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70 Magma Fire Toad

 But the experiment procedure required someone to be next to the container to monitor it. Someone had to periodically add in the required materials.

"You all can go outside first, I'll stay here by the side to monitor it," said Gao Peng.

"No need. I'll be able to observe the reactions by staying in close proximity." Director Chen was choking up because of the fumes and sneezing non-stop, but he insisted on staying nearby.

Since Director Chen did not leave, the few researchers that were there as well naturally dared not leave either.

Gao Peng laughed. "We have already deduced the right amounts of ingredients to be added. The rest are all routine steps, adding in the remaining ingredients at the right times. There's nothing much worth watching. How about you guys stay here to add in the rest of the ingredients, and I'll go out for a while?"

"Alright," agreed Director Chen straightaway.

Gao Peng did not waste time on any courtesies and immediately left the lab. The fumes that the Demon Chilies gave off after adding in the other materials were really pungent and suffocating.

Outside, the air was much fresher. Gao Peng took in a few deep breaths of air and rubbed his nose that had already turned red. The smell inside really made one feel like choking and had made him rather uncomfortable.

Within the lab, the air was filled with red fumes, which got increasingly thicker. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows were fogged up with red steam. The steam had even condensed on the glass windows to form red droplets of water that made red streaks across the glass as they slid down to the floor.

Cough, cough, cough. Director Chen and the rest dashed out of the glass room, coughing profusely.

This strange phenomenon lasted for a whole thirty minutes.

After half an hour, the fumes that hung in the air of the lab gradually dissipated, and the inside of the glass-walled lab could finally be seen.

The liquid bath which was originally viscous and blood-like had turned clear and less thick, leaving only a few strands of pale red still floating in the water.

The Voracious Golden Toad with a golden back and white belly had vanished.

In its place was a blood-red giant toad with a frightening appearance.

A row of words flashed across Gao Peng's eyes.

Variant Evolution Successful - [Magma Fire Toad]

The Magma Fire Toad casually jumped and easily leapt out of the container. Its body was still wet with large amounts of the liquid, which formed a puddle beneath it.

At this moment it was no longer appropriate to call it a Voracious Golden Toad.

This giant red-skinned toad had increased in size since it entered the container. The warts on its back had become numerous and dense. The warts were translucent and there were balls of red liquid flowing within them.

"These types of toad should be a new species I suppose. How about we call them Fire Deity Toads?" Director Chen pushed up his spectacles and wore a slightly crazed look of obsession in his eyes.

"Fire Deity Toad sounds rather exaggerated. I think we should call this a Magma Fire Toad." Gao Peng rejected the suggestion because the name shown in the data table was "Magma Fire Toad." It seemed as though the real name of the monster had already been carved into its soul the moment it came into existence.

"Magma Fire Toad... That works as well. The success of this experiment was largely dependent on the ideas you provided anyway, so it shall be named as you suggested."

"Fire Toad" referred to its attribute.

But as for "Magma"...

Gao Peng was a little curious. Did "Magma" refer to the large translucent warts on its back? Or did it mean that it had the ability to spit magma?

He found out in the next moment.

As though there was something stuck in its throat making it uncomfortable, the Magma Fire Toad squatted down and inflated its throat. After a few violent inflations, its throat gave out a low rumbling sound that sounded like thunder.

Right after that, it opened its mouth wide and spat out a ball of dark red fluid!

The dark red fluid landed on the stainless steel table, which gave off a sharp hissing sound. The red liquid violently bubbled and frothed, then formed clouds of white smoke. The high temperature of the liquid could be felt from a distance.

The various papers, pens and other stationery were burned and caught fire, bursting into flames.

"Fire attribute! Dual attributes of fire and earth! We've succeeded!" Director Chen's face beamed with delight.

Gao Peng glanced at the toad. The fire attribute was there, but as for dual attributes... that did not seem to be so.

But that was not important. What was important was that this type of Magma Fire Toad would be able to counter the wood-attributed Dead Leaf Locusts, and that was sufficient.

[Monster Name]: Magma Fire Toad

[Monster Level]: 19

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Fire

[Monster Weakness]: Water-type

[Monster Description]: Evolved from Voracious Golden Toad. In order to suit the evolutionary pathway, its earth attribute was discarded for it to become a fire attribute monster. In the process of evolution, great damage was done to its body. Large amounts of muscle were corroded by the fire element, causing its strength and jumping ability to be reduced by varying degrees. Evolutionary potential has also been weakened.

At the same time, fire-type attack abilities were also developed, allowing it to spit viscous phlegm from its mouth that contains a concentrated fire element. The warts on its back transformed into mini "warehouses" that store fire element. Upon being broken, they will spurt out large amounts of liquids containing fire element and could cause harm to its attackers.

Such an evolutionary process had certain drawbacks. From now onwards, the Magma Fire Toad could only make use of fire attributed evolutionary pathways and could no longer tolerate any change in attribute, or else its genes would break down.

Furthermore, its evolutionary potential was weakened. In the long run, this seemed to be disadvantageous to the monster.

But to evolve it to become a fire attribute monster, this was the only method available. There were both pros and cons in the process, it would seem.

Director Chen's few students simply stared blankly at the Magma Fire Toad squatting in the middle of the lab. No matter how they looked at it, it did not make sense.

It had actually succeeded in only one try!

Following that, one of them shouted in despair, "My notebook was still on that table!"

"Oh damn, so was mine!"

In the next moment, chaos ensued.

Gao Peng opened his mouth to ask, "Director Chen, this military assignment should be completed already right?"

"The assignment has been completed. After this, I will put in some overtime to reorganize the figures. After running the procedure on a few more toads, we should be able to securely come up with a new evolutionary formula. This will be another new evolutionary formula for Familiars!" Director Chen nodded with a bright smile.

"Mm, then I guess I won't be needed anymore," Gao Peng nodded his head.

"It's alright now, you can go home first," Director Chen said as he waved his hand.

"Then I shall leave..." Gao Peng's voice was filled with hesitation. His feet seemed rooted to the ground and did not move at all.

"Ok, go off first then." Director Chen could not wait to get to work.

He turned around, only to see Gao Peng still standing where he was. Director Chen suddenly remembered and slapped his forehead, "How forgetful I am! I'll immediately make a call to the military. By tomorrow at the latest, you should receive the commander tier electric type monster core crystal."

"Thank you for your trouble, Director Chen," Gao Peng politely nodded, and finally left with peace of mind.