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28 Grouping

 After taking a quick look, Gao Peng went upstairs. Since the army brought these Familiars here, they were definitely not taking a walk here. There must be other chances later.

During the first class, Murong Qiuye went into the classroom through the front door. She smiled to Mr. Zhang as an apology, then knocked at the door. "All student Monster Trainers come out."

Chairs were moving away with a big noise.

Almost half of the class stood up...

Standing on the platform, Mr. Zhang joked, "Seems that many students would like to be Monster Trainers. Well, well, this new career has a bright future; you have a nice dream to chase after."

Students burst out laughter.

"Wait, Gao Peng, when did you register to be a Monster Trainer special student?" Tan Qianjin was surprised. He asked Gao Peng in a low voice, "Aren't you a Monster Breeder? Moreover, you have good grades."

"You have good grades, too. Why did you register?" Gao Peng replied.

"Hey, that's for my childhood, you know. I have always liked pets. Since I was a little boy, I have kept cats and dogs at home. Besides, my favorite childhood animation is Pokemon, the monsters are super cool!" Tan Qianjin was excited with an animated expression. "I won't miss this for anything. After all, I intend to be a man who will become the strongest Trainer." Hearing Tan Qianjin's words, Gao Peng smiled involuntarily.

Who didn't have Fourteen Sickness?

Who didn't dream a sparkling daydream?

Who didn't want to be a hero in his own story?

He believed that Tan Qianjin's words reflected many student Trainers' thoughts. At this age, young and hot blooded, everyone had a big dream.

"You intend to be a man? Are you not one yet?" Gao Peng joked.

Tan Qianjin was dazed, then immediately understood. He replied, "Argh, I meant 'I intend to be THE man who will become the strongest Trainer.' Don't pick on my words!"

From one joke to another, they soon went downstairs. There were at least hundreds of people standing on the ground, and the amount was still increasing.

All students gathered together and formed a huge phalanx.

Murong Qiuye turned to her students and said, "You get into the phalanx first, then follow the commander's instruction."

Gao Peng and the other students nodded, then walked into the phalanx. Like a drop of water falling into the sea, no wave was made.

After all the students assembled downstairs, a colonel who was wearing an army cap strode out from the soldier phalanx, looking around at the crowd. "I'm your chief instructor, my family name is Chen, you can call me Instructor Chen."

He only heard a scatter of reply in return.

Instructor Chen's black eyebrows frowned together, like dark clouds getting low. He commanded, "Say it louder, you got it? Answer me!"

His voice was like a clap of thunder. Some timid students trembled, and raised their heads fearfully.

"Look at yourself, losers! How is it possible that you can become Monster Trainers? Go back to your mommies!" the Instructor roared, pacing back and forth, like a fierce tiger inspecting its territory.

"You know what a Monster Trainer is? Do you think a so-called blood contract can transform you into Monster Trainers? That's bullsh*t!" Instructor Chen roared in a low voice. "No strong belief, no iron will. You will p*ss in your pants when there is a bird monster! Your legs will tremble like spaghetti, you can't even run away! People like you are not Monster Trainers, but some chickens!"

He didn't show any sympathy. His straightforward rudeness discomforted many students, and some murmured in the crowd.

"You. Come out." Instructor Chen suddenly pointed at a student.

"Uh?" the student was astonished.

"Uh what, get the hell out right now. What did you say?" Instructor clasped his hands behind him, pacing forward.

"No, nothing." The student was not tall, only around 5'5 tall, with pale skin and a pair of black frame glasses; he looked like a common high school student.

"You think me deaf? If you were my man, I would kick your *ss!" Instructor Chen narrowed his eyes. "You coward! Get the hell back."

The poor boy's courage was half-vanished when he was pulled out from the crowd; now he had run out of energy to argue back or to display sham courage.

"All of you, stand in a square, follow the person in front of you. Hurry up," ordered Instructor Chen.

Soon they were all set, the total amount of them were checked. There were 2,316 people.

"Final chance for you to quit; if you miss this chance, you won't be able to quit later," Instructor Chen said carelessly.

The crowd looked at each other, hesitating.

After a while, one student walked out from the team shyly.

He was followed by another student.

At last, 36 people stood out.

Instructor Chen didn't say anything bad, nor did he scorn. He nodded in silence, stepped forward, and patted one student on his shoulder, saying, "Be a good student, studying for your future is also a wise choice."

That student was surprised. It seemed that he didn't expect to hear such sweet words from this mean Instructor.

"Alright, get the hell out of here," Instructor Chen said, then turned around to the phalanx. "They are not deserters, they just made their final choice to leave, while you chose to stay. From now on, if any of you give up during training, you will be real deserters! Don't let me hear your names." Instructor Chen put on a cold face. "Start from the first row. Every 38 people from a group, 60 groups in total. I give you ten minutes."

Gao Peng was in Group Ten.

His group instructor, like the other instructors, was a dark-skinned, tall, lean sergeant; not like a muscular man, nor like a pretty woman.

"Attention! This is not a military training, but I want your attitude! Remember your group number, don't go wrong tomorrow!" The sergeant's family name was Zhang, a common surname. His full name was Zhang Renbai, and had been in the army for five years. He joined the army before cataclysm.

Then he instructed for about ten minutes, and gave the group general information of schedule and procedures. Then the team was dismissed.

The high efficiency was impressive.

Students went back to classes, until the whole day's lessons finished.

Gao Peng didn't need to do night study at school; this was his privilege of being a straight-A student, he was permitted to study at home.

On his way back home, Gao Peng was considering Instructor Chen's so called bad news: "Students enlisted less enthusiastically than I imagined; this is a good thing, but also a bad thing.

"Our maximum amount of student Monster Trainers is 1,200, which means, after one month, only 1,200 will be permitted to stay for further training. The others, who are not able to reach the standard, go back to your damn textbooks. If you wanna stay here, show me your abilities, show me your faith! Get your *sses out of your comfort zones and fight!"