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90 Rules for the Entrance Examination

 "The first set of Entrance Examination for College questions for monster trainer cadets are out. They were sent to various base cities in multiple countries across the world. As this is the first Entrance Examination, the rules are more cumbersome. Everyone has to pay close attention.

"According to the document disseminated to us, the exam will be divided into three rounds. The first round will be a unified examination across the country. You will lead your familiar to challenge monsters.

"The base points given for Normal tier monsters are 10 points, Elite tier monsters give 50 points, and Commander tier monsters give 500 points. Based on this, Excellent grade monsters with the same level will provide bonus points of 50% and Perfect grade monsters with the same level will provide bonus points of 100%.

"Moreover, the challenges will have a limited number of monsters. The monster number cannot be more than the number of monsters you possess. That means that if you only have three familiars, then at most, you will be able to battle three monsters. This is to prevent examinees with high-level familiars from selecting a large number of low-level monsters to grind their points.

"At the same time, you lot can only select the tier and grade of the monsters. The monster type will be randomized."

Everyone nodded to show that they understood the instructions.

"At the same time, there's another request, and that is you cannot choose monsters with specific attribute advantages in the battles. For example, if your familiar has a monster attribute of water, you cannot choose a monster with fire attribute to fight against. I hope you understand this," Chief Instructor Chen said to the students.

That request changed the colors of several students slightly. Some were bitter; they had planned to exploit the loopholes of the rules, choosing monsters that were weak against their familiars' attribute.

"Instructor Chen, what if the monster has an attribute that is advantageous over our familiar's monster attribute? What do we do then?" A student raised his hand and asked loudly.

"Everyone will have one chance to change the challenging monster. But remember, there is only one chance. At the same time, the monster that is changed is guaranteed 100% to have a different monster attribute. That means that you won't meet a monster with the same attribute twice. Of course, if your familiar is successful in defeating a monster with an advantageous attribute, then you will get a 10% bonus," Chief Instructor Chen said, smiling.

Finally, Chief Instructor Chen emphasized some other detailed rules, basically putting an end to any tricks and methods for cheating.

The examiners themselves were not Gods. They wouldn't know what kind of weird and innovative cheating methods might suddenly appear. They could only do their best.

"The first round of the exam is basically the finish line for most of you. Only some of the more excellent students will meet the requirement to take the second round of the exam. However, as long as you can meet the requirement for the second round of examination, you can essentially get admitted to a prestigious university.

"The second round of the exam will be a real combat survival in the wilderness. Moreover, the proceedings will be broadcasted live nationally. The specific rules will be announced after the end of the first round of the exam.

"As for the third round of the exam... We'll wait until you've earned the right to participate in the second round of the exam before we let you know," said Chief Instructor Chen as he produced a mild smile.

"Chief Instructor Chen, is it because even you don't know it?" a sound emerged from below.


The atmosphere instantly became very awkward.

The faces of the two instructors standing on both sides changed immediately after hearing those words. They held their laughter in. It was excruciating.

That was their head, after all, and they couldn't laugh. The boss still needed to save face.

Chief Instructor Chen looked the same as always. He even had a warm smile with him.

"Whoever said that, please come out of the line."

A student with an awkward smile sauntered out of a line.

The other students gave him a look of courageous approval.

"Come here, strong man. Let's start with 10 push-ups. After 10 push-ups, we'll be even. I won't fuss over the things that you've just said," Chief Instructor said generously.

As the student heard that it was only 10, he let out a sigh of relief.

It's only 10, hehe. I'd be fine even with 10 more! the student thought.

He moved down to the ground cheerfully and supported himself.

"I'll count, and you'll follow. I count one, you do one," Chief Instructor Chen stated.

The student in the push-up posture nodded fiercely.


The student easily completed one.


The student also completed another one quickly.


It was still easy for the student.


The student did another one, but something seemed to be wrong.


The color on the student's face changed.

In the end, Gao Peng did not count just how many push-ups were completed. He only saw that unfortunate brother looking like a dead salted fish, lying on the scalding cement ground, with no strength left to move.

Probably... cooked, right?

"I hope that all you examinees will encourage each other and not waste your time. I believe that you've all experienced the three years of calamity equally. It wasn't easy to achieve this peace, and I hope that you all treasure it," Chief Instructor Chen said profoundly.

After leaving school, Gao Peng remembered the person-in-charge who called him yesterday night about some variant plant in his villa. It was probably right to call and ask about it.

Gao Peng took out his phone, but the number was unreachable. It showed that the number was turned off. Gao Peng furrowed his brows together. Why would a phone be turned off without any reason?

It made him feel uneasy. Didn't they agree to be in contact today? It couldn't be that the person did that just so he could put him off, right?

Gao Peng thought for a bit. He made a call to the construction company.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the sweet voice of a female voice came from the other side of the phone.

"I'm Gao Peng, I assigned your company a project not that long ago. Why can't I get through to the phone of the person-in-charge of my project?" Gao Peng asked.

A brief pause from the other side, and then a reply. "Please hold on a second sir, and I'll check it for you."

After a moment of silence, the voice returned from the other side. "Hello sir. Is the person in charge of your project Liu Dahai?"

"Yes, that's him."

"Sir, I'm sorry. As of three o'clock in the afternoon today, Liu Dahai's family made a report to the police. Liu Dahai is confirmed to be missing."

Gao Peng's eye twitched.

Liu Dahai had gone missing!

How was that possible? He was on the phone with him just last night. And a report was made to the police at three in the afternoon today, which meant that anything that happened certainly happened yesterday evening.

"Sir? Sir?" The voice from the other side pulled Gao Peng from his thoughts.

"I'm sorry, it is just a bit surprising to hear about this piece of news."

"Mr. Gao, because Manager Liu disappeared, the company has decided to get you another person to be in charge of your project. Do you agree?"

"Alright, that's fine." Gao Peng agreed.

After hanging up, Gao Peng let out a long breath.

He was now very cautious. No matter what, after something like that happened, it was very likely that the target was him.

Gao Peng felt agonized. The reason the adversary did not come directly to the city to find him was either that they were reluctant to move into the city area or that they did not know his exact location. However, of the latter situation, Gao Peng wasn't sure. After all, information technology was so advanced, it was not difficult for one to find out where another person stayed.

However, if he moved to the villa in the outskirts of the rural area, the unknown enemy could very well find him on his doorstep.

As he thought of that, Gao Peng suddenly felt a sense of urgency. It was time to increase the evolution rate of the familiars. Initially, he had wanted to be practical and grow slowly one step at a time as he was afraid that evolving the familiars too quickly would create many side effects.

Ugh, looks like there's no time to worry so much, and moreover, evolving a little faster shouldn't create any side effects. Maybe, he thought.