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55 Silly and Dumby

 "All the Levitating Jellyfish are here, you can take your pick," said Jie as he opened up the rear compartment of the cargo truck. As the container was opened, rows of white lamps turned on.

The sides of the container were lined with large numbers of glass boxes. Within them were large amounts of Levitating Jellyfish. These jellyfish were all quietly drifting within their boxes. The white lamp light seemed to agitate them and they began to float around a little more uneasily.

In Gao Peng's eyes, the data of all these jellyfish appeared clearly in front of him. Whatever grade they were did not escape his eyes.

After scanning through all the jellyfish, Gao Peng was disappointed to find that there were no rare mutant variants. "Is that all the Levitating Jellyfish you've got in this container?"

Jie gave Gao Peng a curious look. "There are still some left in another container. Follow me."

They turned and headed towards another container. There were only slightly more than a dozen Levitating Jellyfish left in this one.

"We transported three truckloads of Levitating Jellyfish here for sale. We've already cleared out one truck and we've almost sold all of this one," explained Jie.

Gao Peng concentrated his eyes and quickly focused on one of the Levitating Jellyfish. This one was different from the rest. Its color was slightly darker and its movements were very fast!

If the movement speed of the other Levitating Jellyfish could be described as walking, this one was running.

"How much for this one?" Gao Peng pointed at it.

Jie took a look at the jellyfish then nodded his head and went back out to call the vendor. He was back very soon.

"My boss said that this is a rare mutant breed. It's a perfect grade Levitating Jellyfish King with a speed mutation. I can sell it to you cheap for 100 Alliance Credits," said Jie while thinking.

In Gao Peng's eyes, this was only an excellent grade Levitating Jellyfish with dual attributes of space and wind. Although it was rare, it was nowhere near the perfect grade Levitating Jellyfish King, according to the boss.

"That's too much," said Gao Peng disappointedly. "I do sincerely want to buy it. If you really want to sell it, I'll take it for 50 Alliance Credits."

The price that Gao Peng offered was fair. Over at Pengcheng a dual attribute, excellent grade Levitating Jellyfish would have sold for the same price.

If he could haggle for a lower price, naturally that would be best. But the problem here was that they had already realized that this was no ordinary Levitating Jellyfish. Gao Peng saw no point in any haggling and trying to be stingy, so he immediately laid his cards on the table and named his price.

To Gao Peng, the real value of this Levitating Jellyfish was not its current abilities, but the potential that it currently possessed.

It was also a potential that could be improved. This was what Gao Peng saw was the most important.

"Alright, 50 Alliance Credits it is," Jie agreed straightaway. Evidently, his boss had already given him a minimum selling price before he returned.

Gao Peng carried a cage and placed the Levitating Jellyfish inside.

He named the Levitating Jellyfish "Silly." Because, for something that got eaten by fish in the water, and eaten by birds in the air, there was no better name Gao Peng could think of.

[Monster Name]: Levitating Jellyfish

[Monster Level]: 4

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Space/Wind

[Monster's Likes]: Sweet and fragrant fruit juice

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Electric-type 2. Ice-type 3. Afraid of fish and birds, will become timid when faced with such creatures

[Requirements for Promotion to Perfect Grade]: ...

The third point under "Monster Weakness" had Gao Peng stunned.

Afraid of fish, afraid of birds. These jellyfish really feared being eaten.

Gao Peng went back to the studio to collect Dumby. Dumby and Silly; Gao Peng felt that his naming ability was pretty impressive.

Like many pets that existed before the cataclysm, the price for them was not expensive. The real cost came in buying their food...

Because Silly had the space attribute, it needed to consume materials with the space attribute in order for it to grow. Of course, normal ingredients could fill its stomach, but filling its stomach was all that those ingredients could do.

Space attributed ingredients were at least three times the price of other materials of the same quality. The price of things increased with rarity, after all.

Gao Peng stopped by a store to buy 200 catties of White Space Wood and left carrying it in a bag. White Space Wood sold for 3 Alliance Credits a catty, and was considered a basic space-type ingredient. Most stores would grind the wood to powder when selling it. The White Space Wood powder would then be mixed with water before being fed to the Familiar.

The army of heavy-eaters at home were increasing.

At home, Da Zi could hear a familiar set of footsteps as it lay on the living room floor. It raised its head, shook it left and right, and then excitedly crawled towards the door.

Halfway there, the door opened.

Da Zi froze on the spot.

It stared blankly at Gao Peng's right hand. Over there, he was holding on to Silly, the rainbow-colored jellyfish gently floating in its cage.

"Da Zi," Gao Peng laughed teasingly, "This is-" he wanted to introduce the family's newest member, Silly. But before he could finish, Da Zi had already turned its head around and began quietly crawling back to the bedroom. With a swish of its tail it closed the bedroom door shut.


Is this... jealousy?

Gao Peng could not understand.

He then looked behind at Dumby. Dumby had grown to a really large size so it could not enter the house normally. Dumby lay down on the ground, turned its body to the side, and then slowly inched its way through the door.

Gao Peng waited for Dumby to make its way into the house before closing the door.

He realized that his house was a little too small. If Dumby grew any larger, there was no way it could still enter.

After shutting the windows and making sure there were no exits, Gao Peng let Silly out of its cage.

He could establish a Blood Contract with Silly, as its level was not high. It was only level four.

The main factor to consider when establishing a Blood Contract was the monster's level. The higher the monster's level, the more soul energy was consumed. The monster's grade had little to do with the amount of soul needed.

Throughout this period of time, with Da Zi's increase in level and with the promotion of Da Zi's grade, the strength of Gao Peng's soul had increased quite a bit. It was still not enough to establish a Blood Contract with Dumby, but it was definitely enough for a little level four creature such as Silly.

First, he went over to the kitchen and added water to some White Space Wood powder in a cup. Then, he poured some fruit juice into the cup as well.

Smelling the fragrance of the fruit juice, Silly excitedly turned around and drifted into the kitchen. It hovered around the kitchen bobbing up and down, and turning left and right.

It went around Gao Peng in circles.

Gao Peng laughed a little. "Stop going in circles already, this was meant for you to begin with. Drink up."

After drinking, Silly grew much closer to Gao Peng. It at least did not resist when Gao Peng tried to touch it anymore.

Bang, bang, bang.

The banging of the door could be heard from the bedroom.

Da Zi had closed itself in the bedroom but it did not know how to open the door now that it wanted to get out. Da Zi was getting anxious.

"Open, open, open," Da Zi's voice filled Gao Peng's mind. "Open, open, open."

Haha, Gao Peng could not help laughing. He went to pour himself a glass of water.

"Open, open... f*** your mom!"

Pfft! Gao Peng spat out the water in his mouth.