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32 Devil Training

 If I'm thinking in this way, my Familiar seems to be perfect, no defects at all.

Gao Peng thought seriously.

Pitifully, he was just thinking. When he considered Da Zi's defects seriously, he realized that Da Zi was not perfect.

First of all, it couldn't fly, nor did it have sky-control ability. Once its opponent could fly or do ranged attacks, it would become the target.

Next, it could not fight in water. When in water, its flexibility and speed would largely reduce; it could even drown.

Lastly, although Gao Peng said that his Familiar didn't have defects, he meant that Da Zi was not weak, rather than being strong. When compared with Familiars who were good at certain aspects, it became nothing.

The key task at present is to increase its defensiveness, thought Gao Peng.

Increasing self-defensiveness was the vital role. Since they signed the blood contract, whatever injury Gao Peng suffered would be transferred to Da Zi. Without high defensiveness, once he transferred attacks to Da Zi, it wouldn't stand long.

Da Zi's head was its weakness. Gao Peng had watched some battle records, and one had impressed him a lot. It was a centipede-like Familiar fighting against a scorpion Familiar.

The two Familiars had similar levels and grades. When in battle, with high flexibility, the centipede teased the scorpion, and gave the scorpion the final attack from the side. At that second, scorpion waved its claw with lightning speed, and clamped centipede's head accurately.

With a crack, thick white and red liquid went all over the ground. The headless centipede twitched on the ground.

This video had impressed Gao Peng. It was a big scale Familiar-in-cage battle, neither side could escape unless one killed the other. Finally the scorpion gained a complete victory.

A scorpion also had hard armor; in addition, it had severe toxicity and high immunity to most poisons. When challenging a scorpion, most centipede attacks were in vain.

On the contrary, the scorpion's heavy claws could destroy its opponent's most defence.

In similar battles, centipedes sometimes won. But most of their victories were due to their well-protected heads. No matter how hard their bodies were attacked, as long as the heads were fine, a centipede's major fighting capacity remained.

But... how do I improve defensiveness?

Gao Peng muttered to himself.

He suddenly recalled a monster called Boxing Ape, which was a hairless mutant ape. This kind of ape was bellicose and aggressive.

But its thinning hair couldn't offer much defensiveness for itself. Therefore, soon after it was born, the Boxing Ape was trained by its parents, to use its body to insanely hit trees. At the very beginning its delicate skin broke with wounds; but then the ape would eat a large amount of food to simulate the wounds to close up.

The cured skin became tougher. The Boxing Ape continued this action again and again. Later when hitting trees could no longer hurt them, they hit rocks or cliffs instead.

After a Boxing Ape grew up, its thick muscle and scars integrated into an armor-like shield. Then they wouldn't get any injury even when they hit a cliff.

Hence they went for enemies or prey, to fight against strong monsters, and strengthen themselves through attacks.

Once in a primordial forest a science team witnessed a battle between a Boxing Ape and a Commander monster. The Boxing Ape was more than six meters high, its hair mutated to gray. It smashed the Commander monster into meat paste. At last the Boxing Ape noticed the science team, but it ignored them, for human beings were too weak. This news made a stir at that time, which impressed Gao Peng, too.

The monster's high healing power meant they cured themselves quickly during their hard training, and prompted them to be stronger.

Feeling its owner's eyes, Da Zi suddenly felt something was wrong. It was slipping away.

"Stay," Gao Peng sighed, patted Da Zi's head. "I'm doing this for you. It's better to suffer for several minutes than suffer for the rest of your life.

"Sweat now and you won't bleed in the future," Gao Peng persuaded.

Da Zi raised its head. These words were too complicated for it. Things like sweat and blood were not in its word bank.

It stared at the owner with blank eyes. Two antennae swung on its forehead.

There was a wooden hammer in the wooden box. Gao Peng held the hammer and weighed it in his hand, then was tempted to hit Da Zi's exoskeleton.

They heard a clunk.

The wooden hammer bounced. Da Zi vigilantly raised its head.

Gao Peng squeezed a smile. "Good boy; I will be gentle."

Bang, another hammer attack.

Da Zi suddenly bowed its back, running away in dejection.

The owner looks not himself today, did he eat anything wrong?


Da Zi lay on the ground, bitter-faced...

"Hum," Gao Peng took a long breath. This is exhausting, my arm is about to dislocate. Am I training my Familiar or myself?

He felt that, after one month's training, he was not sure whether Da Zi would be stronger or not, but he could guarantee that he would be stronger with a pair of iron kirin arms.

Being hammered for a whole afternoon, Da Zi felt quite dizzy; it couldn't even walk straight. Gao Peng's hands were numb and strengthless.

After he returned home, Gao Peng surprisingly found out that Dumby's level went one level up, now it was at level 12. Taking Yin Cedar needles for a long time could increase levels; that was amazing.

In fact, that was his narrow view. Level was the objectification of a monster's current evolution status. When a monster became stronger on its original basis, its level naturally increased.

Just like a wolfling started at level one, as it kept growing, it would finally turn into a level 20 adult wolf. This was a natural process, while offering nutritious food could shorten the time it cost for growing up.

As for evolution breaking through, it was like a level 20 adult wolf transforming into a level 21 baby dinosaur, which would naturally grow up as a level 40 dinosaur.

This was only an example, but the situations were alike.

Gao Peng came home with sore arms, threw himself into the bed and immediately fell asleep.


In the blink of an eye, a week quickly passed, and soon it was the weekend.

Days of training were not enough to see any obvious change, but being "tortured" everyday, Da Zi increased its appetite. It seemed that daily training stimulated its digestion.

As its appetite grew, Da Zi became one size bigger, and tens of centimeters longer than before.

Its level also went one level up; now it was at level 10, which was at the top of Normal level. One more level and it would become an Elite Familiar.