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88 Fruit Jwuice

 Knock knock.

"Come in." The principal put the piece of cloth on the table and put on his reading glasses.

"Principal, the people from the police station are here," the provost said in a whisper after coming in.

"Okay," the principal said and nodded. He walked to the side of the window. Through the window he could see the parked police cruisers downstairs.

He sighed. The principal did not say anything but turned around and sat back in his chair.

If one did something wrong, one would have to admit the mistake and stand straight when taking the beating.

Although it was a school, it would not protect a murderer who committed grave crimes.

He didn't want something similar to happen again. The school was supposed to be a place where people could study in peace.


It was morning recess. Gao Peng left the classroom to eat.

At the school gate, he saw a large crowd of people in front of the school gate. They held up large banners with red characters and a white background.

"Severe Punishment to the Murderer!"

"Where is the truth?"

They even parked over a dozen cars outside the school gate, prohibiting anyone from going in or out.

No matter how the security guard pleaded, the crowd remained indignant. After walking closer, Gao Peng even witnessed a parent being rough, shoving the security guard away while shouting, "Get the f*ck out of Laozi's way, you old bastard, and if you still do not know your place I'll kill you!"

The security guard trembled with rage. When had he ever met such an unreasonable person? However, he suppressed the feelings he had when he was down on the ground. He shouted, "This is a school! If you want to cause a ruckus, go do it in front of the police station! The student who caused the incident was already taken there! The ones in school right now are all innocent students. Do you think it's reasonable for you to cause a scene here?"

The man stared blankly at the old security guard. After that, his shame turned into rage. If he had the guts to go to the police station, would he have appeared there?! "There's no such thing as innocent or guilty! Why did the students and teachers not stop the incident from happening immediately?"

The security guard was speechless.

With these people blocking the school gate, the people outside could not enter, and the people inside could not get out.

Gao Peng sighed. He really did not want to eat at the school cafeteria.

The terror of school cafeteria: anyone who had experienced it would know, especially from middle schools and high schools. Gao Peng did not want to eat brick-like rice and hair-like dishes. Although he knew that the food was the love of the cafeteria aunties, it was too heavy to bear.

In truth, regarding the incident, there was another piece of information that was not open to the public. It only circulated in private within the student body.

Apparently, the student who used his familiar to commit the crime used to be bullied in his class because of his weak personality. As for the student who was sent to the hospital, he was one of those who was the most arrogant in bullying him.

It was truly terrifying when honest people became enraged.

Gao Peng shrugged his shoulders. He just wanted to eat outside of school.

As more students gathered in front of the school gate, the people gathering outside the school gate become more and more domineering and arrogant.

At that moment, the screeching sound of a car braking emerged from behind them, and several camouflaged convertible trucks stopped beside the road.

A person who resembled a military officer jumped off one of the trucks.

"What's the matter? Why are you blocking the gate?" a military officer said as he walked forward.

Seeing officers in military garb, the people blocking the school gate from the outside felt a little guilty. Later, they moved the cars blocking the school gate away. "Our children were hurt by other students, and we're here at the school asking for an explanation."

The officer frowned. "Then you should head to the police station. This is a school."

While the military officer talked to the parent, Gao Peng took the chance to slip out of school.

By the time he finished his lunch and returned to school, the crowd in front of the school gate had already vanished. Who knew where they went.


In the military region, Chief Instructor Chen stood in front of a table as he relayed the opinion of the principal of Chang'an Third High School to the head of the military region in front of him.

"Indeed, the school should be a place for studying," the head said and nodded. Suddenly he changed direction. "But that was before.

"Special times call for special measures. The student should be dealt with according to the law. You should know that just in the last month Chang'an City reported over 300 cases of familiars injuring humans. Moreover, because familiars are abnormally lethal, most of these incidents were malicious in nature."

He squeezed his eyes. "This is not simply a criminal incident in Chang'an City. We have to look to the whole country, the entire world..."

He shook his head. "We at Huaxia have the lowest crime rate. Countries in the west have it worse. Their police are completely overwhelmed. They need to depend on powerful civilians to help them keep the peace and maintain stability.

"However, the World Allied Government will definitely not sit around and wait for the situation to worsen. They will move soon."

Chief Instructor Chen remained silent.

During training in the afternoon, Instructor Zhang looked at the group of students and nodded. "Not bad. You've all improved, huh? Haven't even killed many monsters yet, and you've started to bully the other students already.

"Starting tomorrow, all of your familiars are prohibited from entering the school! We will specifically construct a large gate on the side of the training ground and you will all bring your familiars to the training ground. Understood!?"

During the afternoon training, Gao Peng felt that he was attracting the attention of the others more than usual.

A few guys training beside him sneaked a glance, sizing him up.

Gao Peng quietly removed Silly, who sat on his head. Silly continued struggling, using each of its tentacles to hold on to Gao Peng's hair for dear life. His hair was pulled and reshaped like plasticine resembling noodles.

"Squeak, squeak." Silly made sounds and would not leave Gao Peng's head.

"I heard that Jellyfish Wolfberry Soup tastes good," Gao Peng mumbled to himself.

Silly was horrified upon hearing that and floated down immediately. It then flew around its master in circles.

Noticing that its master did not react, it cautiously moved its tentacle to poke its master's arm. When its master continued to ignore it Silly panicked.

The tentacles moved around in its body. Then it took out a cup of fruit juice, reluctantly handing it over to its master.

"Drink. Drink. Fruit Jwuice."

Silly looked reluctant and attached to the fruit juice. Gao Peng laughed as he looked at it and took the juice.

"Jiiii jiii!?" Silly panicked. Why did you really take it? Silly thought.

Gao Peng finished it in one gulp. He even licked his lips. Silly was both angry and dismayed. It used its tentacles to wrap around Gao Peng's neck and its entire body to cover Gao Peng's head.

"Spit! Spit! Spit!"

In the afternoon training, the opponent was a taupe-colored giant locust. Quietly hanging on the side of the metal cage.

It was a Dead Leaf Locust. Gao Peng recognized that monster.

As the battle gradually stabilized, the Dead Leaf Locusts at the northern defensive line were finally defeated, and the Dead Leaf Locust King was killed by the top-level familiar from the military.

It was said that the carcass of the Dead Leaf Locust King was turned into a specimen, as it was at least 42 feet long and 16 feet tall. The edges of the semi-transparent wings were as sharp as knives, and they emanated icy light. The carcass was well-preserved. It was difficult to even tell where the critical attack landed.

As the military defeated the swarm of Dead Leaf Locusts, they also caught a bunch of prisoner Dead Leaf Locusts.

From what Instructor Zhang said, all the monsters they would challenge in the next week were Dead Leaf Locusts.

They could not be completely regarded as flying type monsters because they could not remain in the sky for a long time. Their flight distance was also limited, so they were only regarded as temporary flight type monsters.

Da Zi had never faced off against an opponent who could fly before. The particular Dead Leaf Locust in the cage was only level 12, and normal tier.

It was just right for training.