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59 Outfield Training

 Looking at the pitiful state of the Purple Metal Scorpion in the cage that was on the verge of death, many of them did not have the heart to look on any longer. They turned and looked away.

Gao Peng shot a glance at these people, then focused his attention back to Da Zi. He took out a wet tissue and began wiping off the bloodstains that had gotten on Da Zi's carapace.

Right now they were placing monsters in cages to battle with them. There was even an instructor on standby to protect them, who would send in his Silver Moon Wolf to save them in situations of crisis.

Although the instructors could not have a 100% success rate of saving any casualties, there was at least a 90% chance that they would be in no real danger.

But once you really entered the wilderness, monsters there would not care about you, about your identity or your position.

In their eyes, YOU are the prey.

Delicious prey.

If these students did not adjust their mentalities properly, they would definitely stand to lose out.

At the beginning, Gao Peng was also rather softhearted. Just last week, the instructor had chosen a cute, Green-Furred Giant Hare as a training monster.

It must be said that, in this world, "attractiveness points" really did exist.

The cute giant hare ended up bleeding and mourning in the cage. Enduring such a sight was without doubt a huge trial for anyone with a kind heart.

It does not make any sense to scold someone for being kind-hearted. Having kindness and compassion is a good thing. It proves that there is still light in the world.

But sadly, there are also times where one must learn to be hard-hearted.

Being tough on the outside is not meant to hurt others. It is meant to protect yourself and to protect the things that are important to you.

Gao Peng remembered reading such a quote online before the cataclysm:

I don't care how dark the world is,

Nor what kind of authority you possess,

I just want all of you b*stards,

That are trying to hurt my little angel to understand,

That I will use my 50cm arms,

To wrest down your heads,

And stuff them up your *ssholes.


Under the piercing hot sun rays, anything that reflected light became piercing to the eyes as well.

Gao Peng gently touched Da Zi's ice-cool carapace. A cool sensation travelled from the carapace up to his palm.

Gao Peng patted Da Zi's head and gently said, "Take a break, you should be tired from battling."

Da Zi obediently lay down on the ground. Gao Peng took out a large umbrella and opened it up. They squeezed together quietly under the shade of the umbrella.


"Gather around. I have important news to announce." Instructor Zhang Renbai clapped his hands to gather the surrounding groups of students.

"You're more or less done with basic training now. From tomorrow onwards, you all can apply to head to the outfield training base. The duration of the training will be one week. We have already arranged with the school to allow for your absence. You all can discuss with your parents first after going home. The registration fee is 5 Alliance Credits," said Zhang Renbai in a loud voice.

Outfield training base?

Gao Peng was a little surprised. They were really sparing no expense on the training program.

"One last important reminder for all of you!" Zhang Renbai's expression was dead serious as he spoke sternly. "If you apply, you will have to sign up for a death insurance as well."

Silence came first, which quickly turned into an uproar, displaying all sorts of reactions.

"Sir, do we really have to pay for the application?" some students frowned in disappointment.

5 Alliance Credits was not a lot for most households, but it was not that small an amount either.

"Sir, shouldn't we be attending this training for free? Why do we still have to pay?" complained another student.

The instructor paused, then looked him in the eye, "You can choose not to go, or you could look for a private-owned outfield training base."

Another student added on, "Private-owned training bases cost 20 Alliance Credits for a week of training. The government's price is already more than fair. Also, does capturing monsters not take time and energy? Does building a training base not require manpower and money? Do you think the government owes you?"

The first student was at a loss for words and remained quiet.

The student who just spoke was clearly one who understood things. Gao Peng took a closer look at him.

Oh, so it was the owner of the Dragon Chicken.

The Dragon Chicken's legs were kept close to each other as it stood by its master. It was teary-eyed and its head was drooping, looking depressed.

"Other than paying on your own, there is another way," the instructor spoke, "that is to sign a contract with the Alliance Military. Under the contract, all training fees will be covered. You would not have to worry about them in the future, as they will all be covered by the government.

"Students that sign the contract will have to serve the military for eight years. After eight years it will not be mandatory to serve the army and you will be free to leave. Also, if you manage to get into military school, the time you spend studying in military school will count towards the eight years."

The eyes of some students from less well-to-do families lit up. They began to consider such an option.

Some of them were muttering to themselves, "If I get into military school, I'll be studying for four years, and that leaves only four more years of actual military service... It's an excellent deal!"

This was a smart policy that was employed by the government. Students were not forced, but given a choice whether or not to enlist into the military. The choice to enlist was also made really attractive as well. If one managed to get into military school, both the potential and the actual abilities of the student would become much greater than those who joined the military straightaway.

That meant a higher chance of cultivating strong individuals.

Having strong individuals serve for four years in the military and having normal soldiers serve for eight years; who benefitted more?

The answer: the government.

Other than the issue of the fees, the death insurance was something that was fearsome and foreign to most students.

"Will I die if I sign it?" someone asked, an unintelligent question.

That got him a look of contempt from the people around him.

"A Monster Trainer cadet's "college examinations" are different from other examinations, so it is best that you all make the best out of this special training opportunity," said the instructor sternly. "If you sign up for a death insurance, it does NOT mean that you will die, but if you maintain your level of intelligence, I will have to retract the word "not" from my statement."

The next day, when Gao Peng arrived at school, there were already rows of armor-plated school buses outside the school gates. The armored buses were fortified with additional iron plates.

They formed a long line from the school gate all the way out. There were at least thirty vehicles.

After paying the registration fees he got up on the armored vehicle. The inside was already full. The armored buses set off the moment they were full. All the Familiars were arranged to be transported over in a large truck that followed behind.

Rumble -

The low roar of the vehicle could be heard, but there seemed to be a shock-absorbing system installed. No matter how fast they were travelling, they hardly felt any vibrations.

The view outside the window was a blur as the landscape changed rapidly. Gao Peng felt dizzy just looking, so he closed his eyes and lay back on his seat.

Finally, the large armored bus stopped in front of a valley. A row of students got down in an orderly fashion from the bus. They took a deep breath, taking in the fresh air.

There was rich vegetation cover around the area, and there were clear signs that it was being used by people.

In front of them was a gigantic valley. With a look, Gao Peng guessed that the top was at least a few hundred meters up.

The way in and out of the valley was at a large gap that ran from the top to the bottom, practically splitting the valley into two halves. There were already three armored busses stopped in front of the valley, and there were many students standing about.

At the entrance of the valley were many heavily secured outposts. The soldiers on duty were all carrying guns loaded with live ammunition. They wore stern faces and were cautiously monitoring the surroundings.

"This is it, we've arrived," said the instructor who was leading the way. "We'll wait for the rest first. When you all go in later on, we won't be following you in."