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45 No, You Can’t! Happy April Fool’s

 The Hairless Blood Hyena quietly lay on the ground. On its left hind leg was a large puncture wound. It was almost deep enough that the bone was visible.

With such a bad leg injury, the others naturally saw the Hairless Blood Hyena as a soft persimmon. One naturally picks soft persimmons to pinch.

But Gao Peng saw it differently. As the saying goes, a dog that bites does not bark.

This Blood Hyena had suffered such a severe injury but was making no sound at all. There was no telling how maniacal and desperate it was on the inside. Furthermore, it was also of epic grade. If it really fought with its life on the line, it would not be any weaker than the Steel Bristled Boar.

Most importantly, the Hairless Blood Hyena also possessed a certain level of poison resistance.

"Let me be the first to take up the challenge then," Gao Peng stepped forward and said. He was actually afraid that the instructor would be convinced by this bunch to let them challenge the Hairless Blood Hyena.

The steel cage opened with a clanging sound. The Steel Bristled Boar that had been madly crashing against the steel wires suddenly stopped. Its breathing was rough as its tiny blood-red eyes stared at the opening cage door, and at Da Zi who was entering the cage.

The Steel Bristled Boar was already in a state of panic after being captured by humans. Right now, they had even introduced such a deadly monster into its small cage. This caused all its senses to be on high alert, and finally triggered a violent rage.

Snort~ Roar! It let out a deep roar from its throat. Its four limbs trampled on the ground as it charged towards Da Zi in a mad rush.

It was like a meat tank, with sharp bristles sticking out of it like blades on a war chariot.

Its speed was extremely quick as well. As it charged, it created a nasty wind, sending a strong, foul smell into the air.

Just as it was about to trample Da Zi's back, Da Zi suddenly pulled itself backwards, arching like a bow and avoiding the incoming hoof by mere millimeters.

Da Zi's many limbs bent inwards and suddenly sprang out, sending it 10 feet high in the blink of an eye. Da Zi landed on the Steel Bristled Boar's back and latched on, sinking its sharp, hook-like legs deep into the Steel Bristled Boar's fat.

The Steel Bristled Boar could not shake off Da Zi, no matter how hard it struggled.

Da Zi simply grabbed on harder and harder. Its pair of antennae swayed about and created sparks when they accidentally touched each other.

Hiss! Da Zi bit down hard on the area behind the Steel Bristled Boar's head. Its sharp mandibles pierced through the hide on the boar's back and sunk deep into its flesh. Venom was then injected into the boar through its fangs.

Grunt~ snort! The Steel Bristled Boar sensed the danger that it was in and began frantically jumping on the spot. Luckily for it, it made the decision to slam its back against the steel wire with Da Zi on its back.

After being knocked a few times, Da Zi let go dizzily and took the chance to escape from the Steel Bristled Boar's back. Da Zi nimbly climbed up the steel wire to a place that the Steel Bristled Boar's attack could not reach.

In Gao Peng's vision, the Steel Bristled Boar's status went from "mildly injured", to "light injuries," to "medium injuries," then to "serious injuries..."

In the end, its status stopped changing after reaching "serious injuries." At the same time, the "poisoned" status next to its name vanished.

By then, the Steel Bristled Boar was like a tired old person after expending all its energy. It was crawling on the ground with its tongue sticking out, and had eyes that looked as though it had given up on living.

Da Zi saw that its prey had finally lost the ability to fight back, and slowly climbed down the steel wires. Its many legs made a crisp sound on the cement floor.

It was like a grim reaper, walking towards its prey to reap its soul.

"Alright, you have passed today's training," said Instructor Zhang Bairen with a tone of resignation. He was not sure what to say. This monster was supposed to be used to train five students, but it had been incapacitated after just one battle.

Even if that were the case, he still could not help adding in some praise. "This centipede of yours has a powerful venom. Its sense for battle is not bad either.

"But if you wish to train you Familiar's combat abilities, its best that you limit its use of its venom during training, or else it will be hard to improve its combat strength during training. If you happen to encounter a foe that is immune to venom, it will also lose a large portion of its combat strength," Zhang Bairen kindly reminded Gao Peng.

Gao Peng humbly nodded his head, indicating that he heard him.

The other four students' jaws were slack. The Steel Bristled Boar that was charging around the cage like a tyrant was taken down just like that?

Right now, the Steel Bristled Boar in the cage looked extremely feeble. There was even some white foam bubbling from the corner of its mouth.

It seemed as though... they could beat up a drowning pig?

The group of them wore excited looks on their faces.

"I'll go next. I think my Familiar can handle the second round of battle," said the owner of the Yellow-tailed Scorpion.

"Huh; you only have what it takes to beat up a drowning dog."

"That's right, I only know how to beat up your drowning poodle."

The two of them seemed to be at odds with each other and could not stop quarrelling.

The cage was opened again. The Yellow-Tailed Scorpion cautiously crept into the cage. It experimentally prodded Steel Bristled Boar only to find that it gave no reaction. The sharp stinger at the end of its tail waved about, experimentally provoking the boar a few more times before it could relax; this boar was of no threat to it.

It began to viciously attack with its large claws!

The saying "set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the devil" could not be truer.

In the end, the Steel Bristled Boar was poisoned to death by the Yellow-Tailed Scorpion.

The Yellow-Tailed Scorpion went forward and savagely ripped off a chunk of the boar's flesh and began eating.

And then...

It became poisoned.

There were still traces of Da Zi's venom inside the body of the Steel Bristled Boar.

Within the chunk of flesh was a mix of Da Zi's venom and its own venom. After just one bite, the Yellow-Tailed Scorpion became dizzy and began circling around the spot as though it was practicing Tai Chi.

Its owner hid his face in embarrassment.

The Yellow-Tailed Scorpion's tail was stuck between the cages. One of its giant claws was covering its own head and it was hissing loudly, like a little kid that refused to accept a loss.

"Hahahaha, this is killing me," the owner of the Three-Tailed Poodle laughed while clutching his belly. "Look at how powerful your Yellow-Tailed Scorpion is, getting poisoned after eating a piece of meat."

Listening to its owner's laughter, the Three-Tailed Poodle tilted its head and looked towards its owner. Then it turned around to look at the Steel Bristled Boar carcass. Its eyes began to shine...

"Wait, oh d*mn! What are you doing!" the Three-Tailed Poodle's owner shouted angrily in surprise.

"No, you can't, not that! You really can't eat that!"

Zhang Bairen suddenly felt really tired. He looked at the teams of other instructors, and then back at his own.

To deal with situations such as today's, in order to create and maintain a positive situation, Zhang Bairen closed his eyes, and thought of an idea...