggled to stand up. He was also completely ignorant of what had happened. He was just sleeping in his room. How did he arrive in a strange place like this? It became more confusing as the talented young disciples were also here. Perhaps he was still dreaming?

Abruptly, the angry face of Qing Jing popped into Meng Qi's sight. His brows rose due to his anger, and he roared, "What do you Shaolin people want to do? Do you want to become the enemy of all the sects?"

Meng Qi couldn't understand at all what he was saying, and looked back at him blankly.

"Qing Jing, don't conclude so early. Let's first check the back side of the statues, and see what happens." Zhen Yuan Shan remained calm.

Jiang Zhiwei frowned slightly. "This little monk is only a char monk. Even if this has something to do with Shaolin, he won't know anything about it. Why make it difficult for him? Besides, I don't think there is anything that Shaolin would want from us."

Qing Jing angrily waved his right hand. "Isn't it obvious? Shaolin has the earthly deity Kong Wen, who attained the golden body of the 'Taming Dragon Luo Han'. Under the monitor of his Providential Sight and Omniscient Hearing, How would it be possible to bring us all away from Shaolin Temple sneakily? Unless it was he, himself, I can't imagine another person who could do the same!"

"I, I wasn't at Shaolin..." A cowardly man walked out from the behind one of the statues. He was around 30 years old, had a lot of muscles and a wild beard.

"Who else is there? Come out and meet us, my friends. I am Zhang Yuanshan from Zhen Wu Sect," Zhang Wu Shan said loudly after a short surprise.

"Big Brother Zhang, I didn't know you were here too." Two other people walked out from two different statues. One of them was a tall girl whose hair was tied up with a white handkerchief and her skin was tanned. The other was an ordinary young man who had an extremely serious facial expression.

Zhang Yuanshan was silent for a moment and his expression became increasingly solemn. "Sister Qi Xia from Dajiang Gang, did you also find yourself here after waking up from your sleep?"

Jiang Zhiwei slowly walked to Meng Qi's side, and said thoughtfully, "She is the young daughter of Mr. Qi Yuan Tong, the vice president of Dajiang Gang. For now, she is at Shaolin too."

"I don't know her..." Meng Qi answered honestly. In his head he started generating a million guesses about the situation that they were in.

"Yes, but when we woke up we were behind the statues. We heard people talking so we didn't dare to walk out." Qi Xia had a deep frown, and pointed at the obscene-looking man, "Maybe Taoist Qing Jing had a wrong guess. This is the censer host of Dajiang Gang, Yan Wujiang. He is from the Wu generation of the Jiang Zuo Yan family. He didn't follow me to Shaolin, and he should be in Maolin, which is east of the Yangtze River."

"Right, right, right! Third mistress, I, I just won big at the Maolin No.1 Casino, and found some popular girls to sing for me. However, when I woke up, I found myself in such a weird place!" Yan Wu Jiang said looking terrified.

Jiang Zhiwei gave a soft laugh, and Meng Qi didn't know if she was talking to him or muttering to herself, and said, "The Wu Generation. So he would be a cousin of the chief of 'Zombie Fist', Yan Wuwo. He was in such a high generation, yet only a censer host in Dajiang Gang. It seems like there was a reason behind it..."

Qing Jing frowned, walked hastily towards Ya Wujiang, and asked harshly, "You reprobate, telling lies must be one of your daily habits. How do you prove that you are telling the truth?"

He still insisted that his original guess was correct.

Yan Wu Jiang's lips trembled. "You, you can go to the Maolin No.1 Casino and ask them if I really won 2100 taels!"

He gradually calmed down since the third mistress was also there.

"You are...?" Zhang Yuanshan frowned and looked to the ordinary man who didn't smile at all.

Jiang Zhiwei suddenly took a step forward, and her pretty brows twisted slightly. "This gentleman, I think I have met you before? Yes, I think you are in the disciple team of Huanhua Swords Sect?"

The man wore plain clothes and a small hat, and was about 20 years old. However, he didn't display the energy that people at his age usually had, and he looked like he wore an iron mask. Seriousness was the only expression he had. He nodded slightly. "It is my honor to be remembered by Ms. Jiang. I am Qi Zheng Yan, an ordinary disciple of Huanhua Swords Sect, and I came with my team to Shaolin."

For the first time, Zhang Yuanshan seemed obviously confused. The situation was way too weird. Not only were the most talented disciples of four sects here, there was also an ordinary disciple and a censer host who only knew a little bit of Kungfu. There even was a char monk who only did chores. He just couldn't see what the standard for choosing these delegates was.

Jiang Zhiwei gave a bitter smile. "Originally, I thought this was targeted against the disciples who came to Shaolin, but who knew that censer host Mr. Yan would also here..."

Qing Jing sneered. "It doesn't matter whether the people here have anything in common. I only want to ask, who has the power to bring us all here from Shaolin secretly? Humph, divine monk Kong Wen, the third on the heaven ranking. Even Mr. Chong He, who has attained the 'Purely Yang Tao', wouldn't be able to do it!"

He still pointed directly at Shaolin, and the only thing he didn't understand was why would Shaolin do such a strange thing.-


A melodious bell attracted everybody's attention, and all of them looked to the center of the white marble square.

"Welcome to the World of Samsara!"

"Here, there are countless dangers, but here, you can also obtain everything you want!"

The magnificent yet cold voice arrived along with the bell. Meng Qi frowned and thought that he might have had a similar experience before.

