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36 A Gentle Big Guy

 "Your Iron Rhinoceros hasn't grown up yet, has it?" Gao Peng looked the Iron Rhinoceros up and down. This big monster should be in its growth period; otherwise an adult rhinoceros would not be only this big.

The Adult Rhinoceros was regarded as one of the strongest Familiars in the Commander tier.

Its tough and thick skin was as strong as iron board, its huge body could smash every enemy in front of it, and as for its terrifying horn on its head, that thing was definitely not a decoration.

"Yes, Lotus Seed is one year old. It's hard to count monsters' adult ages after the cataclysm happened. But compared with other monsters, she is equivalent to a human's 12 years old." As she said this, Mu Tieying patted the Iron Rhinoceros's skin.

"One year old," Gao Peng nodded.

Da Zi heard the conversation. It immediately stood up and leaned on Gao Peng's shoulder, talking in Gao Peng's mind. "I'm three years old! I'm three years old!"

Hearing its words, Gao Peng smiled. He patted Da Zi's head backhanded. "Yes, I know you are three years old."

Da Zi leaned on its owner's shoulder, looking at this big rhinoceros curiously. This Iron Rhinoceros's big size threatened it. Gao Peng could feel its panic. He gently pinched its antennae to relax it.

He glanced at the Iron Rhinoceros. This big guy could be determined as an Attacker or a Defender; it all depended on how Mu Tieying planned to train it. Or she could do both.

"What type do you expect it to be?"

"A Defender, I think." Mu Tieying gently patted the Iron Rhinoceros's horn. "Lotus Seed is always shy and timid. She used to make way for monsters which were dozens of times smaller than it."

It is so timid. Gao Peng couldn't help but size up this Iron Rhinoceros. Don't judge a rhinoceros by its look.

Being measured unscrupulously by Gao Peng, the Iron Rhinoceros turned, embarrassed. It lowered its head, pushing Mu Tieying lightly.

"Here is my condition. If you think it's not doable, then let's forget about it," Mu Tieying told Gao Peng earnestly.

Gao Peng thought for a while, then asked, "It is gentle now, but what if it is pissed off? Have you ever tried to irritate it to check its aggressivity?"

Mu Tieying looked dazed, thinking for a while. Then apologized with a smile, saying, "Sorry, since my family and I like it a lot, it has never suffered from any severe injury. I'm not sure whether it would be aggressive when angry."

"But she is OK to be a defender now. Perhaps due to the fact that she is slow in sensing pain, she has strong tolerance of pain." Mu Tieying's confidence was gone. Whenever people met her Familiar, they would sigh at how "big and strong" the Iron Rhinoceros was. But only she knew that her Lotus Seed was not suitable to be an Attacker at all. This is not fair to Gao Peng. Mu Tieying sighed, planning to leave.

Standing next to her, Lotus Seed seemed to have sensed its owner's depression. It sobbed gently, and wanted to comfort the owner, but didn't know how. So it could only rub the owner with its big head.

Mu Tieying was amused by its stupid-cute look. She pushed its big head away. "Go play by yourself."

"You said you wanted to be my teammate? Sure; I agree that it's exhausting to communicate with slackers," Gao Peng said behind her.

"What?" Mu Tieying was shocked. This answer was unexpected. She turned around and looked at Gao Peng. Gao Peng shrugged. "It's OK to be gentle. Skills are acquired through training." It's just hard to find gifted Familiars, Gao Peng told himself in his mind.

There were quite a few Familiars at present, but 99% of them were Normal monsters.

There were only a few dozens of Excellent Familiars, while only two of them were at Perfect grade. One was his classmate Chen Hanqiao's Electric Luster Bear, the other was this Iron Rhinoceros.

It was not easy to detect a Familiar's grade. First of all, trainers needed a large amount of samples on this Familiar, then needed to compare that data with the same type of monster samples. Only Gao Peng found it simple, for he only needed to glance at the monster.

Therefore, a lot of new species grades remained undetermined. At the very beginning, when Dumby was born, Director Chen probably labeled it as an ordinary Excellent Familiar.

People might think that monster breeders dealt with rare or high-grade Familiars all the time, but actually this was not true. These Familiars were not common, it was only because of their special identities that they met these Familiars more easily.

"Your Familiar is gifted; you'd better work hard with it. Don't waste its talent." Gao Peng glanced at the Iron Rhinoceros, walked closer.

Seeing a stranger approaching, Lotus Seed shook its head anxiously.

Gao Peng paused, staying two steps away from Lotus Seed. Lotus Seed was a little bit nervous. Then it opened its eyes, looking at Gao Peng curiously, but also timidly.

"Hey, big guy," Gao Peng greeted Lotus Seed.

"Huh~" Lotus Seed moved two steps backward with embarrassment. It had a shrill voice, like a baby acting pettishly. It glanced at Gao Peng, then suddenly turned around and ran away.

"It is too timid, you need to train it hard. I know that you are not willing to see it suffer from any hard work, since you watched it grow. But if you really want it to be an Attacker, spoiling it will only ruin its future, and yours." Gao Peng shook his head. After all, this was not his Familiar, so he should not interfere other people's training. He was offering his advice. Since they were going to be teammates, he was taking his own responsibility.


When he came home from school, Gao Peng went to the market to get some materials. Every material was sold in different shops, so it took him a long time to got everything ready and head home.

After he arrived, he first put extra materials aside, then sorted the rest into order.

Da Zi was about to upgrade to Perfect level. It had been two weeks after its last evolution to Excellent grade.

To Da Zi, upgrading to Perfect level meant being a Commander was not a tough job; it only needed to follow regular training.

Gao Peng was really careful when dealing with the materials. There were some highly toxic materials; if he distracted even for a second, he would be in big trouble.

He went to the bedroom to put on a white type of disinfectant suit. Da Zi thought the owner's suit was hilarious, and it circled around Gao Peng for a while, like it was going to pounce upon him. Gao Peng stopped it hurriedly. "Stop, you naughty boy. Don't you want to evolve anymore?"

Gao Peng dealt with each material separately, then boiled them with a large fire for two hours.

At last, he uncovered the pot. A black smoke raised from the pot, then went into the ventilator.

Gao Peng frowned. This dark smoke was not very poisonous, it didn't took long for it to disperse in the air. But later on, when he concocted more toxic portions, he couldn't be as casual as this. It seemed that he would need a special laboratory. But it would cost much to build one. He felt a headache for a moment.

The pot was dried. Only a layer of semi-soft black colloid was left at the bottom.

After boiling these materials, this pot could not be used anymore, without a doubt. Gao Peng moved the pot to the ground, then hit its edge with a chopstick. "Time for dinner."