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50 Fighting for Epic

 Seeing Liu Senlin get stuck in a dilemma, many people present came to comfort him.

Then the crowd sat together chitchatting. Actually, these "strong hunters" in others' eyes were not as tough and cold as people thought. They were also common people with feelings. The difference might be that, they were able to solve some "big and challenging" things within a meal through minutes of chatting.

When the gathering came to the end, some people left early for other activities.

Some female hunters stayed together discussing something on their way out of the villa.

At last, there was only Liu Senlin and Tianxing Hunting Team captain, Jiang Gu.

Previously during the meal, the person whose comments were the most trenchant were his.

"He is just a kid, why bother?" Jiang Gu was confused. He owed Liu Senlin before, this time he was doing Liu Senlin a favor as payback. Liu Senlin asked him to object to Gao Peng a bit; better piss Gao Peng off.

Liu Senlin replied with a smile, "Well, next time we can have dinner and some nice conversations together with him. You can ask him to take a look at your Familiars."

Jiang Gu frowned, stepped back and said in a cold tone, "No, don't bother. I did so for returning the favor. Don't worry; I won't say a word about today. You helped me once, and I just paid you back. Now we are quits. Bye."

He turned around and walked away directly. He had no more words with this astute old fox.

He was unwilling to work with him. It was too exhausting to deal with a person like Liu Senlin. Watching Jiang Gu leave, Liu Senlin smiled.

He paid the bill, then left the garden club.

Sitting in the car, he took out his phone and called Gao Peng.

Gao Peng had just arrived home. Da Zi was excited to come back. It crawled around the house, sometimes slightly raising its antennae, shaking from left to right. Everything looked new to it.

The phone rang at the same time. As Gao Peng took out his phone, Liu Senlin's name appeared on the screen.

He was not going to answer the call, and pretended not to hear it.

But he thought for a second, and felt that ignoring the call was childish, so he finally answered it.

From the other side of the phone came Liu Senlin's apology. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Gao. What happened today was all on me. I should have told you their identities beforehand. I never thought that they would behave so rudely today."

"Don't worry. It won't drive me mad," Gao Peng replied indifferently.

"Trust me, Mr. Gao; since they dared to offend you, they offended me, too. From now on I..."

"Du, du, du..." the busy signal came into Liu Senlin's ear. He slowly put down the phone, looking confused. Then he felt that Gao Peng was behaving childishly.

Humans know ghosts' horrors; ghosts know humans' viciousness... Gao Peng gave a deep look, and curled his lip with a faint smile.

In his status bar, he observed not only a monsters' status, but a human's as well. Humans' statuses were alike, and not worth mentioning.

At the time that Gao Peng was blamed by the others, he had noticed that Liu Senlin's status was healthy (secretly pleased).

On the contrary was Jiang Gu, the harshest; his status was healthy (guilty).

What was Liu pleased with? What was Jiang feeling guilty about?

Gao Peng smiled faintly. To be honest, sometimes he'd rather not to see the others' statuses.

For the more he read, the more tired he felt.

But sometimes it was fun to read the status bar, for monsters had simple emotions, while only humans had varied feelings.

He hung up the phone, and put it on the tea table.

He threw this aside quickly. Humans in this world could not be simply divided as "black" and "white."

There was no absolute "white," nor absolute "black."

The most common thing was "gray," the combination.

Gao Peng huddled himself up, cuddling a pillow, and turned on the TV.

It was eight p.m., and most channels were displaying Coalition News.

A big event, which was related to the whole coalition, was on the news.

"United Dragons Group's BlueMagic Monster Familiar Gene Enhancement Serum was exposed to have strong side effects. Many malignant mutations are found in Japan after Familiars take BlueMagic Monster Familiar Gene Enhancement Serum. United Dragons Group announced that it will recall BlueMagic Monster Familiar Gene Enhancement Serum worldwide. Meanwhile, customers who have bought this product can return it in United Dragons Franchise House and get a full refund back without service charge.

"At present, scientists from many countries declare that this gene enhancement is uncontrollable, and the public should face this gene enhancement serum positively and actively. Coalition News reported."

In the screen, a ten-meter long Taupe Rock Python was rolling on the ground, showering in blood, while new wounds broke here and there.

It gradually slowed down, and finally it lay on the ground quietly.

In Gao Peng's eyes, its status had changed to Medium Injured (Blood Deterioration).

The picture shifted into another piece of news.

"The first Yangcheng City Dog King Competence contest closed successfully yesterday. Participants in this competition came from Yangcheng, Rongcheng and Pengcheng. Twenty-one year old genius Monster Breeder Han Ning won the championship as the first Yangcheng Dog King. As reported, Hang Ning is still a college student, he is currently a junior student in Yangcheng Institute of Technology..."

On the screen, a young man in a black and white combat suit was standing on the podium, cold faced. Lying next to him was a 32-foot long, 16-foot tall silver large breed dog, its hair glistening like a silver waterfall, its huge body offering great pressure.

[Monster Name]: Starry-Fall Dog

[Monster Level] Level 39 (Commander)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect


He was 21 years old, which meant that he was probably one of the first Monster Trainers who signed the Blood Contract.

Within only three years, he had trained his Familiar to Commander level, as well as Perfect in grade. He must be one of the top monster trainers.

Gao Peng looked at the triumphant Starry-Fall Dog, then turned to his Da Zi and Dumby.

He still had a long, tough way to go. But, it wouldn't take too long.

Deep in Gao Peng's heart, emotion was surging fervently, like boiling water. Weekend, studio, cultivation room. It was a special day, for Dumby was going to upgrade to Epic grade.

Gao Peng held a black Ghoul Elite Monster Core Crystal in hand. Dumby stood in front of him, flames burning ragingly in its eyes. It was eager to eat this Monster Core Crystal. But without the master's order, it dared not to step forward. So it stood still like a spire, flames blazing more heavily in its eyes.

It stared at its master grinding the Monster Core Crystal into the grinder, then pouring out the powder into the ready-made potion.

Guru guru--

As ground black core crystal went into the potion, a large number of bubbles rose to the surface...

Outside the studio, the elevator opened, and several people walked out. The one walking in front was Liu Zhaoyu in a floral plaid skirt. A Mint Cat followed her.

Behind her were two girls her age, looking around curiously.