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58 Backed Thunder Centipede VS Purple Metal Scorpion

 Gao Peng bent over and patted Da Zi on the head. "Do you see that? Later on, take note of that scorpion..."

But very quickly, he noticed that there was something wrong. Da Zi was staring intently at the Dragon Chicken instead. It was on the verge of drooling.

Gao Peng gave Da Zi a good knock on the head. "I'm not telling you to look at the Dragon Chicken, I'm telling you to watch the Purple Metal Scorpion! Take note of its attack patterns. Later on, I'll be sending you up to fight."

Da Zi tilted its head to look at its master, then nodded.

The Purple Metal Scorpion was extremely fast. In a flash, it charged up to the Dragon Chicken, snapping viciously with its pair of pincers.

The Dragon Chicken's reaction speed was even faster. Using its strong legs, it leaped into the air, evading the scorpion's pincers.

But the moment the Dragon Chicken jumped, the Purple Metal Scorpion's long tail shot out like an arrow!

The explosive attack left a long afterimage.


The sound of an object cutting through the air was heard.

The Dragon Chicken had no time to evade the Scorpion and was pierced in the chest by its tail.

Thankfully, its strong muscles were not just for show. Only the sharp barb at the end of the tail managed to pierce through the Dragon Chicken's flesh. The rest of the round tail segments of the scorpion had not managed to penetrate the chicken.

Luckily for the Dragon Chicken, the Purple Metal Scorpion was not venomous. Otherwise, this one attack would have brought it to the ground.

The Purple Metal Scorpion applied downward pressure using its long tail and then took the opportunity to viciously clamp down on the Dragon Chicken's legs with its pincers.

The moment it looked as though it was all over, the Dragon Chicken suddenly shook off the tail barb in its chest with a frantic beating of its wings. A chunk of flesh from its chest tore off, sending blood spewing everywhere.

Then, at lightning speed, the Dragon Chicken pecked downwards using its sharp beak.


The Purple Metal Scorpion's carapace tore apart like a layer of cardboard.

The area that was pecked caved inwards, and the area surrounding it became distorted and cracked. A pale yellow viscous liquid came oozing out of the Purple Metal Scorpion's wound.

In response to the pain, the Purple Metal Scorpion closed its pincers together even more tightly, and then viciously pulled them apart!


The audience outside the cage sharply drew in a breath of air.

All the boys who were watching inadvertently drew their legs closer together.

The Dragon Chicken suddenly grew stiff, its head gradually facing upwards. The sharp pain it experienced almost caused it to lose consciousness.

Thankfully, it managed to clinch its muscles tightly to prevent the Purple Metal Scorpion from tearing it into two.

But even so, two droplets of tears were slowly dripping from the corner of the Dragon Chicken's eyes...


While grasping the Dragon Chicken, the Purple Metal Scorpion brutally slammed the Dragon Chicken onto the cement ground. Once again, the Dragon Chicken was on the verge of losing consciousness.

This was a total mismatch of a fight.

The Dragon Chicken was inferior to the Purple Metal Scorpion both in terms of level and grade. The only thing that could give it a winning chance was combat experience. But even in that case, having spent its life in the city, the Dragon Chicken's combat experience could not compare to the Purple Metal Scorpion which had to fight for its survival in the wild.

The Purple Metal Scorpion crept forward, opening its chelicerae to prepare to eat up the Dragon Chicken.

The chelicerae are small limbs located at the sides of the Purple Metal Scorpion's mouthparts. A scorpion's mouthparts are usually not exposed, and they rely on their chelicerae to take in food.

Awoo- A flash of silver rushed into the cage as swiftly as the wind.

The Purple Metal Scorpion hurriedly released its pincers and retreated backward in shock.

The Silver Moon Wolf had charged into the cage and was glaring at the Purple Metal Scorpion. Its sharp fangs were showing and its gaze was ice-cold.

The Purple Metal Scorpion tried to intimidate the Silver Moon Wolf. It manically snapped its pincers together, giving off sharp snapping sounds in an attempt to scare the Silver Moon Wolf.

The Silver Moon Wolf simply continued staring it down.

The Dragon Chicken, which was lying on the ground, quickly rolled to its feet. Then it limped its way out of the cage. The strange thing was that it escaped in a very peculiar manner, with its legs closed tightly together.

With that, the Silver Moon Wolf began to slowly back out of the cage. The Purple Metal Scorpion seemed bitter at seeing its meal slip out of its pincers that way and started to charge the wolf. It only managed to take two steps before the Silver Moon Wolf's eyes flashed as if to say, "I've already warned you!"

The Silver Moon Wolf charged forward and became a silver blur. The Purple Metal Scorpion's pincers snapped shut but only managed to catch thin air.

With a simple twist of its body, the Silver Moon Wolf once again evaded the attack from the Purple Metal Scorpion's barbed tail. The Silver Moon Wolf's body turned a full 180 degrees in mid-air, and its tail lashed out like a cracking whip.


The Purple Metal Scorpion was sent flying!

It spun a few rounds in the air before landing on the ground with a bang.

