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64 The Real Tyrant of the Valley

 The Dark Shadow Panther retreated?

Mu Tieying heaved a sigh of relief.

Lotus Seed and Da Zi also relaxed slightly.

Gao Peng's tightly clenched right fist unconsciously relaxed as well, and his breathing normalized a bit.

Waking up to find a Dark Shadow Panther less than 50 meters away from was a bit too much excitement for him.

Suddenly, a large presence that they had not noticed before made its way into the jungle, and was pressing closer and closer to them. The shaashaaa sound of it moving against the trees filled the air.

The mosquitoes in the jungle had stopped buzzing without them noticing. Even the arrival of the Dark Shadow Panther had not resulted in such a deathly silence.

It was a giant slithering snake, creeping forward dozens of meters at a time. The terrifying figure was heading in the direction of where they were.

It was startled by Lotus Seed's cry, and was also drawn by the smell of blood.

A head the size of a car looked down on them from a tree branch high above ground. Its eyes were the size of large lanterns and it had an ice-cold gaze. They were different from those of the Dark Shadow Panther, and were dull and dark, as though they absorbed light.

It mouth slowly parted and released a putrid smell into the air.

As it headed down the tree, its jaws opened almost 180 degrees wide. It was as though the grim reaper had descended in front of them all.

In just one bite, it swallowed up the Mossy Derp Husky.

The muscles around its mouth undulated under its skin, and they heard the sound of bones being crushed.

This monster did not need any fearsome claws or fangs. Just the sight of its sheer size could send terror into a person's heart.

Mu Tieying felt her hands and feet turn cold. She felt as though her feet were rooted into the ground. She was unable to move as she stared at this giant snake head descending from above.

The Mossy Derp Husky that had been energetically jumping and prancing about earlier had been swallowed whole in a single mouthful. It did not even get the chance to make a sound.

After swallowing the Mossy Derp Husky in a single bike, the bloody red snake head licked its lips, as though very satisfied with the taste.

[Monster Name]: Giant Jungle Anaconda (Giant mutant)

[Monster Level]: 20

[Monster Grade]: Perfect

[Monster Attribute]: Wood

[Monster Weakness]: Fire-type

Gao Peng finally saw the monster's full appearance. It had a head the size of a small sedan that was covered in dark green stripes. Other than the stripes, there was also a grid-like pattern across its skin that looked like a fishnet that a slightly lighter color than the rest of its skin. It was this grid-like pattern that allowed the anaconda to slither easily atop the trees branches.

Its large hulking body continued from the head all the way to the top of the trees, resting atop the tree branches. Its tail end stretched out even further into the darkness.

Gao Peng found it hard to comprehend how such a gigantic body could manage to stay on top of the trees without falling. Logically speaking, just the weight of such a huge body would crush all the trees around unless it had some means to float, or its body weight was not as large as its size suggested. But no matter what it was, this anaconda was not a monster that Gao Peng could take on at the moment.

Level 20, perfect grade, and a giant mutant as well.

Perhaps the only one who could challenge this mutant Giant Jungle Anaconda was Dumby.

While the Giant Jungle Anaconda was still swallowing its food, Gao Peng hurriedly told Mu Tieying, "No time to explain, let's hurry and get onto Lotus Seed."

Mu Tieying was confused.

Gao Peng hurriedly climbed onto Lotus Seed's back and motioned for Mu Tieying to come up. On their own two feet, they would not be able to outrun the Giant Jungle Anaconda. Mu Tieying finally understood what Gao Peng meant.

Her face turned red as she tried to calm down Lotus Seed, who was uneasy because of Gao Peng riding on top of her.

Da Zi had already fled under Gao Peng's orders. Accelerated by its thousand legs, it ran faster than any of them.

Soon after, Lotus Seed was also escaping frantically. Thankfully, the jungle was not very dense here and there was enough space between the trees for Lotus Seed to make full use of her ability to charge linearly.

The Giant Jungle Anaconda watched Gao Peng and the rest escape but did not chase after them. Instead, it turned towards a large tree and bit on it, snapping the tree in the middle with just one bite. Bit by bit, the tree was swallowed by the anaconda.

The tree trunk was like a crispy biscuit in its mouth, being swallowed one mouthful at a time. The anaconda's strong muscles went to work. There was a strange force squeezing down and crushing the food within its mouth. Although it had no teeth, this strange force was capable of grinding down most of its food.

Such a gigantic body naturally did not rely solely on meat to sustain it, or else there was no way the valley would be able to support such a heavy eater. This Giant Jungle Anaconda had adapted to become an omnivorous monster.

It lazily sized up the little bugs that had escaped from it. The Giant Jungle Anaconda did not mind them. It was just drawn here by the scent of blood and wanted to change its taste for a bit.

Furthermore it also had a lazy personality and was not willing to chase after its foes. Unless angered, it preferred to pick on prey that was already injured or had low mobility, or even sick or old monsters. At other times, it preferred to spend its time alone in its cool, shady hole to ponder about the meaning of life.

After realizing that the Giant Jungle anaconda had not given chase, the group of them finally stopped, panting heavily. Gao Peng flipped around and slid off Lotus Seed's back. Lotus Seed gave Gao Peng an unhappy glare, then sauntered off to a side to eat some grass.

Honestly, Gao Peng's legs still felt like jelly.

Although he was a lot more daring that his peers, thinking about the scene just now still sent chills down his spine.

It was as though death had brushed past them.

What if the Giant Jungle Anaconda suddenly had a change of taste and had not eaten that injured Mossy Derp Husky, but had chosen to eat a handsome human instead?

Gao Peng touched his face. He did not think that he would be able to survive if he were swallowed like that.

Although he was able to transfer damage done to him to Da Zi, there was no escaping from the anaconda's belly if here were swallowed. The corrosive digestive juices would continually cause harm to him.

The damage would eventually reach a limit where he could not pass them on to Da Zi anymore, and then all that would be left of him would be bones. If enough time passed, maybe even his bones would be fully corroded.

"The mutant Giant Jungle Anaconda became active just now," said a soldier in a severe tone. "Sir, should we eliminate that mutant Giant Jungle Anaconda?"

"No need." The commander stared plainly at the screen. The Giant Jungle Anaconda was casually eating some trees. "The Giant Jungle Anaconda is of a gentle nature, and its offensive strength in initiating attacks is not strong. It will not pose much of a threat to the students, this will just be another trial to them. The students will have to be able to slay this Giant Jungle Anaconda during the high school examination to have any hopes of standing out."

The soldier stopped speaking. He was silently despairing for these students.

After a short pause, the commander said, "Have the Golden Condor Team get ready to standby for rescue. If someone presses the emergency rescue button, they are to set off immediately."


This time, Gao Peng and Mu Tieying did not build any more platforms. They simply lay down some soft grass on the ground and slept next to Da Zi and Lotus Seed.

As if using up all of Gao Peng's bad luck after encountering the Giant Jungle Anaconda, they did not encounter any other monster that night.

Only after daybreak did Gao Peng and the rest dare to venture back to the place where all the fighting happened.

Multiple trees were broken and had fallen to the ground. There were signs of friction across the broken tree trunks.

"Huh?" Gao Peng stared at the broken portion of one of the fallen trees. A swath of white colored reflection drew his attention.