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57 Dragon Chicken

 Compared to a few days ago, Lotus Seed had indeed become more courageous than before. At least in front of strangers, she no longer showed fear and dared to look at them directly.

After happily chatting with Mu Tieying for a while, Mu Tieying left with Lotus Seed.

Silly, who was happy being a hat and was "playing dead" on Gao Peng's palm, finally came back to life. It got up carefully. The various bird-type Familiars that were flying around in the sky made it feel uneasy.

Gao Peng felt a moderate struggling motion coming from his palm as Silly gingerly levitated into the air while making a puchi puchi sound.

Then with a flop, it covered Gao Peng's head. It became a rainbow-colored hat. As a hat, it was not large, and was quite fitting. It was just large enough to cover the whole of Gao Peng's head.

Looking at the sky without saying anything, Gao Peng opened the bottle of chilled green tea in his hands and took a sip. Indeed, the green tea was better chilled.

Today's monster for battle training was brought in in a cage. It was a giant, metallic purple scorpion. Its size was huge. Even without its tail it was over six feet long. Its tail was as long as its body and its foot-and-a-half long giant claws glistened with a cold light.

This giant scorpion's entire body was purple and looked extremely strong. It was now curled up inside its cage and making dull snapping noises with its claws.

[Monster Name]: Purple Metal Scorpion

[Monster Level]: 14

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Metal/Earth

[Monster Condition]: Healthy (Happy)

[Monster Weakness]: Dark/Electric

[Monster's Likes]: Clamping on hard objects with its giant claws

"Who here intends to challenge today's monster? There are plenty of scorpion-type monsters around Chang'an, so you will definitely run into one in future. You can take this as an opportunity to get used to the way scorpion-type monsters battle," said Instructor Chen with a smile.

Purple Metal Scorpion... The characteristics of this monster appeared in Gao Peng's mind. This was a type of scorpion that lived in the desert. Before the cataclysm, they inhabited the desert areas near Chang'an. After the cataclysm, they mutated and evolved into Purple Metal Scorpions.

These were a rare breed of non-venomous scorpions. Although non-venomous, they possessed a body that was highly resistant to poison, and were immune to most toxins.

These giant scorpions also had rather large claws which could be used to crush the bodies or heads of their prey. This particular one however was still quite a bit smaller than usual Purple Metal Scorpion, and was likely still in its growing phase.

An adult Purple Metal Scorpion would have a body nine feet long and a tail a whopping six meters long.

This Purple Metal Scorpion most likely inherited the temperament of most scorpion-type monsters like itself: vicious and brutal.

Snap, snap, snap!

The snapping of its claws was increasing in frequency. It looked as though it was trying to frighten its enemies. The Purple Metal Scorpion was snapping its claws excitedly. It seemed to be getting happier the more it snapped.

Something seems off...

The Purple Metal Scorpion was excitedly shaking its head and its tail. It was entertaining itself in in the cage, getting high on its own. If someone added some BGM right now, that would be even more appropriate.

Getting so happy just from snapping its own claws, ugh, what a stupid scorpion.

There was a look of spite in Da Zi's eyes.

Through this period of training, the Monster Trainer cadets had all gained quite a lot of courage and were no longer fearful of challenging these monsters.

"Instructor, I would like to challenge," said someone raising his hand. Other than Gao Peng, there were many others who raised their hands too.

Gao Peng merely watched quietly from the sides. The others could not see this monster's level and grade, but he could see them clearly.

In truth, the Purple Metal Scorpion was of a difficulty level that was a little too high for these kids. The Familiars of most of these kids were barely level 10, some were even only level 7 or 8. Furthermore, the Purple Metal Scorpion was even of excellent grade.

There was absolutely no contest.

At the moment, Da Zi was also of excellent grade and its level was the same as the Purple Metal Scorpion. The Purple Metal Scorpion was also largely immune to poison. In a head-on fight, the chances of winning would be 50-50.

That was why Gao Peng needed these kids to test the waters for him, to see if the Purple Metal Scorpion had other means of offense, just to be safe.

Gao Peng stood upright, with Da Zi by his side, arms crossed in front of him, wearing a stern expression on his face.

Along with his tough looking features, he appeared to have the demeanor of a pro. Of course, he would have looked even more like one without the rainbow hat on his head.

"Gao Peng, do you not intend to challenge the monster?" Zhang Renbai said to Gao Peng. Today's Purple Metal Scorpion was specially prepared by him for Gao Peng. In this five-man team, only Gao Peng's Purple-Backed Thunder Centipede stood a chance against the Purple Metal Scorpion.

"I'll leave this opportunity to the others this time. I can't always be the first to challenge the monster, it won't be fair for the others," said Gao Peng blandly with a shake of his head.

In the team, the rest of them all had some negative feelings towards Gao Peng, such as jealousy for instance. But after hearing these words from Gao Peng, their impression of Gao Peng changed immediately.

At the same time, a bit of guilt began to well up in their hearts.

We have wronged him all this while, they thought, little did we know that he was still being considerate of us for such things.

The corners of Zhang Renbai's mouth twitched. Of course I believe you... not.

As an instructor, he naturally had full knowledge of the capabilities of these Familiars.

Are you all rushing to your deaths?

But as an instructor, he was only in charge of training. He was not in the position to interfere in too many things. At most, he could choose which monsters were used to challenge the scorpion.

"You shall be the first to take the challenge then," Zhang Renbai shook his head, and pointed at the strongest Familiar after Da Zi.

It was a Dragon Chicken. It was called a Dragon Chicken but it was actually just a pheasant that mutated after the cataclysm. Its body was very meaty and it had a bright red crest atop its head. It was so red that it seemed as though blood could drip right out of it.

It was a monster that seemed to have given up on the ability to fly, and instead developed strong and tough muscles all over its body. Its large bulging muscles looked as though it would taste really good.

What am I thinking! Gao Peng hurriedly shook his head.

This Dragon Chicken was six feet tall. Its yellow eyes were slightly bloodshot and it had a black beak that was roughly the length of a human palm.

Gao Peng had seen this Dragon Chicken peck through a one-centimeter thick metal board during training.

Every step it took with its buff chicken legs was powerful and majestic.

This was the only other elite tier Familiar around other than Da Zi, and it was at a level 11. But sadly its grade was only normal.

The Dragon Chicken slowly walked into the cage. It did not immediately begin attacking, but cautiously circled around the Purple Metal Scorpion instead.

The Purple Metal Scorpion felt something enter the cage and stopped its claw movements.

As though it were annoyed that its own self-entertainment was interrupted, a fierce look appeared on the Purple Metal Scorpion's face as it turned to look at the Dragon Chicken.

The Dragon Chicken was evidently stunned to see such a huge scorpion for the first time. It cautiously continued to circle the scorpion, not taking the initiative to attack.

The Purple Metal Scorpion, too, began to turn its body.

But because of the way its body was, turning movements were difficult for it, making its movements stiff.


Both scorpion claws slammed down hard on the concrete ground, giving off two dull bangs that rang almost at the same time.

The Purple Metal Scorpion furiously rushed at the Dragon Chicken.

Quit your d*amned circling, I'm done turning around!