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94 Fat Flying Spider

 After a series of battles, Stripey's confidence seemed to have strengthened.

It seems I am not as weak as I thought. This scary-looking monster can't even break through my defense, Stripey thought.

Stripey was filled with energy. The fat spider was gradually becoming braver.

Seeing that the Locust hanging on the iron cage wire did not dare come down, Stripey extended its left forelimb to test the waters, and then, its right forelimb...

The Dead Leaf Locust hanging on the iron cage shook its body.

Stripey shivered and quickly withdrew both its legs to retreat cautiously.

Stripey, get up there, Gao Peng ordered Stripey through the contract.

Stripey turned around to glance at its master with a puzzled look. It shook its head to imply that the task was too difficult.

I am only a tiny spider. Why are you making things so difficult for me?

Gao Peng's face turned grim.

You're a spider. A spider! You have the gall to actually tell me that crawling up an iron cage is too difficult. What an embarrassment. You are without a doubt the lamest familiar that I've trained!

"Come back here!" Gao Peng said aloud and shook his head. Since Stripey was unwilling, he did not want to force it. He would just have to treat it as a purely defensive familiar. It wasn't so bad.

As if sensing the disappointment in the tone of its master, Stripey stayed fixed in place and did not move for a long time.

"You don't want to attack, right? Then just come back," Gao Peng said calmly.

It was the first time Stripey heard its master speak to it in such a tone. It felt nervous and suddenly remembered its first master. The old master left and did not want it anymore. It was afraid. It was afraid that it would be discarded a second time.

It did not want to be thrown away!

Stripey shrieked and leaped violently to the iron cage wire. Its stout body hung on the iron cage, shaking it intensely. Stripey's actions were powerful. The difference was huge compared to its previous cowardly behavior.

Its thick spider claw clung onto the iron cage wire. With its claw tip hanging on the iron cage, it shook its body with a certain rhythm and easily swung itself to begin crawling upwards.

That moment seemed to awaken the natural instinct hidden in its blood. The best gifts left behind by its spider ancestors in years of accumulation were opened all at once.

Spiders were originally aggressive beings.

At that moment, Stripey's eyes became particularly red, like scarlet light bulbs. It crawled towards the Dead Leaf Locust crazily.

The Dead Leaf Locust looked down on Stripey and was shocked by the spider's sudden frenzy. It froze momentarily and forgot to move. Only when Stripey was very close did it regain its senses and move its wings, leaping away.

Stripey, who came behind the locust almost immediately, leaped forward without hesitation. Even if it was 30 meters up in the air, it did not hesitate.

It jabbed its spider claws obsessively, like one extending his arms to hug his lover.


Stripey caught the Dead Leaf Locust, its sharp limbs piercing deep into its body.

Where Stripey's cone-like limb pierced the body of the Dead Leaf Locust, a large amount of yellow pus poured out. The Dead Leaf Locust struggled as hard as it could, as it was strong.

Stripey was almost thrown off from the struggle. It shrieked in a low voice and spat out a huge amount of white spider silk on the face and back of the Dead Leaf Locust. The two monsters tangled together and fell violently from midair!

Falling from the sky!

Stripey's heavy body was on top of the locust, and they fell on the hard cement floor. The Dead Leaf Locust only felt a sharp pain from its back that almost made it faint.

Stripey was also dazed by the fall. It shook its head and continued to attack as if its life depended on it. It could have been the "Daredevil Third Brother."

Stripey who had fallen to the ground was still shrieking wildly, biting madly at the Dead Leaf Locust. The Dead Leaf Locust that had almost fainted from the fall could not even begin to respond before Stripey's bite covered its entire body with injuries and holes from spider claws.

"That's enough, Stripey," Gao Peng's voice rang out.

Stripey, who had gone into an enigmatic state, slowed its movements and relaxed its grip upon hearing the voice of its master. It turned around and locked its gaze with Gao Peng with a look of confusion.

Gao Peng was filled with encouragement. He said, "You did great. I apologize for what I said just now. You were amazing."

The others around him did not understand. Why would anyone apologize to a familiar? They could not understand complex language, and they were all dumb. It was easy to manipulate them.

Stripey whimpered in a low voice and leaned over in the iron cage wall. Its scarlet eyes pleaded.

"I will never leave you behind. You are my familiar, and I am your monster trainer. We are partners. Why in the world would a person leave his partner behind?" Gao Peng extended his arms to encourage Stripey.

Stripey suddenly whimpered as if it were crying. It dashed quickly out of the iron cage and hopped quickly towards Gao Peng. Gao Peng felt a sense of unease as he saw Stripey gradually moving closer.


Stripey's lunge threw Gao Peng to the ground. Its furry face leaned towards Gao Peng's while its mouthparts wiggled. It spat all over Gao Peng's face.

Gao Peng knew that was how Stripey showed affection, so he did not push Stripey away. When Stripey relaxed its hug, Gao Peng's entire face was covered with spider saliva.

Stripey's final performance was a huge surprise for Gao Peng. Although it was very lame at the beginning, it was a spider after all. So when its aggressive nature was initiated it was extremely fierce.

In Gao Peng's field of vision, he saw Stripey's condition: (Light Injury). It seemed the force from the fall also caused it some not-so-weak injuries.


A week passed in the blink of an eye. The bloated Stripey finally left the ranks of being a fat spider.

In one week, Stripey's diameter grew to 10 feet while it was three feet tall. Its level also grew to 13 from the training. However, things like courage were innate, and although Stripey no longer feared combat, it still preferred to exhaust the enemy and avoid direct confrontation.

At the same time, Dumby's level secretly grew to 10. Dumby's growth was the slowest among the familiars, as it had special attributes. Food materials with the space attribute were the rarest and most valuable, and although one could use wind and wood attribute items to supplement it, the effects were non-significant.

Upon returning home after class, Gao Peng called over Dumby who was sitting alone in the living room.

As soon as it was summoned by its master, Dumby stood up and bent over in front of Gao Peng, its blue soul flames burning slowly.

Gao Peng put his right hand on Dumby's glossy forehead. The signing of the contract proceeded smoothly. The same way a canal is formed when water flows, things fell into place when the conditions were met.

The load that constantly weighed down Gao Peng's mind was finally released.