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42 Elite Purple-Backed Thunder Centipede

 As for staying to save people for friendship; that was bullsh*t. No one had spare effort to take care of other people. Running faster than the others was the vital goal.

The female spider slowly crawled forward. Although she looked slow, her speed was actually quite fast.

It was like Whack-A-Mole; every time her legs raised high then fell down hard, gray shadows flashed in the air.

Familiars under her, embarrassed, avoided her attacks. Some unlucky Familiars were stung through, hanging on the giant spider legs like strings of candied hawthorne.


Outside the Dark Ember Forest, a green shadow flew from afar.

"The mission was completed quicker than I thought," The government officer smiled.

But the military bass hat by his side showed a totally different look. He frowned tight, staring at the coming Four-Winged Jade Devil Mantis. Then he suddenly realized something and immediately changed expression.

He waved his arm forward, and commanded out loud, "On your positions, prepare to fight!"

Riding on the Four-Winged Jade Devil Mantis, Liu Senlin saw cannons were aiming at him and felt his heart was about to jump out. He immediately raised hands over his head, shouting, "Don't shoot, Don't shoot, I'm on your side!"

The cold cannons held fire. The Four-Winged Jade Devil Mantis landed from the sky in front of the crowd. Liu Senlin's legs were still trembling; he didn't know whether he was scared of the female spider, the cannons, or both.

"That thing in the lair is not a female spider; no, the female spider is evolving. It is completely a female attacker!" Liu Senlin talked incoherently. He was too anxious.

"Take your time. Have some water first." The bass hat came and handed Liu Senlin a bottle of water.

Liu Senlin swigged from the bottle, finally recovered from the shock and calmed down a little bit. Then he explained the whole situation.

After hearing Liu Senlin's account, those present showed different expressions.

The bass hat glanced at the government officer coldly and said, "This is your research conclusion from your governmental lab; a female spider with 'low fighting capacity.'"

The government officer looked awkward, and didn't know how to reply. This accident was indeed on the government's hands.

"Does your government know that we were sent here to die? He said in a low voice. "The information was completely wrong!" His heart was bleeding. It's going to be a big loss, I don't know how many of my men can make it. Pension and loss will be an astronomical figure.

Only he escaped; how many else could survive, too?

"There they are, we have some people back." A soldier pointed at the forest, where some shadows were flying to them.

"Where is the Spider King?" The bass hat looked behind them. He didn't see the Spider King.

"No idea. Seems that it has chased after the others. We took different escape routes after getting out," someone replied, still in great shock. His words conveyed some rejoicing, but later he realized such tone was not proper, so he remained silent.

"Did they walk towards our direction?"


People fell into silence again. They were ready to have a tough fight, but the Spider King didn't come to them. They were not sure whether to celebrate or mourn.

If I could know beforehand that this Spider King is evolving to Commander... The bass hat pursed his lips without saying anything. He was regretful.

He would definitely not bring only this amount of people.

After all, a Commander Familiar could greatly enhance the Chang'an Military force!

"No need to worry about the rest. Lord of the Dark Ember will never let it go. Two tigers could never get along well in the same mountain, unless they had different genders. The Spider King and the Black King Kong are not even the same species. If it was a Commander monster, it would be another story. But this Spider King is only a semi-Commander; it will probably be eaten by Lord of the Dark Ember in the end."

His words were somewhat regrettable.

If he could bring the Spider King back to military region, it would be an excellent force.

However, this Spider King's evolution was interrupted, or rather say, it failed. So it became valueless.


"Smash!" The wood pile in front of them blew up with debris flying everywhere. Da Zi's upper body tightly caught the ground, while its lower body swiped like a sharp knife.

The wood pile was full of bumps and hollows, and covered with scars.

Gao Peng encouraged: "Well done. Here is your reward." He handed Da Zi some bread worms.

He patted Da Zi's head, thinking about something else. It is not difficult to upgrade from Normal to Elite.

As long as the monster itself is not untalented, with hard work, it will become an Elite monster sooner or later.

1 to 10 levels belonged to Normal grade, while 11 to 20 levels were Elite.

Instructor Chen walked around the playground and checked randomly. Seeing him approaching, lazy students immediately woke up, pretending to be concentrating.

Actually, Instructor Chen knew about students' behaviors, whether they were focusing on training or not. Training required the Familiar trainer and the Familiar working together, in order to stimulate the Familiar and enhance the effect.

Some people didn't have even one drop of sweat on their forehead, for they only activated their Familiars when the instructor passed by. Their Familiars were stunned, knowing nothing about what was going on.

They didn't have enough time to react.

What happened?

What is my owner doing?

Didn't you allow me to play?!

Ow---wow! The Golden Husky gnashed its teeth in anger. It glared at the man in front of it. How dare you tell on me!

Every time it disobeyed this man's order, he would let those bad wolves to bully it!

Feeling flustered and exasperated, the Golden Husky couldn't stand it anymore.

Boe more obedient.

Finally, after three hours, although Da Zi's appearance didn't change much, Gao Peng saw clearly that its grade eventually shifted from Level 10 to Level 11!