The Silver Moon Wolf elegantly turned its head and glanced at the Purple Metal Scorpion lying on the ground before slowly leaving the cage.


The audience outside the cage could not help but exclaim in admiration. Even if it was not the first time they had seen the Silver Moon Wolf in action, they were swept away just the same.

It was like watching a performance. Its movements were just so elegant.

The instructor's Silver Moon Wolf was only of normal grade, but its level was already at the maximum of 20. Its grade was the only thing limiting it from becoming a commander tier monster.

"Who else still wishes to challenge the Purple Metal Scorpion?" Zhang Renbai asked the remaining students.

A few of the students immediately shook their heads. The Dragon Chicken was a stronger Familiar than their own. If the Dragon Chicken had lost, they would just be sending their Familiars to be beaten up.

They thought back to how Gao Peng's Purple-Backed Thunder Centipede was always the first to challenge new monsters, and how they were only given a chance after the monster had suffered severe injuries.

They had been unhappy and felt that the instructor was biased for only allowing Gao Peng to challenge the monsters when they were in the best condition, leaving them with beat-up monsters.

This was because they did not possess Gao Peng's ability, and were not able to see a monster's grade and level. In their eyes, their own Familiars were not weak compared to Gao Peng's.

But now, they were forced to realize the truth.

Gao Peng's Purple-Backed Thunder Centipede was really strong.

"Go." Gao Peng tossed Da Zi a mealworm and fed it some water, just like a trainer preparing a star boxer before his fight

With its thousand limbs, Da Zi slowly crept into the cage.

At this point in time, the Purple Metal Scorpion had already crawled back to its feet. It was covered in dirt, making it look disheveled and beat-up.

Seeing the large centipede making its way over, the Purple Metal Scorpion's eyes flashed with a hint of craftiness. It retreated two steps, putting on a show of weakness.

Da Zi continued to charge forward.

The Purple Metal scorpion continued to back away.

Da Zi continued to advance.

As though cleverly sensing the right opportunity to strike its prey, the Purple Metal Scorpion moved forward instead of retreating. The distance between Da Zi and it shrank in a blink of an eye, and it attacked with its pincers.

Snap snap snap.

Da Zi had already anticipated this and spun around halfway through its charge. Its body turned 90 degrees at an odd angle to avoid the snapping pincers.

Following the pincers was the deadly barbed tail of the scorpion. It gave off a cold light as it stabbed towards Da Zi.

A hit!

But Da Zi's tough and smooth carapace caused the tail to lose its effectiveness. Although it struck Da Zi, it simply slid off to one side.

To make matters worse for the scorpion, at that moment Da Zi's carapace crackled with sparks of electricity.

Crackle crackle.

The Purple Metal Scorpion's tail recoiled sharply from the shock. By then, Da Zi had taken the opportunity to attack the Purple Metal Scorpion's side. With a mighty lunge, Da Zi head-butted upwards, almost causing the Purple Metal Scorpion to topple over.

But even if it did not flip over, its body was lifted partly off the ground. Da Zi dove under the Purple Metal Scorpion and bit down hard on its underside. Its mandibles were like sharp tiger fangs that ripped out a chunk of flesh.

The scent of blood excited Da Zi. Venom flowed freely into the Purple Metal Scorpion's body as Da Zi's mouthparts continually snapped at the Purple Metal Scorpion's flesh.

After Da Zi gained the upper hand it was no use, no matter how much the Purple Metal Scorpion tried to struggle.

Because of the way the Purple Metal Scorpion's body was structured, it was naturally slower at turning its body. By then, Da Zi had already coiled its body around the scorpion, like a giant anaconda wrapping around its prey.

Although the Purple Metal Scorpion was immune to most venom, Da Zi's was amongst the more potent of its kind. The Purple Metal Scorpion could not be immune to all its effects. With more venom introduced into its body, its senses were dull and its movements were slow.

The scorpion's pincers waved about feebly in the air as its eyes began to dim.

In Gao Peng's vision, the injury status of the Purple Metal Scorpion became more and more severe until it was already at a level where the font was dark red.

There was no saving the Purple Metal Scorpion. It was doomed to die.

Gao Peng opened up a bottle of water to take a drink. His anxious heart was finally at ease.

The battle between Da Zi and the Purple Metal Scorpion was decided in that one moment. If the Purple Metal Scorpion had gotten hold of Da Zi's body with its pincers, it would have gotten the upper hand over Da Zi, and Da Zi would have been the meal for its foe.

But unfortunately for the Purple Metal Scorpion, its habit of attacking with its pincers and then its tail had been figured out.

Zhang Renbai then ordered Gao Peng to stop. If Da Zi continued eating on, the Purple Metal Scorpion's innards would all be eaten up.

Gao Peng nodded his head and ordered Da Zi to release the scorpion and come out.

Da Zi was happily eating and was not pleased to be told to stop. But in the end, it stopped eating and crawled out of the cage. Da Zi's mandibles and head were covered in green blood. With its jaws opening and snapping shut, it looked absolutely savage.

In the cage, the Purple Metal Scorpion sprawled feebly on the ground, looking like a wilted plant. Its pincers were no longer snapping and it simply lay weakly on the cement floor.