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47 Angry Lotus Seed

 Munch, crunch -

It was as though chewing the chameleon was pickled vegetables; crispy and delicious.

The teenager grunted. His Familiar had just been eaten, causing damage to his soul.

A giant, semi-transparent chameleon appeared on the wall. It was squinting at them as it swayed forward, backward, left, right...

In some ways, all these monsters had a twisted sense of humor, some of which they inherited as well.

Without hesitation, the green-haired youth planted his left foot solidly on the ground, flipped around the dagger in his hand and viciously thrust it towards Uncle Liu.

Uncle Liu calmly retreated a step, sliding his left foot backwards. Then he grabbed out with his right hand like a python striking its prey. Green-hair felt as though a python had wrapped itself around his right arm so tightly that his arm would break. He let out a scream of pain and dropped the dagger as he fell to his knees.

At the same time, the chameleon's tongue shot out again. This time, a porcupine-like Familiar was swallowed up. The third brother wailed in pain, suffering severe damage from the death of his Familiar.

"Bullet Rat, kill him!" shouted Green-hair viciously, with tears and mucus flowing from his eyes and nose.

On the ground beside them was a grey rat the size of a football. Its eyes turned red as it squeaked and the row of dense rat-hairs on its back clumped together, forming a sharp needle!


All that could be seen was a grey blur zooming across the room as the hair on the back of the rat came off and flew forward. They grey rat-hair needle landed on Uncle Liu's shoulder, piercing a hole through his shirt.

A small ripple appeared on the back of the chameleon who was quietly perched on the wall. A dent appeared on the surface of its skin. But within a blink of an eye, its skin was restored back to normal.

Uncle Liu shrugged his shoulders. A few strands of rat hair were shaken off.

"That bald rat of yours was sneaky," Uncle Liu laughed while shaking his head.

There were bald patches on the Bullet Rat's back. Performing such an ability evidently was harmful to its hair, as plenty of it had already come off. Although it had mutated to grow back its hair quickly, the rate of regrowth naturally could not keep up with the pace of a battle.

"How are you not injured?" Green-hair could not believe his eyes as he stared at the rat-hairs that Uncle Liu shrugged off.

He had tested out this ability before. The rat-hairs could penetrate solid wood at least a centimeter thick, there was no way this guy's skin could be tougher than a wooden board!

Unless he was wearing a bulletproof vest?

That would be crazy! Who would be wearing a bulletproof vest in the middle of the night?!

"Alright, alright," Uncle Liu waved his hand and said, "After going to hell, please help me keep this secret. You must not tell anyone that I killed you guys, ok?"

The moment he finished speaking, the quiet and unmoving chameleon on the wall suddenly leapt out like a vicious green dragon from the woods leaping out at its prey.


The previous night, after bringing back the Yin cedar needles, Gao Peng secretly placed them into the refrigerator drawer without Dumby noticing.

Dumby habitually opened the refrigerator drawer. The moment Dumby opened it, Dumby saw rows and rows of neatly packed Yin cedar needles...

The refrigerator really did produce food!

Dumby was extremely excited.

It placed the Yin cedar needles in a metal bowl, then positioned a trash bin under its jaw and began happily eating, just like it was chewing on sugarcane. The dregs came out from the holes in Dumby's jaw and fell nicely into the trash bin.

During practical training classes in the afternoon, Instructor Zhang Bairen calmly pointed to a little thing in the cage. "This will be the monster you all will be challenging today."

[Monster Name]: Mutant Waterbear

[Monster Level]: 12 (Elite tier)

[Monster Grade]: Normal

[Monster Condition]: Healthy (Lazy)

[Special Characteristic]: Cryptobiosis (After entering cryptobiosis the Mutant Water Bear's metabolic rate will fall to extremely low levels and will curl up on the spot, remaining motionless. At the same time, all resistances will be increased greatly)

Monster Weakness]: 1. Fire 2. Rapid loss of water leading to death via dehydration 3. Being cut into pieces will result in death

Quietly lying in the cage was a greyish brown monster that looked extremely strange. It looked as though it was covered by a bodysuit of leather, and it had no eyes on its head, just a long, thin mouthpiece. It was happily rolling around in the center of the cage.

This was the first time Gao Peng had seen a monster with a "Special Characteristic" stat.

It seems that not all life forms had special characteristics; only rare, special monsters possessed them.

Gao Peng had heard of water bears before. They already existed before the cataclysm and were known to be the most resilient form of life on earth. Even a cockroach's life force could not be compared to that of a water bear.

After all, water bears were extremely resilient and have been known to survive outer space, radiation, temperatures of below 200 degrees Celsius, microwaves, and all sorts of other extreme conditions.

After the cataclysm, the resilience of their life force rose to another level.

Gao Peng was slightly swayed by the resilience of the Mutant Water Bear's life force. It even possessed extremely high resistance to various kinds of rare attributes.

But this special characteristic also had a large drawback, because it became immobile upon activation of cryptobiosis. This was something that could easily be exploited by enemies.

During the training session, the five Familiars took turns attacking the Mutant Water Bear. But no matter what they did, it still remained unscathed. It was practically immune to Da Zi's venom and its thick, heavy body covering was highly resistant to any form of physical damage.

Gao Peng wondered if he should try to contract a Mutant Water Bear.

But after a bit of thought, he decided against it. If a Mutant Water Bear were to encounter a type of attack specific to its weakness, it would suddenly become extremely weak. Gao Peng had to, regrettably, reject the notion of contracting a Mutant Water Bear Familiar.

Gao Peng already had a rough idea of what he wanted for his third Familiar. He would either choose a Familiar capable of long-range attacks to make up for what his existing team lacked; a Familiar with high defensive capabilities; or a flying Familiar. If he could find a suitable healing-type Familiar, that would not be a bad choice either.

For the next few days, the instructor found them all sorts of different monsters to battle, but they all had one thing in common: high poison resistance.

Gao Peng did not know what to say. You're really putting in a lot of effort to train the close combat capabilities of my Da Zi...

The practical training that went on every afternoon was much more enriching than simply training on their own. There was also practically no chance of any fatal injury occurring, because the instructor always brought along his Silver Moon Wolf and kept a watchful eye on the whole process.

That day, after finishing Da Zi's training, a low angry roar rang throughout the entire training ground. The roar was filled with unprecedented rage.

It sounded like Lotus Seed.

Gao Peng got up and looked over. There were already the surprised sounds of students screaming coming from that direction.

Many people had gathered to look.

Boom -

Boom -

The metal cage gave off a dull booming sound and looked to be rocking with every hit.

A six-and-a-half foot long Hairless Blood Hyena was being pinned to the top edge of the cage by Lotus Seed. Its single, sharp horn was like a long spear, piercing through the insides of the hyena.

Dong dong dong dong.

The Hairless Blood Hyena's bones were practically being shattered.

Its flesh was being stripped off. Blood and pieces of flesh were flying about.

It desperately bit onto Lotus Seed's face, leaving bloody scratch wounds.

Lotus Seed's roars were getting louder and wilder.

With a final ram, a huge sound erupted as one side of the cage was forcefully battered down!

Lotus Seed flung its head upwards, flinging the Hairless Blood Hyena high into the air like a rag doll.

Lotus Seed raised its two front hooves, which were as huge as two pillars, and sent them crashing down!

It was like a landslide.


The Hairless Blood Hyena was stomped on, bursting in to pieces!

In the training grounds, all that could be heard was the sound of Lotus Seed's heavy breathing. It was as though a powerful engine had just stopped running, releasing waves of heat outwards...