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44 Training in Cage

 "Alright, after you make your decisions, you have to be responsible for your Familiars. I hope you persist in your choices."

On the first day of training, a military instructor came to pass on his experiences.

The instructor looked young and energetic in his dark-green military uniform. He walked fast, with a bag in his hand.

He put the bag on a table, then took out several wooden sculptures.

"Today I'm going to demonstrate how to maximize power," the Instructor said concisely.

"Different Familiars have different ways of attack, but generally they are similar. For example, many of them use teeth, tail, legs or horns to attack."

As he said this, the instructor suddenly stretched his right hand, and his four fingers closed together like a knife.


His hand split the wooden sculpture!

Students were shocked; why did this teacher perform without warning?

The instructor calmly took back his right hand, then opened a Powerpoint in his laptop. "That is an example. I attacked from the right angle with a good timing; that's how I broke a wooden sculpture with my hand."

"Sir, did you break this wooden sculpture when it was distracted?" Tan Qianjin asked subconsciously.

Students waited in silence. The instructor raised his dark eyebrow. "Yes, I hit it when it was distracted. You can also let your Familiars attack enemies secretly; all is fair is war."

Then the instructor continued his demonstration. He did have something: breaking wooden sculptures with a bare hand was as easy as hitting firebricks empty-handed.

The Powerpoint contained much information, which covered the majority of battle knowledge. It demonstrated dos and don'ts for attacks, how to defend an enemy's attacks, as well as maximizing a Familiar's attack force.

The only problem was he conveyed too much knowledge at one time; students needed a while to truly obtain these things.

Gao Peng sat enthralled during the lesson. There were a lot of things he could never seen from textbooks. He also realized some problems he currently had. This lesson gave him some new insights.

After class, Mu Tieying came in with Lotus Seed.

Lotus Seed followed closely after Mu Tieying. Its head shook from left to right, but it was not as shy as before. At least it could look at people with its head up.

"Hey, this is for you," Mu Tieying said and handed Gao Peng a thick notebook. He exchanged it with a blue-cover notebook.

He opened the notebook and looked through the notes, glancing over the key points.

To defense-type Familiars, unless your Familiar was one of the strongest defenders in the world, iron will was always the more important thing than physical defense...

The notes also introduced some examples of how to defend, by defense-type Familiars' advantages.

Gao Peng was satisfied. He thanked Mu Tieying, saying, "Thank you so much."

"You are welcome. We are helping each other," Mu Tieying waved the blue notebook in her hand.

In the afternoon, it was practical training time. Goggling at trucks of monsters, Gao Peng sighed in his heart. This is going to cost a lot.

He didn't know how much money and effort would it cost to take care of these monsters.

Monsters were taken down, then locked in special-made steel wire cages. The average steel wire cage was 50 meters wide, 50 meters long and 50 meters high.

There were around 200 cages like this on the training field; each had a monster inside. These monsters remained untamed, and kept walking back and forth in their cages anxiously, often roaring in low tone and glaring at creatures outside the cage.

"Are these monsters going to fight with our Familiars?" A plump tall guy who stood not far from Gao Peng was excited and eager to fight. He confidently glanced at his Three-Tailed Poodle. "My Poodle is the strongest, it can smash these monsters without a doubt."

"Your Poodle only looks threatening. Once it is in the battlefield, it will tremble with fear. My Yellow-Tailed Scorpion King is a real fighter." A man was also proud of his Familiar. He patted gently at his yellow-crusted scorpion, which had a three-foot body and a six-and-a-half foot tail.

"Bullshit. This is just a normal Yellow-Tailed Scorpion. You titled it King yourself, didn't you?" the previous guy scorned.

"I didn't title it myself! How can you predict a Familiar's evolution? My scorpion will become a Yellow-Tailed Scorpion King for sure!"

Seeing limb-tied and mouth-muzzled monsters moved off from trucks, students chatted excitedly. The training field was bustling.

"Five people to a group. Your practical training will start soon." At this time, the instructor's voice came.

After being re-grouped, the instructor who was in charge of Gao Peng's group was Zhang Renbai. He also took care of the other cages around.

"Any volunteer?" Asked Zhang Renbai.

When the battle time truly came, students suddenly became muted. Nobody dared to praise their Familiar like they used to.

"I hope you can actively participate. After all, the first battle brings the best practice. After several battles, the monsters in the cages will not be in the same good condition as they are right now, and the effect will be greatly reduced. I hope you catch the chance."

It did make sense. But goggling at the Steel Spiny Boar, which was six-and-a-half feet high, 10 feet long, and colliding right and left like a tank; no one dared to send their Familiars to their deaths.

The Steel Spiny Boar crashed the cage insanely, making louder noises.

Its bloodshot eyes filled with ferocity, puffing hard.

It kept crashing the cage as if it would never be tired. Black spines stood out in spikes like iron needles.

"Sir, can we change monsters?" a student hesitated, pointing at another cage next to him. In that cage stood a blood-red hyena, looking like its skin was peeled, its strong bare muscles exposed in the air.

It might as well have escaped from a zoo.

Although it looked scary, its size was not very big, only six-and-a-half feet long and three feet tall. Compared with many Familiars, it didn't have may advantages, except a threatening appearance.

[Monster Name]: Steel Spiny Boar

[Monster Level]: Level 9

[Monster Grade]: Normal

[Monster Condition]: Mildly Injured (threatened)


[Monster Name]: Hairless Blood Hyena

[Monster Level]: Level 10

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Condition]: Moderately Injured (Alert)

Unexpectedly, that ugly hyena was an Excellent monster.

In addition, it was an injured fierce beast.

Unlike the Steel Spiny Boar, the Hairless Blood Hyena lay in the center of the cage quietly, licking its wounds.