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54 Poverty Gives Rise to the Desire for Change

 "Thanks a lot," Gao Peng nodded in appreciation to Ma Jian.

Ma Jian smiled. "Hee hee, I will come back to you when my Purple Electric Mouse reaches Commander."

Since Familiars degrade one level when becoming a Commander, as evolution cost potentiality, its grade would decrease from current Perfect to Excellent.

A Familiar at a lower grade could reach its original level. As for improving a Perfect grade Purple Electric Mouse to Epic grade...

Alright, Ma Jian never thought about this.

In his eyes, only Advanced Monster Breeders had some probability of improving a Familiar to Epic grade.

As for higher Legendary grades... he only heard about Familiars that were born as Legendary, but he never heard any stories of upgrading to Legendary through training.


Levitating Jellyfish; it was that jellyfish Familiar's name.

It was Gao Peng's first time seeing a Space Familiar. This jellyfish was a rare Space monster.


It's a Space monster!

No matter in what novel, space-control was an abnormal, horrifying ability. But on Wuqu Square, Space monsters were sold wholesale. The sharp contrast made Gao Peng feel unreal. He turned on his laptop, researching Levitating Jellyfish online. Information immediately came out.

According to the materials, Levitating Jellyfish used to live in Pengcheng City's offshore area. By inference, during the cataclysm a group of jellyfish were infected and mutated by Space power. In the next a few years, they settled and thrived in that area.

Later, they were about to become extinct, as the other monsters were preying them on. It was said that their struggle gave rise to the desire for change.

Some Levitating Jellyfish finally burst out their capacity, and succeeded in flying with Space power. From then on, they lived in the air.

But later they were eaten by birds...

There was no place for them to live safely in such a big world.

In general, they lived a miserable life.

This species might have been the poorest Space monster. The ultimate reason was that Levitating Jellyfish had a Space attribute, so it could develop some extra abilities during later evolution and became strong. But it was only a possibility.

At present, except for floating in the air, and opening a small extra-dimensional space inside its body, the Levitating Jellyfish had no other use. And it was incapable of attack.

Luckily, its beautiful appearance and gentle temperament attracted human interest. Relying on human domestication, this species was able to survive.

Well, the most important reason was the Levitating Jellyfish didn't taste good; it had some bitterness.

"Pity!" Gao Peng sighed.

In Pengcheng City, this Levitating Jellyfish was a novel type of purse. It had no other use.

The extra-dimensional space a Levitating Jellyfish could open depended on its grade and tier. For example, a 10-level Normal Levitating Jellyfish would have an inside space as big as a basketball. This was quite small, and not able to contain many things.

But to Gao Peng, these were small problems. As long as the Jellyfish had the Space attribute, he was confident in increasing its grade. It was really rare to see Space monsters, let alone capture them.

After coming off work, Gao Peng took a taxi and went directly to Wuqu Square.

As he got off the taxi, he heard someone's hawking. Several trucks parked along the road at the edge of the square was a platform frame. On top of them stood some peddlers holding loudspeakers, advocating. "Hey, come and take a look, don't miss this! The newest fashionable unique purse, a flying purse, the most popular hot seller from Pengcheng, a novel pet! Come and take a look!"

It was crowded under the stage. Crowds gathered together waiting to see the show.

On the stage, a peddler held a Levitating Jellyfish in his left hand and an apple in his right hand. Then, as if making a magic show, he put the apple into the Levitating Jellyfish and released both hands.

In front of him, the Levitating Jellyfish waved in the air, trying to escape.

The way it fled was special. It looked like a small ball jumping up and down in the air. The jellyfish went up then fell down a little bit. It summoned courage to jump forward, then fell again.

But it was too slow. Even though it spent all its effort, it could only reach a normal- person walking speed.

The Levitating Jellyfish tried its best to escape for several meters. Then a big hand came behind it and caught it correctly. Puff, the Levitating Jellyfish complained, puff.

"The Levitating Jellyfish is good-tempered. This is a very gentle little monster," the peddler demonstrated. Using both hands he grabbed the Levitating Jellyfish then pulled it outward.

The jellyfish was stretched like a piece of rubber. Its colorful semi-transparent body gleamed in sunshine.

The peddler loosened his hands, and the jellyfish bounced back.

The jellyfish seemed to be knocked out, turning around and around in the air in a daze.

"Wow, so cute!" Girls' eyes lit up, being attracted by the stupid-cute Levitating Jellyfish.

Some girl gripped her boyfriend's arm, saying, "I want this little thing! May I?" Under a coquetry-attack, the boy was in a daze, too, just like that jellyfish.

The boy coughed and asked the peddler, "How much is this jellyfish, sir?"

The peddler corrected him. "It's a Levitating Jellyfish."

"Alright, alright, then how much is your Levitating Jellyfish?"

"One for 10 credit points," the peddler smiled. He stretched his hands, showing ten fingers. "No bargaining."

The smile froze on the boy's face. "Are you grabbing money? What else can this do except be pretty?"

Ten credit points equaled to 100,000 Alliance Dollars, which was enough to support a normal three-person family for two years.

"Sir, that's too expensive." The boy frowned, hesitating.

"No, that's not expensive; it is a Familiar! And it is the legendary, rare Space Familiar! Do you think this price is too high?" The peddler looked unpleasant. "Young man, my Levitating Jellyfish are shipped all the way from Pengcheng. You can hardly find them anywhere else!"

Then the peddler looked the boy up and down and relented, "Well, I can see your sincerity. If you really want one, I can give you 20 percent off!"

Even with 20 percent off, it still cost 8 credit points. The boy was hesitating. His family was rich; he thought the jellyfish would only cost 3 to 4 credit points. If so, he would grit his teeth and buy it. But seeing the eyes of his beloved brim with expectation, his heart was softened.


The peddler was glib-tongued. Plus, the Levitating Jellyfish was indeed novel and eye-catching with its pretty appearance. Within an afternoon, two thirds of them were sold.

Gao Peng walked to the peddler and asked straightforwardly, "Can I see the Levitating Jellyfish?"

The peddler smiled, passing the jellyfish to Gao Peng. "Here you go. Take a look as you wish, boy."

"No, I mean, can I see the rest of your Levitating Jellyfish? I want to pick one myself," Gao Peng refused gently.

Hearing this, the peddler paused, measuring Gao Peng with his eyes.

"Alright. Jay, take this handsome little gentleman to the backstage and let him pick one." The peddler waved his hand. These Levitating Jellyfish are all for sale. If this boy wants to pick one himself, then let him go pick one. It doesn't matter much.