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31 Specialized Training

 An hour's time passed by quickly. Most students basically managed to achieve the objective. Only a small handful of students were still locked in a bitter struggle with their Familiars.

Like the short plump boy in the next group. His Familiar was a Golden Husky, a mutant variant of the husky. It was even of excellent grade.

But being of excellent grade became an increase to the boy's burden instead. Around him, most students had achieved the objective and were cuddling together with their Familiars. His familiar, on the other hand, was enjoying its freedom and was unrestrainedly running across the open field while going, "Aooo~ Aooo~ Aooo... Woof!"

Running without a care, no one could stop its desire for freedom as it stretched out its legs freely while running.

"Come back! You come back here now!" the short plump boy shouted his lungs out.

The Golden Husky looked over at its master and seemed to be very happy to see the expression on his face. It ran even faster.

Others began to sympathize with this boy. Some even went over to give him a pat on the shoulder.

"Bro, of all things to raise, you had to choose a Golden Husky. These monsters would sometimes even team up with enemy Familiars to bully you."

Suddenly, the Golden Husky came to a halt mid-run. Its brows were raised high and it stared idly ahead of it. In front of it was a mighty-looking giant silver wolf.

Its silver fur was like liquid, and a stare from its eyes could send chills down one's spine. It was making a deep guttural growling sound.

"Woof, woof... woof aooo?" the Golden Husky tried to imitate its foe. The Silver Moon Wolf slowly walked forward and raised its paw. It brought the paw down with unreasonable amount of force onto the Golden Husky's head, stepping its head to the ground.

The Golden Husky made no effort to resist and remained on the ground with a pitiful look.

In group 10, only three people failed to complete this training. Three of them were taken aside by the instructor to begin individual training. The remaining 35 of them proceeded on to the second step of training.

Before the training began, instructor Zhang Renbai took a red brick and placed it on the stone platform.

Then, he motioned for his Silver Moon Wolf to launch an attack on the brick.

The Silver Moon Wolf glanced at the instructor and casually took a few steps backwards. Lowering its body in preparation, it suddenly charged forward, leaving a silver afterimage!

Right before it reached the stone platform, it suddenly leapt into the air and twisted its body, loading up like a large, powerful spring. It's silver-grey tail suddenly lashed out from behind it like a metal whip, making a sound as it cut through the air.


The tail collided with the brick, which spontaneously blew into pieces upon being struck, making a loud noise.

Shattered pieces of brick floated through the air before landing more than ten meters away. Carried by the momentum of its charge, the Silver Moon Wolf travelled a few more meters before coming to a complete stop. Its sharp claws left deep, white claw marks in the concrete ground.

"A well-trained special forces soldier under unarmed conditions can easily take down numerous untrained adults. Relying on advantageous terrain, such a soldier could even kill more than ten untrained adults. Monsters are the same! There are huge differences between those that have undergone special training and those who have not.

"At the beginning, this was also just an ordinary Silver Moon Wolf pup when I took it under my wing," Zhang Renbai stroked the head of his Silver Moon Wolf as he spoke. Its eyes squinted in enjoyment. "A Silver Moon Wolf's strength does not lie in its tail, but after long arduous months of training, its tail gradually became tougher. Its tail movements also became faster and more accurate! This allowed it to have another method of attack other than using its teeth and claws. This training strategy of mine has aimed to increase attack options for a more diversified offense. Other than that, there is also the strategy of improving the strengths of the monster."

After saying this Zhang Renbai turned to the group instructor of a nearby group and said with a grin, "Li, have your Silver Moon Wolf show us its expertise, will you?"

Over there was another lean soldier with tanned skin. He looked at Zhang Renbai and simply nodded his head before looking toward his Familiar. He produced a piece of cobblestone out of nowhere like magic, and tossed it high in the air.

The silver wolf next to him got up lazily and locked its eyes onto the cobblestone above its head. With a slight bend in its legs, it leapt up into the air.

With a swish of the head and the snap of the jaw, a crisp crunching sound filled the air. It opened its mouth when it landed. Shattered pieces of cobblestone and debris fell to the ground.

What terrifying bite strength!

Gao Peng's pupils shrank. This was cobblestone, and not any ordinary rock. Cobblestone was far harder than a regular piece of rock. To be able to easily shatter cobblestone meant that a bite from this wolf could easy bite a human into two.

Such a terrifying bite strength was unbelievably strong.

"That's it for our demonstrations. What's next would be your own training," Zhang Bairen began, "but before you begin, I would suggest using easier materials. For instance, for training bite strength, you can choose wood blocks to start off with, before slowly increasing the hardness of the materials used. You should also prepare large amounts of food and medicinal ingredients, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of the training."

After speaking, Zhang Bairen pointed towards a large truck in a camouflage coat. On the truck, soldiers were commanding Familiars to bring down large sealed wooden crates.

Carrying the crates were monkey-like Familiars with reddish-brown fur. Their fur on their heads were bright red and complicated patterns ran across their faces. These monkeys looked to be around five feet tall, but were incredibly strong. They carried the wooden crates around with apparent ease.

"In those crates are your training materials. I need a few members of group ten to bring our training materials over."

A few boys enthusiastically raised up their hands, as though this was the most glorious job they could be tasked with.

Gao Peng was however focusing his attention on the Familiars that were carrying the crates atop the camouflage coated trucks. After carrying the crates off the truck, a few soldiers took out a few Devil Chilies to reward the monkeys. The monkeys excitedly took the chilies and began munching on them.

As expected of the Devil Chilies that appeared after the cataclysm, the monkeys' faces turned a burning red that was as red as their bottoms. Their mouths were open wide and the bright red fur on their heads seemed to be standing on its ends. They looked as though there was a bright flame lit on their heads.

Gao Peng looked back down at Da Zi. What areas of Da Zi needed to be strengthened?

Speed? A centipede's speed was not slow to begin with. He could choose to increase Da Zi's speed, making speed its specialty, but speed would most probably be the trait that was hardest to train.

Offense? That could work as well. Da Zi's mandibles were sharp like a tiger's fangs and its bite strength was not weak either. Any prey that was caught in its jaws rarely managed to escape. Or, he could train the penetrating power of Da Zi's clawed limbs and use this to increase Da Zi's lethality. But this seemed to be an unnecessary move. After evolution, Da Zi had developed an electric attribute. Once it advanced to a commander tier monster, it would gain the ability to release its attribute externally. Other than electricity, Da Zi also possessed the poison attribute. Its current lethal weapon was not its knife-like clawed feet, nor its scissor-like mandibles, but its deadly venom. Increasing the potency of its venom would indeed be an excellent choice, but the thing about venom potency is that Gao Peng had no idea how to work on improving it.

Defense? Possessing a hard carapace, defense was not Da Zi's weak point either. Scaled monsters usually possessed a stronger defence than beast monsters.

Gao Peng felt a little troubled, not knowing where to begin.