"Who is it? Show yourself!" Qing Jing exerted power towards his feet, and ran towards the center as fast as a sprinting horse. However, nothing was there.

"You can call me 'Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms'," the voice continued.

Meng Qi subconsciously looked to his side, and saw Jiang Zhiwei and Zhang Yuanshan's eyes glaring like a purple electric current that spurted in the darkness. They were extremely focused, looking for the source of the voice.

Then, they gave each other a look and shook their heads.

Meng Qi's heart missed a beat. They couldn't seek out the source of the voice either.

Qing Jing put his right hand on the blade at his waist, stopped there, and yelled, "What do you want from us?"

The cold voice replied, "The world is a cycle. You will experience many different universes, and complete the missions that I have assigned. Through this you will accumulate Karma points, and using the Karma points, you can exchange for whatever you want. Let it be an ultimate Kungfu, or a weapon of a deity, or a medicine that could extend your lifetime, or anything you can think of. Here, you can find everything that you have ever heard of, and you can discover a lot more that you have ever known about!"

Meng Qi's mouth was half-opened that he looked like a carp who lacked oxygen. Isn't, isn't this the Infinity Genre? I thought I was in a Wuxia world! This doesn't seem right!

"Obtain whatever we want?" Qing Jing sneered at what the mysterious person had said.

He was from Xuan Tian Sect, which was called the righteous sect descending from the Emperor of Heaven. In regards to magical and secret Kungfu scripts and rare treasures, he had already seen a lot. He didn't believe this weird "Owner of the Samsara" could collect all the legendary objects, since some of them were already kept in Xuan Tian Sect!

The "Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms" didn't reply. Instead, a light screen fell down from the tall, white marble roof, and it showed "Peerless Godly Kungfu Scripts". Below this title it was clearly written:

"The Buddha's Palm complete edition, exchange price: one million Karma points."

"The Buddha's Palm..." Everybody here had heard of this peerless Kungfu. They were all stupefied. Two sects among the greatest Kungfu sects used an incomplete piece of this script as the basis of establishment! And this Kungfu would lead directly to the supreme golden body of Buddha!

Meng Qi's heart was on fire, and he temporarily forgot about how the situation "didn't seem right".

Jiang Zhiwei read the second line with hidden excitement, "Seven Sky-hacking Swordstrikes, missing the third and sixth moves, exchange price: 750 thousand Karma points. "

Zheng Yuan Shan held his hand tightly into fists. The two fundamental Kungfu of Zhen Wu Sect were derived from the seventh move of the Seven Sky-hacking Swordstrikes, "Dao's Wax and Dao's Wane".

Qing Jing was stunned for a moment. Then he mocked, "Missing the third and sixth sword, so you don't really have everything..."

The volume of his laughter became smaller as he said this, because the clear annotation of what was and wasn't missing made it seem more credible than simply saying "we have everything". Now it seemed like they really had everything that they claimed they had!

"Only missing the third and sixth sword..." Jiang Zhiwei's lips trembled. Her beautiful face shined brightly as if the pursuit of the Seven Sky-hacking Swordstrikes was her biggest dream in life.

The establisher of Xi Jian Pavilion also fortunately encountered the first move of Seven Sky-hacking Swordstrikes, "Cutting Tao And Seeking True-self", and derived the ultimate sword technique Supreme Methods of the Sword. He was thus able to attain the "Supreme Taoist", and before he passed away, he continuously said three times "Regret" for not being able to read the other six moves of Seven Sky-hacking Swordstrikes.

Meng Qi swallowed a mouthful of saliva difficulty, and looked down the list. He saw another name that he was familiar with, "Eight Nine Mysteries complete edition, exchange price: 950 thousand Karma points."

"Eight Nine Mysteries, why haven't I heard of it before?" Qing Jing confusedly asked, and seemed to have forgotten that a minute ago he was still mocking the "Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms".

Jiang Zhiwei, Zhang Yuanshan, Qi Xia and the others shook their heads. They haven't heard of it before either.

Meng Qi was the only one crazily screaming in his mind:

Eight Nine Mysteries? Eight Nine Mysteries!

Among all the other Kungfu on the page, many of them were legendary scripts that Jiang Zhiwei and the others had heard of, for example, The Dictionary of The Demon Emperor, The Golden Book of The Human Sovereign, The Phoenix Incineration, etcetera. There were also the fundamental Kungfu of several sects, for example, Emperial Scripts of Heaven, True Martial Seven-Seven Cutting Scripture, Supreme Methods of the Sword, and so on.

In addition, except for Emperial Scripts of Heaven missing the middle volume, and The Golden Book of The Human Sovereign missing the third page, all the others were complete editions!

"How could it be..." Zhang Yuanshan narrowed his eyes, while Jiang Zhiwei also put her right hand on the handle of her sword.

As the best disciples of their sects, seeing that the treasures of their sects were listed here and free for exchange, it was inevitable that they would feel unhappy.

In normal situations, a sect would never forgive someone who wanted to steal their Kungfu. Even if they would have to chase that person to the edge of the world, they would persist in getting rid of the person.

Meng Qi was not yet an official Shaolin disciple, so he didn't feel the same way. Instead, his mind was full of astonishment towards the Kungfu that he "knew really well", which were at the bottom of the list. These were Strategy for Sky Demons against Deities, Book of the Chaos, Embryo of The Spectral Soul, etcetera.

On the page, the cheapest was Yi Jin Jing, which was 15 thousand, and the most expensive were The Buddha's Palm and a few other peerless arts, which were around one million. This was too much excitement for Meng Qi.