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52 Excessive Heatiness

 Dumby gradually walked out from the breeding room, face lowered, slow paced but steadfast. Dumby looked bony, but actually it was quite heavy.

Its skeleton seemed to be made of iron. It stepped on the foam floor with dull thud.

Dumby was too conspicuous, Gao Peng let his worker get Dumby a coarse black cloak to cover it up.

Dumby put the hood on, and two ghost flame were gleaming in the dark hood. Sometimes silver-gray bones appeared under the cloak, looking cooler than before.

It seemed that Epic grade was the extreme level he could reach at present. If he kept going up, although he had upgrading methods, he couldn't have acquired the materials; some materials were even out of reach of human society.

So, his current focus was on cultivating Da Zi. Moreover, recently Gao Peng noticed something strange.

When Da Zi was at Level 9 Normal grade, the requirement for upgrading to Perfect grade was to grind Silverleaf into powder, blend it with water, and take it for a week; then have one Commander Electric Monster Core Crystal.

Now that Da Zi had reached Level 14 Elite level, the requirement became drinking Silverleaf potion for two weeks, then having one Commander Electric Monster Core Crystal.

As monster level goes up, will it require a material increase, too?

Gao Peng was astonished. But after considering for a while he figured out. It was the quantity of materials that increased; the variety of materials remained unchanged. It was equivalent to having meals. Suppose a kid needed one pound of rice to be adequately fed; then an adult needed ten pounds of rice to be full.

Then I need to take these into consideration for future monster breeding.

I can't have my cake and eat it too. I can suppress Familiar levels to control material consumption. But a Familiar's combat power will be greatly affected if its level remains unchanged.

How to balance the two parts and make both work, all depends on myself.

"Uncle Gao." Liu Zhaoyu looked timidly at Dumby. She witnessed Dumby's previous real appearance when it came out, and she also saw how this big guy put its dark cloak on.

She was about to be suffocated by the scary scene she would probably not be able to forget it in the next several months.

"Don't call me Uncle Gao, we are at similar age; I'm not used to it," said Gao Peng.

"Oh," Liu Zhaoyu nodded sensibly.

"You can call me Mr. Gao, or Master Gao," Gao Peng added.



"As usual, you know how I charge. You pay first. Your Familiar is an Elite Normal Mint Cat. According to my fee scale, it will be 60 points. Thanks for your patronage."

After receiving the fee, Gao Peng called the Mint Cat, which was waiting beside Liu Zhaoyu's foot. "Come here~"

The big white cat stared at Gao Peng alertly, frozen in place like a sculpture.

It hesitated for a while, and finally moved towards Gao Peng tentatively.

"For the sake of your father, your Mint Cat's upgrading material fee is on me," Gao Peng told Liu Zhaoyu sincerely, with a "I'm very kind" look.

Liu Zhaoyu appreciated him gratefully.

Gao Peng estimated the material cost. It took less than 2 credits for the Mint Cat to upgrade.

As for the rest of the 52 credits, those were pure profit, since he needed to share a 10% bonus with the studio.


An accident came when the Mint Cat took the materials. One step required medicinal bathing; after Gao Peng prepared everything, the Mint Cat would rather have been dead than be dipped in water.

Its hair bristled, and it hid in the corner goggling at Gao Peng alertly, like a king glaring at a traitor.

It meowed angrily, threatening Gao Peng.


Gao Peng didn't know whether to cry or laugh. He pointed at the Mint Cat. "Are you coming over or not?"

"Meow!" the Mint Cat didn't move.

"Alright, Dumby, go catch it." Gao Peng instructed Dumby, who stood still behind him.

Dumby obeyed the command. To it, there was no right or wrong. It only followed Gao Peng's instruction.

The master's words were the truth.

The Mint Cat jumped up to the wall behind it, its sharp claws reaching out. It easily hooked the wall. In a blink of an eye it got on the top of the ceiling, then turned back gracefully, its two legs thrust on the wall.


Dumby correctly pinched it.

The Mint Cat seemed not to realize its situation, even after it was held in Dumby's hand, and its four short legs slipped, inert.

Finally when it realized that it was caught, it gave up struggling, and lay in Dumby's hand hopelessly. Dumby's palm was quite big, big enough to hold the Mint Cat in one hand.

Later, Dumby followed Gao Peng's order, and threw the Mint Cat into the medicinal bathing water, banging shut the bathtub cover.

The Mint Cat weakly pulled in the water. After being drowned in the water, its bones seemed to be melted, its hair was floating everywhere in the bathtub, and it looked like a hairy meatball.

Since there was a hole on the bathtub cover, Gao Peng didn't worry about suffocating the naughty cat.

About half an hour later, Gao Peng uncovered the bathtub. The quietly bathing cat suddenly screamed, and zoomed to Gao Peng. Only a white brushing shadow was left in the air.


The Mint Cat slammed on the wall.

Dumby whipped it away.

The cat stuck on the wall like a wall sticker, then gradually fell down...

Dumby stood quietly behind Gao Peng, just like a Mighty Miracle God. The black cloak was held up by its huge skeleton, and waved in the air without wind.

Gao Peng glanced at the Mint Cat's status bar. It showed that the cat had upgraded to Excellent grade.

Mission completed. Gao Peg opened the door of Monster Breeding Room, inviting Liu Zhaoyu to come in get her cat.

This must have been the worst tempered Familiar he had ever helped! The cat dared to hurt him.

Liu Zhaoyu went into the room. The Mint Cat had been hiding at the corner. Seeing its master come, it jumped into her arms, rubbing her chest with its head.

"Uh, your nose is bleeding." Liu Zhaoyu patted the Mint Cat's nose distressingly. There were some fresh blood spots.

"It is heaty," Gao Peng explained.

"Heaty?" Liu Zhaoyu repeated, confused.

"Right. The tonic is too strong and effective for your weak cat. Its body can't receive so much nutrition at one time, that's why its nose bleeds." After Liu Zhaoyu left the room, Gao Peng calmly wiped out the blood spots on the wall.

He stretched himself. At that moment, Gao Peng's phone rang. It was Liu Senlin calling for in appreciation.

Gao Peng received his appreciation calmly and said it was nothing. After the last meeting, Gao Peng didn't change his attitude towards Liu Senlin, but he had some bad feelings about him.

Better to keep some things as secrets.