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72 Second Familiar

 Da Zi doubtfully circled on the spot, staring at the strange "electric soup."

Its antennae swayed around continually as though it was drawn by the smell of the food. In the end, it tottered over and drank up the thick soup in large gulps.

As Da Zi drank, the sound of electricity crackling could be heard from its mouth.

After finishing the soup Da Zi's entire body glowed as though it had turned into a centipede made of electricity.

It was shining with a bluish purplish light from the gaps in its carapace, looking absolutely dazzling.

From a few meters away, Gao Peng's hairs were standing on end and the bottoms of his feet began to tingle. He hurriedly retreated a few steps.

Da Zi's originally pitch black eyes were shining faintly with a blue light. Its mandibles opened up wide and its body was as straight and stiff as a pole.

After the glow of electricity slowly dissipated, Da Zi seemed as though it was burnt to crisp. White smoke was coming out of its mouth and it was lying still on the ground like a dead fish.

Dumby looked at the scene in shock and slowly crawled up from the ground and walked to Da Zi's side. Using its bony finger, it tapped on Da Zi's carapace, going pong pong pong.

After a few taps, Da Zi still had no reaction.

Dumby stared at Da Zi.

It put in some serious thought. Then, it got up and pulled open the refrigerator drawer and took out five Yin Cedar needles.

It stopped for a moment...

Then hesitantly took out five more.

Dumby then knelt back at Da Zi's side and placed the ten Yin Cedar needles by Da Zi's mouth. Dumby knocked on Da Zi's head, and then the floorboards.

After repeating this a few times, Da Zi finally lost patience and began snapping its mandibles.

Stop fooling around!

Oh, you're still alive.

Dumby nodded its head, then picked up the Yin Cedar needles from the floor one by one and carefully placed them on its palm before turning to leave.

In front of the refrigerator, Dumby secretly took one needle and began chewing it in its mouth. A cloud of white mist came out from the Yin Cedar needle and was incorporated into its soul flames. The flames burned brighter and grew stronger in this process of absorption.

From Gao Peng's vision, he could see that Da Zi was still evolving and was in the midst of the evolutionary process.

During this process, Da Zi would become idle and lay motionless on the ground. Occasionally the cracking of bones within its body could be heard and its body would twitch every now and then as well.

Da Zi spent the entire night without making a single sound, all the way until the dawn of the next day. Suddenly, the idle Da Zi revived itself and became extremely energetic. Its body had grown much larger. It reached a length of three and a seen feet and its width was now the thickness of an adult man's waist.

Its species was still a Purple-Backed Electric Centipede; the only thing that changed was its grade.

A perfect grade Purple-Backed Electric Centipede.

At excellent grade, its antennae had gained golden rings on it. After promoting to perfect grade, its antennae had become totally covered in the dull golden color.

Its yellow-clawed limbs were originally a dull color, but they now carried a tinge of the elegant and noble looking gold color.

The energetic Da Zi was currently on top of a chair and frantically gnawing on the back of it. Chips of wood were flying around as each bite Da Zi took ripped of a large chunk of wood.

The metal food basin that was left in the living room had already been gnawed into a piece of scrap metal. Dumby was quietly hiding in the corner of the room and Silly was hiding behind Dumby.

Itchy! Painful! Itchy! Da Zi's voice rang inside Gao Peng's mind.

Gao Peng got worried and hurriedly went over to check if anything had gone wrong with Da Zi's evolution.

After a round of examination, he realized that Da Zi was growing a new set of teeth.

Gao Peng was in shock.

This was the first time he had heard of centipedes growing new teeth.

This really was the first time he had encountered this; it was previously unheard of.

Could it be that there were some mutations in the genes of centipedes after the cataclysm? Looking at Da Zi's current condition, there was probably be no explanation that followed the logic of common sense.

Da Zi's original set of teeth fell out one by one as it bit on stuff. Where the original set of teeth used to be, Gao Peng could see a row of new, densely packed small white teeth.

Gao Peng waved his hand to beckon Silly over. Silly flew over immediately. After this period of interaction with Gao Peng, it no longer rejected Gao Peng, especially when it had delicious fruit juice to drink every day!

Out of habit, Silly landed on top of Gao Peng's head. Gao Peng took out a cup of ice-cold orange juice from the fridge.

Silly smelt the aroma of the orange juice and left Gao Peng's head. It slowly landed on Gao Peng's hand, its body like a hat, covering the entirety of the hand that was holding on to the glass of orange juice.

After a moment, Silly slowly floated upwards, and the glass of orange juice was empty.

Gao Peng took out a painless lancing device. He gently stamped the tip of his finger. There was a gentle prick on his fingertip a though he were bitten by a mosquito.

Removing the lancing device, a droplet of blood flowed out of his fingertip.

Gao Peng felt thankful that such high tech gadgets actually existed. He only found out about lancing devices after asking Mu Tieying. To think that he was using a kitchen knife previously.

He placed his fingertip where Silly's brain was located and he closed his eyes.

This was the second time he entered Silly's consciousness.

Silly's consciousness was still rather weak. It was just a timid soul hiding in the corner of its consciousness.

As though it found Gao Peng's aura familiar, the timid soul did not continue hiding in a corner this time around. It carefully stretched out some of its soul tentacles to search for Gao Peng.

After confirming Gao Peng's identity, Silly seemed to relax a little. Its emotions were transferred to Gao Peng through its soul.

Probably because its intelligence was not that high, all that Gao Peng could sense from it was closeness and the feeling of wanting to please him. Perhaps Silly had been too traumatized from its days of being hunted by fish and birds. Perhaps it was used to living in fear after being shipped off to a faraway place to be sold off by humans.

It had gone through a lot before it could settle down and enjoy drinking its favorite fruit juice every day. Silly did not want to ever leave such happy times.

A Blood Contract scroll appeared in Silly's soul space. Although its intelligence was not high, it could vaguely through some sort of programmed instinct understand what the Blood Contract entailed.

"Become my partner! If you become my partner, I will let you obtain power such that you will not need to fear anything anymore."

"Power don't want... I want fruit juice!" said Silly anxiously.

Through the establishment of the Blood Contract, Silly's intelligence had risen a bit.

"Alright, I'll give you lots and lots of fruit juice." Gao Peng sighed.


Silly immediately agreed to the Blood Contract.

In their consciousness, the Blood Contract began to burn brightly, turning into ashes.

Gao Peng had established his second Familiar, a Levitating Jellyfish!

After establishing the contract with Silly, Gao Peng could finally promote Silly's grade with peace of mind.

He opened up Silly's possible evolutionary pathways. There were nine in total.

One of them required the Wood Space Hearts. This evolutionary pathway would evolve Silly into a Wood Spirit Jellyfish, a dual attributed jellyfish with healing and spatial abilities.

But following this pathway, Silly's evolutions would follow the pathway of a support-type Familiar.

Gao Peng was slightly hesitant for a space-type monster to develop in the path of a support-type Familiar.

After all, if a space-type monster matured and grew, it would be able to develop terrifyingly lethal abilities.

But obtaining lethal spatial abilities would definitely not be a short-term goal, as it would require a lot of time and energy to develop them in Silly.

After muttering to himself for a bit, Gao Peng finally decided to follow the principle of proximity.

Space-type materials were rare to begin with, so he would decide based on the materials at hand.

After he became much stronger, he would be able to raise any type of Familiar. Having one to suit his current needs would be the best choice.

"Required materials for evolution into Wood Spirit Jellyfish: Wood Space Heart 2 pounds, Drifting Soul Cloud extract 0.2 pounds, Ghost Piths 7 pieces..."