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77 A Crab-Like Spider


[Monster Name]: Black Light Parrot

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Wind-type. 2. Smell of Qianxin Herb induces vomit and diarrhea in the Black Light Parrot. If it consumes Qianxin Herb, Black Light Parrot will faint. 3. The Black Light Parrot hates Thunderbolt Macaw Fruit; to the bird, Thunderbolt Macaw Fruit tastes like sh*t.

This Black Light Parrot...

Gao Peng thought for a moment, then finally recalled the identity of this Black Light Parrot.

"Sorry, sorry," said the young man in a suit, "I'm so sorry, my Hei Guang has a bad temper, please forgive us..."

It seemed as though the foul-mouth of this Black Light Parrot had given this young man trouble so often that he became used to apologizing.

"It's alright," smiled Gao Peng. "Oh right, I've heard that Black Light Parrots like to eat Thunderbolt Macaw Fruit, did you know that?"

The young man in the suit was stunned for a moment. That question sounded familiar, as though someone had said the same thing to him before...

Because he was busy with his everyday work, he had forgotten what Gao Peng looked like, and only thought that he had looked rather familiar.

Only after Gao Peng had specially tried to remind him did he take a good look at Gao Peng again in surprise and thought carefully where he had seen him before. He suddenly slapped his forehead. He remembered.

"You're the friend that recommended Thunderbolt Macaw Fruits to me before, aren't you," the young man laughed.

"Yup, that's me." Gao Peng saw the young man smiling so happily and felt a bit of fear creeping into his heart. He couldn't have found out, right? That would be awkward.

"Ah, I still need to thank you for that. Since then, I've been forcing my Hei Guang to eat a few every night. This little fella is a quite stubborn and won't eat more. I have to stuff it down its throat each time."

Gao Peng was a bit confused. Was this fella that naïve? "What if it is because it doesn't like it?"

"Heh-heh, how could I stop then? My grandfather taught me since I was young that good medicine is bitter to taste! Since Hei Guang doesn't like to eat it that means it's good for its body. These little pets are all like this, very mischievous," said the young man with a sheepish smile.

"B*stard!" shrieked the Black Light Parrot in anguish. It jumped off the young man's shoulder and flapped its wings, hitting the young man's face.

"Hey, hey, I'm doing this for your own good." The young man raised his arms to protect his face. Seeing that his Black Light Parrot was still very agitated, he brought out his secret weapon. "If you keep doing that, I won't bring you to see Xiao Hong anymore!"

The Black Light Parrot stopped and went back to the young man's shoulder, gripping it tight with its little claws. The young man's suit was crumpled together, becoming badly creased. This little fella was evidently furious. It was breathing heavily from its nostrils and had its head raised high, refusing to look at anyone.

Ding. The elevator reached the first floor. As the lift doors opened, Gao Peng coughed and said his goodbyes to the young man in the suit.

Right as the young man was about to leave, Gao Peng waved at the young man and said, "Actually it's quite a simple thing to deal with this parrot of yours. Just buy some Qianxin Herb and you'll know what I mean." Gao Peng was beaming when he said that, his eyes squinting into two crescent moons.

After they left, Gao Peng could hear the anxious voice of the Black Light Parrot from behind him going, "Don't buy! Don't buy..."

"Ok ok ok, I won't buy it..."

As they were walking on the streets, Gao Peng noticed that Stripey was walking sideways, just like a crab.

This made him wonder if he had done the evolution wrongly and had evolved Stripey into a crab instead.

He checked Stripey's information tables a few times properly. All of them said "Gray Armor Spider".

He gave Stripey a kick. "Walk properly!"

Stripey tilted its head and looked at its owner. Zhi?

"You're a spider, not a crab," Gao Peng explained patiently.

Zhi? ...

This proved it. It is indeed enjoyable to walk sideways.

Although Gao Peng had corrected Stripey's gait, it would still occasionally walk sideways, jumping and skipping a bit as it walked.

In Gao Peng's eyes, he could see that there were the words (Severe energy deficiency) at the back of Stripey's condition.

Gao Peng roughly figured that it was because Stripey needed energy to continue growing. Right now, Stripey's size had grown much bigger than before, but it was still far from being the meat shield that Gao Peng intended it to be. There was no way a three foot long and 1.5 foot tall little spider could be able to take on the role of a meat shield, so it definitely had more room for growth.

Actually, what Mr. Zhang had taught from the textbook was right. Stripey's nature was indeed the kind that was gentle. It was even a little timid.

Although it was walking sideways, whenever it encountered any person or monster coming in from in front of it, it would quietly stop and allow them to pass first.

There was a kind of high-energy food bar that was available in the market. It was made up of large amounts of monster meat as well as a few kinds of high-energy ingredients. Highly compressed, with a long shelf life, and high energy content, it was very suitable for a monster's consumption.

Of course, humans could eat it too. A human would only require a small amount, the size of a soybean, and a glass of water in order to be full.

It was also expensive. A box the size of a tin can would cost 0.3 Alliance Credits.

Gao Peng bought 500 of them at one go, and gave his address to the store for them to be delivered his home.

After buying the food, Gao Peng hailed a taxi to head to the real estate agency.

The driver saw Stripey and told Gao Peng to just put the small monster in the back seat. "This little crab of yours isn't that big, just place it in the back seat."

"..." Gao Peng stayed silent. He held back to urge to tell the driver the truth that it was actually a spider.

Stripey's body was not large. After curling itself together, it was practically half its normal size. With its long spider legs wrapped around its body, it became like a grey ball of yarn.

Sitting at the back of the car, Stripey remained super quiet.

At the real estate agency, the salesperson saw Gao Peng and went forward to welcome him. "Do you need anything, mister? Might you be looking for a place to rent?"

"I'm intending to buy a house. Do you have a villa in the outskirts of the city? Preferably one that's large, comes with a garden and a basement, and has clean surroundings," Gao Peng asked directly.

This was potentially a large business deal, and the sales person was rather excited. "Just a moment, sir, I remember that there are a few houses that suit your requirements."

The salesperson hurriedly opened up his laptop, his fingers moving across the keyboard... and then stopped.

He carried the laptop over. "Please take a look at this villa. Does it fit your requirements?"

The laptop showed pictures taken at different angles. In the pictures was a villa located on the top of a small hill. Surrounding it were wide-open spaces covered in green lawn. The villa was European style, with white cement walls and a red- tiled roof. Its design was simple but not inelegant. There was even a short white fence surrounding it.

"This villa has no basement, but the surrounding area all belongs to the same property, so it is still possible to build your own basement."

"Which area is this located?" asked Gao Peng.

"Near the Prosperous Dragon Lake area. Ahem ahem, the price is very cheap, only 2000 Alliance Credits, and it includes a few acres of the surrounding land as well." The salesperson looked around, and then said quietly, "Actually, because it's the outskirts, there's very little overseeing of the area. It's as good as having a large portion of the surrounding area for free."