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56 I Have a Colorful Ha

 Gao Peng opened the bedroom door, his face clouded.

Da Zi ignored the master, crawling from the bedroom angrily, then huddled itself up under the sofa.

"You b*stard, get out from under there. Tell me, where did you learn those words?" Gao Peng pulled Da Zi out from under the sofa.

Da Zi was rattled. It was turning around in place, hiding its head under its butt, like a child who did something wrong.

Gao Peng was teasing Da Zi. He didn't really care for it.

Although these Familiars were not was smart as adult humans, they were still quite clever with strong learning abilities. Not sure when they learned it secretly.

After comforting Da Zi, Gao Peng dealt with newly bought Silverleaves according to requirements, then fed Da Zi.

Da Zi needed to take Silverleaves continuously for two weeks. Now that it had been eating for six days, it needed another eight days to finally take the Electric Commander Monster Core Crystal.

But the Electric Commander Monster Core Crystal was rare. It could be hardly found in market.

Well, it was not extremely rare; demand brought market. It only cost time.

Gao Peng found out that the average price of an Electric Commander Monster Core Crystal was 300 credit points.

Normal Commander Core Crystals cost one or two hundred credit points. The reason why the prices reached three hundred points were one, Electric Monsters were rare; and two, Electric monsters were usually very destructive and hard to hunt.

After all, it was not a kid game, but a real wild hunt. Electric monsters might kill a hunter due to lack of precautions.

Of course, 300 credit points was not very high. The act of killing any monster could be exchanged for numerous amounts of money, which would be sufficient to feed a family for their whole lives.

The unknown jungle was filled with danger. Nobody knew what kind of horrible monster they would meet. In addition, the hunting process itself was risky. After all, since the cataclysm, the wild was completely out of humanity's control.

Three days prior, Gao Peng had gone to the Monster Hunter Alliance and posted up his notice, paying a high price for an Electric Commander Monster Core Crystal. He was willing to pay 301 credit points.

The price he offered was one credit point more than the average price.

After finishing its food, Da Zi was sleepy. Silverleaf had some hypnotic effect on it.

One the other side, Gao Peng repeated his action. He cut his finger again, then put his finger on Silly's head.

A knife was not required. Normally needle blood collecting was doable, since in the contract process, blood was only a media to connect two souls through wound and blood.

If he used a needle tube to collect blood then drop it on his fingertip, theoretically it was fine to do so, but the process was too complicated with too many steps.

To stab his finger, collect a drop of blood, and then put the blood drop on the fingertip... It was way easier to directly cut his finger and let blood come out. Simple and effort saving.

Fuzzily, eyes closed, Gao Peng sensed a fragile ideological dimension.

The space was smaller than Da Zi's mind space, and weaker.

Deep in the ideological dimension, there seemed to hide a timid soul.

Gao Peng released his kindness. That timid soul trembled, then shrank. It was like a lonely kid huddling himself together in the dark.

The dark night outside the window made the kid nervous. Only by hugging himself could he feel some warmth.

Gao Peng tried to send his kindness, feeling that he was acting as a kidnapper.

The clock ticked away. Silly's soul was still hiding at the corner of its ideological dimension.

The connection between them suddenly broke. Gao Peng opened his eyes, looking at Silly helplessly.

In front of him, Silly seemed not to know what happened just then. Floating in the air, it waved its tentacle habitually.

Then it suddenly woke up and escaped hurriedly, hiding under the table.

Gao Peng kneaded his face, unsure of what to do. It seemed that he was being overhasty.

To sign a blood contract required both sides' agreements; one side's wishful thinking wouldn't cut it.

Silly had really high emotional insecurity. Gao Peng felt that when he was in its mind space. Silly's mind was very confused; so his feelings towards Silly's emotions were also vague and light. He could only feel its deep shyness.

Looks like I need to stay with Silly for a longer time.

Silly was not hard to get along with. Lowering its self-defense was the key point. Love would come in time. Right now their relationship was not strong. They needed more time to further develop their friendship.


The next day, Gao Peng went to school as usual.

To enhance his relationship with Silly, he brought Silly to school, too.

After ordering Da Zi to take good care of Silly, Gao Peng went to the academic building for class.

At noon, after he got off class and left the building, Gao Peng was surprised to find that Silly was lying quietly on Da Zi's head. Da Zi didn't resist.

Yesterday they disliked each other, now they seemed to be the closest of friends. Gao Peng was suddenly confused. I don't get Familiars' friendships.

In the afternoon, the sun was baking the concrete, and the training ground was dry and scalding.

Da Zi was training hard on the ground, and Gao Peng wore a colorful hat while instructing.

The hat was eye-catching, gleaming with beautiful colors. It was shining under the sun. It even caught many people's attention.

"That guy's hat is pretty... ugly."

"It seems to be colorful and semi-transparent."

Gao Peng ignored the surrounding discussions. On the edge of the colorful crystal hat, thick tentacles dropped down, making Gao Peng extremely ugly.

"Nice hat," Mu Tieying's voice rang.

"Thanks. But when did you learn to lie?" Gao Peng was calm. He took off his hat, stretched his hand into the hat... and took out a bottle of iced green tea.

Mu Tieying was confused.

Gao Peng handed the green tea to Mu Tieying saying, "Wanna have some? This is iced tea."

Mu Tieying shook her head. "No thank you, I prefer mineral water."

Then Gao Peng put his hand into the hat again, and took out a bottle of iced mineral water, which still had cold smoke coming off it.

"Your hat..." Mu Tieying finally couldn't help but ask.

"This is a Levitating Jellyfish, a Space Familiar," Gao Peng smiled.

Mu Tieying was suddenly enlightened.

She had heard about Levitating Jellyfish.

"How is your Lotus Seed? Has she recovered yet? I think she has changed a lot, she seems much braver than before." Gao Peng looked at Lotus Seed, who was staring at him bravely.

"She has almost recovered. Since last time, her personality has indeed changed a lot." Mu Tieying gently patted Lotus Seed's big head.