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86 Ji Hanwu

 In the military region of Chang'an, a building with unique characteristics sat atop a hill. The building was at least 200 meters in height and looked like a propped-up stand.

On the horizontal bars of the stand stood a golden Divine Hawk with both eyes closed. It was resting when it suddenly opened both eyes and a golden, glowing plume appeared. It fixed its gaze to the south and called out with a crisp and clear sound that reverberated in the sky above the military camp.

"What's the matter? Is the ape from the Dark Ember Forest out?"

"No, it looks like Golden God discovered something. Hurry up and investigate."

"There's no need to investigate. It's that person from the Southern Sky Group. He's here in Chang'an," said a white-haired old man in military uniform, coughing as he walked out from behind.

"Why would that person arrive in Chang'an so late? Aren't their headquarters in the City of Yu?"

"There's no need to worry, just sound the alert as usual," said the old man. He seemed to be widely respected and made the decision.


A gigantic long white figure hovered in the sky before suddenly diving and slamming down. Under the violent wind, all the grasses and plants remained firmly pressed against the ground.

The gigantic figure looked like a dragon but was neither a dragon nor a snake. It had a fully grown white mane on its neck, and no horns on its head. Beneath its body was a pair of claws for forelimbs, each with three sharp talons.

From its appearance alone it could no longer be regarded as a snake, and it was evolving towards becoming a dragon. It would not have been unreasonable to call it an aquatic dragon.

The huge claws slammed down violently and death loomed over the people beneath it. The area under the attack range of the claw included the man who had fainted on the ground.

A lethal threat was closing in on their backs.

Dr. Jiang kneeled down on the ground and screamed, "I have Gao Peng's child!"

The giant falling claw forced a change in direction in midair and hit the ground on the side, creating trenches several feet deep over a dozen feet in length. A gust of foul violent wind blew past the area, turning everyone's face a ghastly white.

Dr. Jiang blabbered on and on saying, "Master Chairman, I did not let anyone know about Gao Peng. However, I have set up a program; as long as I don't decode the program on time, the program will send news about Gao Peng to the mobile devices of every employee in the Southern Sky Group. I can delete this program anytime I want," said Dr. Jiang. He spoke in haste as he was afraid that if he spoke too slowly, he would be killed.

A muscular body leaped to the ground from the back of the white aquatic dragon.

The person wore a loose and white-colored Hanfu, had wide shoulders like two towering mountains, and beneath his snow-white eyebrows was a pair of eyes as sharp as those of an eagle.

Every step he made was neither too fast nor too slow. He walked as if he were stepping on their hearts.

Dr. Jiang's younger brother and the bald man felt an inexplicable sense of guilt after locking eyes with that gaze

Ji Hanwu looked calm. One could not tell his emotions. "What did you say just now?"

"Master Chairman, what I said just now was nonsense that I spouted due to nervousness. I have never even met Gao Peng before, I've only heard of his identity," Dr. Jiang said as he laughed awkwardly. He did not have time to say much. He might have been killed before he finished his sentence. Gao Peng's sexual orientation was certainly common, and what he said previously was just something he made up on the spot to preserve his life.

"Okay." Ji Hanwu felt relieved. He almost thought that his grandson had developed some weird type of sexual orientation. Fortunately, that was not the case.

"Who told you this information?" Ji Hanwu looked into Dr. Jiang's eyes.

Dr. Jiang hesitated. It didn't seem nice to snitch on others.

"Forget it if you don't want to tell. Everyone has their own will, I won't force it," Ji Hanwu said.

"It's Secretary Liu," Dr. Jiang said, only hesitating briefly.

"Alright. Seeing that you actually worked hard I'll give you a good time," Ji Hanwu said as he turned around and walked away.

Dr. Jiang's stood on edge. It was not what he expected! "Master Chairman, I only wanted more funds..."

The white aquatic dragon that stayed silently behind Ji Hanwu smirked savagely, showing white teeth.

"No!" The last thing Dr. Jiang saw was an ever-expanding claw.

Ji Hanwu held up his left hand. On his arm was a black armband. He touched it with his fingerprint, and a red light appeared.

"Chairman." A sound came from it.

"Investigate Jiang Yilong. He probably set up a program. If you can find the program, destroy it. If you can't, let me know," Ji Hanwu said calmly.

Ji Hanwu did not mention anything about what the program did. He also did not say what kind of program it was. Upon hearing the instruction, the other side immediately started to move without any hint of hesitation.

Ji Hanwu looked calm and serene as he listened to the wails and cries that came from behind him, as well as the sound of a gigantic monster chewing on its food.

He put both his hands behind his back and looked up to gaze at the limitless galaxy.

Ji Hanwu would never be threatened in any way whatsoever.

So what if he failed to find the program and news leaked out? Gao Peng was his grandson. He was also the prince of the Southern Sky Group. That was an unchangeable truth. No one and no force would be able to change it.

Worst case scenario, he would simply need to announce it to the public earlier.

"I like simple worlds like this," Ji Hanwu said with a sigh.

Little Peng was already 18 years old anyway. He also made contracts with familiars, possessing the most fundamental self-defense capability.

When the cataclysm occurred back then he was stuck on a foreign island. The people who were stuck with him on the island included several of his most trusted aides.

The island was already a tropical environment. It was surrounded by an ocean, so one could imagine the difficulty of such a start. If one were to say that an inland city was of a normal difficulty, then that would be the start of a Hell-difficulty stage. After all, islands did not have armies.

However, the heavens never forsook him, and there was always a way out. Ji Hanwu was lucky later and obtained the opportunity. He relied on his amazing will to survive on the island while continuously training familiars.

After a year, a homesick Ji Hanwu returned from overseas with his trusted aides. What welcomed him was a changed Southern Sky Group and the sad news about the death of his daughter and son-in-law. Initially, he thought of bringing Gao Peng over. But due to his return the Southern Sky Group had fallen into chaos. As the saying went, one could only remain a thief consecutively for 1,000 days. No one could defend against thieves for 1,001 days.

Making a blood contract before the age of 18 would hurt a person's potential, so before he reached the age of 18, Gao Peng would have no way of defending himself when faced against other monster trainers.

Moreover, the death of his daughter and son-in-law overshadowed news about Gao Peng. Ji Hanwu went with the flow and sent his people to clear up any remaining clues so that Gao Peng could grow up in peace.

The best way to keep a diamond hidden was not to lock it in the safe but to hide it among a bunch of glass jewelry.

Ji Hanwu turned around and the ground was clean. Nothing was left. It was as if the ground had been lifted over.

Not far from the area was the city center of Chang'an City where Gao Peng lived.

He fell silent for a long time. Ultimately, Ji Hanwu did not go and visit Gao Peng. He had discovered that Little Peng's talent had exceeded his expectations.

Although forces within the group gradually stabilized, this sort of free-roaming grooming method could better train a person's willpower, so Ji Hanwu was not in much of a rush.

It was enough for him to appear only when the moment was right. A rock-solid heart and soul were so much more precious than any obtainable object.