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60 Mossy Derp Husky

 After everyone had arrived, Chief Instructor Chen gathered everyone over and said loudly, "Since all of you are standing here, it means that you have all signed up for this! There is no backing out once this training begins. If anyone chooses to back out in the middle of this exercise, it will mean forfeiting the entire training exercise!"

"What we want are not cowards!"

He gave everyone a sharp gaze, then continued coldly. "We will be issuing each of you your own identity wristwatch. It is installed with a GPS, a compass, as well as an emergency rescue button. Of course, it will have the basic functions of a watch as well.

All of you are already high schoolers, so none of you need any explanation on what these terms mean right? Is there anyone that needs me to explain it for them?!"

No one answered.

Chief Instructor Chen nodded, satisfied. He continued, "This valley is an outfield training base that has been cleared out by the military for your use! Don't worry, every inch of it has been swept clean by us and there will be no trace of any commander tier monster. In the valley, over 95% of the monsters are normal tier monsters and elite tier monsters only take up 5% of the total. Your mission this time will be to survive inside for a week!"

The entire group of high schoolers were in shock.

We haven't even learnt any skills for surviving in the wild. Isn't this a bit too difficult?

"There are a few safe houses in the valley which are made out of a special metal material. Basically, only monsters of commander tier and above would be able to break through the defenses of the safe house, so there is no need to worry about hiding in the safe house. There will also be a certain amount of food in each safe house. It will definitely be enough for a human to survive, but as for your Familiars... that will definitely not be enough food. Therefore, you all can safely rest in the safe houses at night. Of course, you can also choose to rest in the day and go out at night. Either way, you all will need to survive in the valley for seven days."

Then, Chief Instructor Chen paused, before adding on meaningfully, "There are a lot of ways for a human being to survive throughout the course of one's lifetime. How you choose to live depends on yourselves.

Whether you'll be eating sh*t or eating meat, depends on whether you can be tough on yourselves. Whatever it is, the best training opportunities have been given to you now. Whether or not you can make use of it is up to you."

After saying that, he added on with dry humor, "Don't worry, there's a GPS in each of your watches. Even if you do unfortunately get eaten up by a monster, we will be able to find it and avenge you, so that you can rest in peace even in the underworld."

With that, the bunch of students and their Familiars were brought into the valley, like a farmer herding his chicks into a pen.

After entering the valley, a loud clang erupted from behind them. The too-large metal doors had suddenly slammed shut.

Many of the students grouped together and began discussing in low voices. Some wanted to form teams, others planned to find safety in large numbers.

Some of them tried to invite Gao Peng to join their teams but they were all rejected.

His aim for this trip was to try to put into practice the survival skills that he had consolidated from all the books that he had read, and to train his combat abilities at the same time. Hence, he had no intention to form large groups. Large groups would become large targets and make it hard to achieve his training goals.

Gao Peng expected to work alone or in a small group of two or three. This way, with less numbers, it would be easier to move around.

"Curve wrecker Gao, want to form a team?" said Mu Tieying as she walked over.

His teammate had arrived.

Gao Peng nodded reservedly.

The two of them left together with their Familiars into the depths of the dense jungle.

In contrast to the dull city environment, the jungles were rich in monster species and were practically treasure troves of monsters.

Gao Peng raised his head. Perched atop a branch was a greyish white sparrow that was around 30cm long. After meeting Gao Peng's gaze, it immediately flew away in alarm.

"It's a Rain Sparrow. This type of sparrow flock towards wet habitats, usually with a body of water nearby, and are extremely sensitive to the presence of rain. They fly to any area that is experiencing rain, hence they are called Rain Sparrows," said Gao Peng.

"Yup, I recall that the weather forecast towers in most cities would raise Rain Sparrows. They have very weak offensive capabilities but they are very fast," added Mu Tieying.

The two of them carried out such a conversation in a casual manner.

Such common topics would only exist between two 'curve wreckers.'

Aooo, aooo~ In front of them, the trees began to shake vigorously. From the movements, whatever that made that sound was not small.

The two of them were immediately alerted and crept their way to behind Lotus Seed. Da Zi's body was tense as it lay by the side, poised to strike.

A green figure rushed out of the trees amidst a rain of falling leaf debris and stopped in front of the two of them. They could smell a thick grassy scent as the bits of leaves fell to the ground.

It was a lone green wolf. Its body was covered in many scars, both big and small, and it looked to be very experienced in battle.

It was a full six feet tall and its body was almost fifteen feet long. Its sheer size alone gave it an overpowering presence. It was covered in green fur that drooped towards the ground. It was covered in what looked like some kind of moss or algae. Its frame was large and burly, giving it a mighty feel as it approached them.

"What kind of wolf is that?" Mu Tieying was shocked. She had never seen any monster like this in the books she had read before. Could it be a new monster species?

"It doesn't seem like a wolf," replied Gao Peng with a curious expression on his face.

In the data table, he could see clearly the information of this monster.

[Monster Name]: Mossy Derp Husky

[Monster Level]: Level 11

[Monster Grade]: Normal

[Monster Attribute]: Wood

It was actually a husky. But what left Gao Peng speechless was that the data table read Derp Husky instead of just Husky.

Indeed, even his cheat skill confirmed that it was derpy.

Aooo! Aooo! The husky kept howling to scare the two of them.

The next time the husky went "aooo," Gao Peng added in a "woof" of his own.

The husky suddenly had trouble howling continually.

Aooo... Woof? went the Mossy Derp Husky in confusion.

Why was it making such a weird sound?

"That's better. Going 'aooo, aooo' can easily lead to others misunderstanding you," sighed Gao Peng.

Aooo woof, aooo... Woof? Woof? Woofwoofwoof?! The Mossy Derp Husky got more and more excited as it barked. Then it began barking up a tree loudly, completely forgetting what it came there to do in the first place. All because it found something more fun to do.

Gao Peng and Mu Tieying calmly turned away and left.

A derpy husky indeed.

A familiar recipe, a familiar taste.

Mu Tieying was having trouble understanding the situation. "That wolf... why, why was it barking like that?"

"That's not a wolf, it's a husky. It's just that it looks like one after staying in the wild for so long."

Gao Peng felt like something was not very right. He did not know if it was because of the data tables he could see, but all these monsters seemed not so mysterious in his eyes.

The valley was rather large. The two of them had been walking around the deep part of the jungle for over half an hour without ever having the end of the valley in sight.

Not far ahead of them, they saw what seemed like a metal hut covered in green camouflage print. That should have been the safe house.

"Let's go over and take a look. If possible, we can rest in the safe house temporarily," said Gao Peng.