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48 Application

 Gao Peng was stunned. He had no idea what made Lotus Seed so angry.

According to his experience, Lotus Seed was a good-tempered girl.

The Hairless Blood Hyena's body pieces were everywhere, and dark red blood permeated through cement floor, leaving a large pinky-gray spot on the ground.

Lotus Seed was walking back and forth anxiously. Tiny scratches were found on its face, where scabs had formed.

Many onlookers stepped back. What happened just now was too threatening, and they were scared by the big guy's cruel actions.

It would be too bad to be hurt by mistake. Lotus Seed's huge body was dreadful in the crowd's eyes.

"Lotus Seed." Mu Tieying walked close, worriedly.

Next to them, the instructor was about to warn her. Mu Tieying waved her hand with a smile, letting him know not to worry about her.

Seeing the master come, Lotus Seed immediately came to Mu Tieying. Its big head gently pushed her, grunting adorably.

"It's alright, don't worry." Mu Tieting patted Lotus Seed's head, feeling sorry for her Familiar.

Gao Peng came close at this moment. Seeing a stranger come close, Lotus Seed watched that person, alerted; then it seemed to recognize Gao Peng, so it relaxed vigilance a little bit, wrinkled its nose twice, and ignored Gao Peng.

"Would you like me to contact a veterinarian? I know some good private veterinarians." Gao Peng glanced at Lotus Seed. He couldn't see any scars on its skin, and didn't know what made it so angry.

Gang Peng was quite sensible. He didn't ask where exactly Lotus Seed was hurt. Anyway, it must have been a terrible injury, otherwise this well-behaved good-tempered Familiar would not have been driven mad like this.

"No, thank you. My relative is a veterinarian." Mu Tieying shook her head and thanked Gao Peng. Her family had a high social status, and knew some private doctors. Otherwise she couldn't afford a big eater like Lotus Seed.

"Good," Gao Peng nodded. Due to his studio, he did business with some private veterinarians, and after several times of cooperation, he was familiar with them.

There were still some onlookers surrounding the spot. The instructor shouted out loud, "What the hell are you looking at! Have you finished today's training and Familiar Challenge? Stop poking your noses into everything, and get your *sses out of here! Back to your training!"

In the afternoon after training was completed, most Monster Trainer cadets went back home. Only a few were left on the training field for extra practice.

Familiars were led by their masters, they left school the gate one after another. It was spectacular to see that every student was followed by a Familiar. Those monsters had various appearances, but all walked quietly. After all, they had been training for a whole afternoon, and at present they were all exhausted...

The old doorman was used to this. No matter how many Familiars walked by him, he would not be swayed at all.

Those were just Familiars the old doorman had seen numerous times.

A booty-shaking Big White Pig passed by the old doorman. Right when it passed the guardroom, it licked the old man hard on his face with its huge tongue. The licking sound was clear and loud. The big red tongue went across the old man's face. Sticky semi-transparent liquid slowly dropped off from his face...

The Big White Pig took back its tongue, leaving the school gate with its hips shaking leisurely.

The old doorman came back to the guardroom without saying anything. He wiped off the "unidentified" liquid, then closed the door and window and locked himself in the guardroom, enjoying tea alone in silence.

On the other side of school, Gao Peng led Da Zi to the academic building, then tied it on a tree next to the building.

It was still class time; the walkway was quiet, only some sounds came from nearby classrooms.

"How many times have I explained this? How many times? Why is someone still making mistakes! What is in your head, tofukasu?"

"Close your textbooks and take out your dictation books. Don't cheat! You are not cheating me, you are cheating yourselves! In the College Entrance Exams, you can not cheat those monitors..."

Familiar sounds came into Gao Peng's ears.

Knock knock knock.

"Come in."

Murong Qiuye was checking students' homework. She raised her head, and was a little astonished by seeing Gao Peng in front of her. "Your afternoon training is finished, isn't it?"

"Yes, I just finished my training, and came to you right after that," Gao Peng smiled.

"OK. What are you here for?" Murong Qiuye knew well about Gao Peng. He wouldn't come to her if there were nothing important.

"Ms. Murong, I want to apply for this year's college entrance exam." Gao Peng came right to the point.

Murong Qiuye frowned. "You've got to be kidding!"

Her first thought was that Gao Peng was joking.

Gao Peng showed an apologetic look. "Ms. Murong, I'm only at Senior Two. I will take this exam as a warming-up practice, and get to know the exam beforehand. If I get a good grade, I will graduate this year, but if not, I will stay down for one more year, no big deal."

Murong Qiuye thought in silence. She was not an old fogey, but according to her teaching experience, only few students participated in college entrance exams at Senior Two, and those students were usually freshmen that skipped to Senior Three.

But Gao Peng was an exception. He had really good grades. The only thing that he needed to be concerned about was this year's Monster Trainer Cadet Evaluation.

Then Murong Qiuye realized that the Monster Trainer Cadet Evaluation was a newborn policy, which was set this year. There was no similar policy in the past. Therefore, actually there should be no big gap between cadets at Senior Two and Senior Three.

And, just as Gao Peng mentioned, if he wasn't able to pass the exam, he could stay down for another year.

Gao Peng would never know how many thoughts flashed across his headmaster's head within such a short time. In his eyes, she was just sitting behind the table in silence...

"Are you sure?" Murng Qiuye raised her head and asked seriously.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure," Gao Peng nodded.

There was nothing worth learning in high school. Besides, he had few friends there. It would be tough for him to stay there for one more year.

Since he lost his parents, Gao Peng was more mature than his peers. It was a good and a bad thing.

The situation in college might be no better than high-school life, but since only three years had past since the Cataclysm, people were still seeking a way out. No perfect system had been established yet. It would be possible to find that a student's Familiar was stronger than a teacher's.

But what really attracted Gao Peng was the open, free atmosphere in college.

After all, to a high school student, college life was bright and happy.

Murong Qiuye didn't reply Gao Peng at once. She pondered for a long while, and finally nodded slowly. "I will report this to our grade director. We need to report to school about specific implementations, but there should be no big problem."

"Thank you so much, Ms. Murong." Gao Peng appreciated her help.

"Well, how about you go back first. Class will be over soon, so don't bother the other students. They still have night study." Murong Qiuye waved her hand and let Gao Peng leave as quickly as possible.