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40 Lord of the Dark Ember!

 Hearing the Brutal Gray Devil Spider was afraid of fire, many people present looked at the western team.

This was a women's team. They all wore white fighting suits with ponytails or bobs. They were guided by a tall woman.

Next to them quietly stood their Fire Familiars.

Besides companies and organizations, some combat squads also came to hunt. These squads usually formed by friends or families. Some had clear individual functions, while some teams followed a certain person's Familiars.

One years ago, official Monster Hunting Alliance was set up. They not only offered individual registration, but group registration as well.

This further guaranteed these combat squads' legality.

People said that in southeastern Huaxia, hundred-people large combat squads already existed.

"Seems that this time, Captain Song is going to win," Liu Senlin smiled submissively.

"You flatter me. Your Devil Mantis is regarded as Forest Killer; I say you will complete this mission first-"

"I believe that you all read the data yesterday. Brutal Gray Devil Spiders hunt a large amount of prey and bring them back to their lair, probably to provide sufficient food for the matrix. Once their matrix has acquired enough food, it will reproduce a tremendous spider tide," a government official interrupted.

"This is a vital mission. I hope everybody tries their best and cooperates well. As long as the mission is completed successfully, you will be rewarded." The official convinced them. The government was afraid that these voluntary organizations fought with each other for mission rewards. They didn't want to see these teams had wasted their energy before the mission was done.

At the edge of the Dark Ember Forest, through gaps among trees, gray spider legs peeped up. But it was had to tell exactly how many spiders there were.

Army's rear fire formation changed direction, aiming at the forest.

A military senior official with a service cap said seriously, "Wish you luck!"

Then he turned to the forest and looked far into it, commanding out loud, "Fire!"

Flames of rage burst forth from cannons all together.

Boom boom boom!

Booms were everywhere. Bombs fired with anger. They flew into the forest, leaving shadows behind.

Brutal Gray Devil Spiders' faint panic screaming spread. It was too late for those monsters to retreat.

As bombs fell to the ground, fierce shock waves and flames engulfed the woods. Scorching air and continuous booming filled the woods. There was screaming and floundering as Brutal Gray Devil Spiders were burned into ashes.

After a round of fire attack, a breach was made at the edge of the Dark Ember Forest, as if the woods were bitten by a giant monster.

The remnant fire burned broken trees. Black dead bodies were lying on the dumpy ground. Miles of forest was destroyed into nothing. Only few surviving spiders were wailing in fear.

This was the power of modern weaponry, that used to be the force for humans ruling the Earth.

"Grrrrr!" An angry shout rented the air like a thunderbolt. Deep in the forest, woods began to shake, trees were broken one after another, and black hair could be vaguely seen in the dark.

The snarl came closer. An invisible pressure threatened everybody. Even the air was frozen!

A car-sized fist suddenly broke the forest's edge, stretching into a ferocious shadow.


The fist pounded on the ground, and people felt the earth shake.

A four-floor-tall Black King Kong craned forward from the forest. Faint semi-concrete golden halos spread from its feet.

Lord Halo! It was a Lord Monster!

There was deathly silence.

Present Familiars which were below Commander level all threw themselves down on the ground and trembled, cowards too scared to pee. Commander Familiars looked a little bit calmer. They barely stood still, and dared not to make any noise.

"This is the Lord of the Dark Ember Forest." Liu Senlin tasted bitterness. How come they disturbed the Lord of this forest?

Bang, bang...

Strong arms propped it up on the ground as the monster slowly approached them, every step it made bringing great pressure.

Its giant body was like a monster from the times of great antiquity, and its face, cloudy and as black as the bottom of a pan, frowned tightly.

It was the first time many people present to met this legendary Lord of the Dark Ember.

No one ever expected that this Lord of the Dark Ember would come out from the deep forest. It was said that the Lord rarely came out from its territory.

Some people began to think of an escape route. Facing a Lord monster, they had no chance to fight back. Even though there were dozens of Commander monsters, plus guns and cannons, they didn't even have a tiny probability of winning. Cannons could not threaten a Lord monster at all.


A bird's screech rang above their heads. The sun was suddenly covered as an enormous shadow appeared. Someone looked above in the sky, seeing a giant golden eagle gleaming in the sky.

"It's Golden Deity!" People were excited. They would be saved.

It was the strongest protector of Huaxia Chang'an military region: the Golden Deity.

The biggest reason for Chang'an to be well protected was the Golden Deity. People said that the Golden Deity was a mutant golden eagle, which was raised and cultivated under good care. After the cataclysm, it fought at the front line, defending mutant monsters.

The Golden Deity's appearance was a big threat to Lord of the Dark Ember. The black King Kong stepped back, roaring with anger, pointing at the messy forest, as if it were hurling a question.

The Golden Deity spiraled in the air, crying coldly.

The Lord of the Dark Ember seemed not willing to reconcile. It stood up and punched its chest, making heavy noises.

The Golden Deity glanced at it with scorn, cried, then flew away.

Lord of the Dark Ember breathed heavily. It glared at the humans with hatred, stamped and roared with rage. At last, it pointed at the Dark Ember Forest, turned around, and disappeared in the woods.

"There are some things we can't help. You have to do it quick, and remember, do not over-destroy the forest. Otherwise, if Lord of the Dark Ember gets pissed off again, you will be in great trouble." The military brass hat narrowed his eyes, watching the Lord leave.

Those present, except for the military, were specialists in Chang'an. They came here with confidence and pride.

But they first went through Lord of the Dark Ember, then met the Golden Deity. Either of them could wipe humans out with a snap. Such experience tore their arrogance apart.

To catch up with the world's top, they still had a long way to go.

Staring at these people's backs, the military bass hat frowned, "We can solve this by ourselves; why let them do it?"

The government officer shook his head. "Long ago, countries in the world detected the upcoming world change, so they prepared in advance. But the world changed in an unexpected, fierce way. We are only one step before them. As time goes by, the gap between the government and non-governmental organizations gets smaller and smaller. What we need to do right now is prepare for our future."