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30 Five Types

 "Eh... Sorry Miss, your Familiar is blocking the way," The security guard persuaded dutifully.

The girl nodded; she was not an unreasonable person, it was just that no matter how hard she tried to urge this white pig, it didn't move at all, and even started to snore.

"Come on. Get up," The girl instructed with annoyance.

The Big White Pig's eyes were tightly closed, it didn't move even a little bit. One could never wake up a pig who was pretending to be asleep.

Unless... the butcher showed up.

"What's going on here?" A sergeant in military uniform noticed the noise and came to check. A Silver Moon Wolf followed him.

The sergeant glanced at the "sleeping" pig as well as the anxious girl, and understood the general situation. He couldn't help shaking his head. "You are a Monster Trainer, this is your Familiar. Aren't you ashamed of failing to control your Familiar?"

He lowered his head looking at the lying pig, and scolded, "Get up! Don't sleep here!"

The Big White Pig didn't move, but fanned its fan-like ears, curled its lip.

The Pig was not stupid; rather, pigs were one of the smartest animals in the world. They somehow fooled humans by their dumb appearance.

"You understand me, don't you?" The sergeant laughed in his exasperation.

As he stepped backward, the Silver Moon Wolf paced forward from behind. Its arrogant eyes coldly glimpsed at the lying pig, and its teeth snagged murderously.

It gradually approached the white pig, creeping forward. Although it was on flat ground, it looked like a silver wolf quietly approaching its prey under moonlight in a big forest.

"Hum, hum!" The Big White Pig suddenly jumped up, grunting and shaking its huge body to the roadside in a slackened pace.

"See, you understand our language. I thought you didn't," The sergeant said coldly.

The Big White Pig grunted unsatisfyingly, shaking a way out from the human and the ferocious dog. Can't I just take a peaceful nap?

All the Familiars were kept on the playground, gathered into groups. Being two and a half meter longs, the dreadful purple Da Zi was quite eye-catching.

In the morning, students studied in class. After lunch, they assembled on the playground at one p.m.

The previous half-built square was completed. The whole square was made of concrete, occupying thousands of acres. In the square there were some simple constructions, such as stone platform, stone stelae, etc.

Sergeants arrived, checked their group members, then started training directly.

Gao Peng surprisingly found that the previous "gate block" Big White Pig was also in Group Ten. It took up two Familiars' space; what an overbearing monster.

"According to different monster types, training methods vary. Familiars' functions are definitely distinct from each other. They could be aggressive, defensive, assisted, therapeutic and field-controlling: five types in total. Some Familiars can have several functions at a time; for example, Green Devil Vine can be both defensive and field-controlling, and some particular training talents can train it to be aggressive," said the sergeant. "This has much to do with training methods and focuses.

"Say you want to develop your Familiar as defensive type. You have to focus on enhancing its patience and endurance, and so on and so forth," said the sergeant. "Of course, these are too early for you. There is one thing I'd like to remind you of: we are doing beginning level training now, but we will regroup you after we select 1,200 people during the kick-off audition. Then, based on your are of interest, we put you into five different groups, Attackers, Facilitators, Defenders, Therapists and Controllers. We will also subcategorize each group.

"I know that many of you want to contract more Familiars and form teams by yourselves. But what I'm going to tell you is, that's not gonna happen right now! The TV shows said Familiars reflect and enhance the strength of your soul, and based on that you would be able to sign more Familiars, which is correct. However, they didn't tell you what conditions you needed to follow. The reflections and enhancements of soul strength are based on you Familiar's power. The stronger your Familiar grows after signing the blood contract, the more reflection it provides. This is also a part of the blood contract. Otherwise, who would give you its soul power for free? They are not stupid monsters. "

Hearing these words, many people's faces went cloudy. They did plan to do so at the beginning: sign quite a few Familiars, including aggressive, defensive, assisted, therapeutic and field-controlling types. That would have been cool.

Then the instructor took out 38 white rubber balls from a black box behind him, and handed them to everybody. "Today, let's start with your command capability. This is a vital and essential part of training. No matter how strong your Familiar is, if it doesn't follow your command, it's nothing." The instructor glanced the girl in white dress as well as the Big White Pig next to her. This is the wrong example.

The Big White Pig grunted annoyingly, rubbing the girl with its head, demonstrating against the instructor.

Standing behind the instructor, the Silver Moon Wolf snorted, staring at the pig coldly.

The Big White Pig was afraid when it glanced at the wolf. Then it seemed to think about something happy. It smiled, rubbing its owner with joy.

"To train your Familiar, you must know its habits and hobbies. Then you can build up a well-directed relationship with it. Take my Silver Moon Wolf, for instance. It was arrogant and unwilling to be talked to or touched, so I bought a Black Armoured Pig specially for it, and fed it all by myself. I spent every spare moment playing with it, sleeping with it. One month later, it relied much more on me, and was willing to follow my instructions." As he said this, Zhang Renbai patted Silver Moon Wolf's head. The wolf squinted its eyes into a seam.

Seeing this, the Big White Pig laughed and puffed.

"I don't care what method you use; you can try by yourselves this afternoon, and find a suitable way out. This is more about practice than talk. You have to figure this out on your own," said the instructor. "I will check your progress after an hour. People who are able to let your Familiars pick the white ball voluntarily pass the assessment. Otherwise, stay and practice until you pass. Now you are dismissed."

The crowd spread around.

Gao Peng lowered his head, looking at Da Zi, while Da Zi looked up at him.

"Roll on the ground."

Without hesitation, Da Zi rolled continuously, its hard armor and feet rustling on the ground.

Zero difficulty. Da Zi had been relying on him all the time; this task was a piece of cake.