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95 The Second Wilderness Training

 A week passed, and the refurbishing of the villa in the suburbs was completed. Although the place seemed deserted since no one had lived there for three entire years, only the outer layer of the wall broke off, with a few cracks in other places. The overall building was fine. Human technology was still trustworthy.

They only needed to clear the weeds, redo the walls, and give the villa a new paint job. The outer walls were painted white and the broken bricks were switched out for new ones. By Gao Peng's request, they also built a basement.

It was not difficult. It did not require a lot of technical skill, only people to solidify the walls to prevent collapse.

Gao Peng's requirements were not unreasonable, either. He only wanted them to include a passageway that linked the basement, located in the shallow surface of the ground, to the inside of the villa. Small construction projects like that were no problem for most construction companies.

They only needed a few days to complete the task.

Now that the villa refurbishment was complete, Gao Peng could move in at any time.


To own a house one could not stay in was really agonizing, especially when it was a villa. Sometimes Gao Peng just wanted to ask God what he did wrong.

Could it be that every handsome boy had to endure hardships that corresponded to his face?

The next day, it was once again the time for them to head towards the wilderness for training in the valley. The time period was one week.

Nothing happened to anyone during the last wilderness training; only a few students were injured. The rest benefited from pressing the emergency help button in advance. Otherwise, things would not have been so simple as them just getting hurt.

Apart from that, Gao Peng heard that a few other students were locked inside a safe house together with their familiars. They ran out of food, and the few students were almost eaten by their hungry familiars.

It was only at the end, thanks to their determination to continue banging on the door, that the sound alerted others and they were saved. Otherwise, the tragic incident of these students starving to death might have appeared in the news. The incident was talked about quite a lot at school.

This time, Gao Peng decided to take the Skull Ghoul Ape, Dumby, and Purple-backed Thunder Centipede, Da Zi, with him. As for Stripey and Silly, Gao Peng left them at home. It might have been too high profile to bring that many familiars at once.

With Dumby around, Gao Peng genuinely felt confident. Last time, due to the Giant Jungle Anaconda, Gao Peng remained vigilant for a couple of days. He was afraid he would attract the unwanted attention of monsters he could not handle.

He did not know that the Giant Jungle Anaconda was the overlord of the entire valley. His perception was that it was possible to encounter such a scary monster just from casually walking around the jungle.

Dumby followed its master out of the house. It stood behind its master and suddenly patted Gao Peng's shoulder.

Gao Peng turned around and saw Dumby hit its puffed-up-chest with a tightly clenched fist. A low voice reverberated in Gao Peng's mind. Master! I! Protect you!

Gao Peng laughed. "You... Where did you learn these words?"

"Armor Baby," Dumby answered honestly.

Gao Peng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

All the familiars were transported to the destination via a large truck. The monster trainer cadets, on the other hand, went there in another vehicle.

It was the second trip. As they already experienced during the first trip, the seats were randomized, and the vehicle departed as soon as everyone was on the bus.

Gao Peng did not know the students who sat beside him. Their language was a bit crude and their tones a bit strong. Profanity filled their sentences whenever they talked.

"F*ck, I'm telling you, better not let me catch that bastard."

"Yeah, if we find him, we're definitely gonna kill him! He's an animal! No, even animals aren't that perverse."

"Motherfuck*r, locking us inside that house just because of a few words. Luckily someone came to unlock the door, or else we might have starved to death inside."

"Don't know who it is, didn't see his face last time. I'm telling you, that loser better not let me know who he is, or I will have 100 methods to make sure that he won't be able to stay at our school."

The color in Gao Peng's face gradually changed as he listened to the conversation between the group of students.

No wonder why he thought those people sounded familiar. Fate sure is a funny thing.

Gao Peng closed his eyes and put on his earphones. Before these people did not let him and Mu Tieying inside the safehouse, so they locked them inside. So they were not indebted to each other. He would not continue messing with them because they already paid the price for their words.

After the vehicle stopped, the group got out of the bus as they continued bickering, and prepared themselves to go to the other truck to get their familiars.

The truck stopped just behind the bus because if familiars were separated too far from their masters, they would become emotionally unstable. So they had to make sure the truck and bus maintained a certain distance from each other. That way, familiars would feel the presence of their masters.

The only thing was, the familiars were far too stable that day.

After the back door of the truck opened, they saw all the familiars frozen to a spot, quivering.

A gigantic humanoid covered in a black robe strolled out of the truck. The familiars in its path avoided it by moving to either side as if they were officials moving away to welcome the arrival of the king.

The dull thud of the figure landing on the ground woke them up. Dumby jumped down from the truck.

It walked towards them. Its formless power and influence forced them to move away. It was only after Dumby moved a distance away that they regained their senses. Their faces were bright red. "It's just a familiar, what are we nervous about?" someone said. But the guy only dared to complain in a low voice.

He could never have imagined that Dumby would have such a keen sense of hearing. Dumby stomped on the ground in the next step and turned its head slightly. Beneath the hood was a faint flame. It sent shivers down the spine of the guy who spoke. His face went pale.

It was a good thing Dumby continued with its walk away from them after a simple glance.

Dumby finally stopped beside Gao Peng. Hanging on Dumby's waist was a purple 'belt.' Upon further inspection, one could see the silhouette of Da Zi, wrapping Dumby's waist over more than once.

The unique-looking Dumby attracted the attention of many people. The black robe made them even more curious.

After entering the valley, Gao Peng did not choose to be in Mu Tieying's team. He chose to be in a team all by himself.

It would be easier to get things done if he was alone. The more the people there were, the more complicated things would become.

After entering the valley, Gao Peng let Dumby guide him into its depths.

He sat on Dumby's shoulder, sitting across its neck. Although the pose was a little shameful, it was also very convenient.

The wind blew on his face as he sat on Dumby's neck.

A monster beside the road was startled. Through the dense jungle, Gao Peng saw a black shadow running away further into its depths. Gao Peng immediately saw that the road seemed familiar, and asked Dumby to stop.

After they stopped, he saw that there was a pond not far away. It was then that Gao Peng knew where the familiar feeling came from. If he was not mistaken, there would be a group of green-skinned frogs in the pond; the group of green-skinned frogs who loved to spit at other lifeforms.

"Let's change direction," Gao Peng said. He had no intention of messing with the group of green-skinned frogs.

Suddenly, sounds appeared from the depths of the jungle. The plains were split open like waves, and a massive body came slowly closer.