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27 Silver Moon Wolf

 "Oh, I'm really sorry." Gao Peng shook his head. He never thought that he would actually cause Li Zigong that much trouble.

"Umm... Gao Peng, I have a presumptuous request to ask of you," Tan Qianjin began awkwardly.

"Then it's best that you don't say it." Gao Peng made the unpleasant decision to refuse him bluntly.

"..." Tan Qianjin choked on his words.

"Since you said yourself that it was a presumptuous request, it would be better left unsaid. Or else it might just make the both of us uncomfortable." Gao Peng lowered his head and began to flip through his textbook.

"Alright." Tan Qianjin rolled his eyes and turned his back to Gao Peng.


"Ahem, ahem!" A tall and large figure walked in from the door and stood at the podium.

All those who were chatting happily suddenly went quiet.

All the noise came to a sudden stop.

"Just now, the principal called for an emergency level meeting. From tomorrow onwards, throughout the whole world, all schools will have to undergo certain urgent reforms." Murong Qiuye looked at the young faces that stood before her. She found it hard to break the news to them.

"Our school's junior high section as well as the senior high juniors will be moved to Chang'an Seventh High School premises. On the other hand, Seventh High's senior high sophomores and seniors will be moving to our premises. Of course, class will not change and all of you will be sticking to your original classes.

From today onwards, senior high sophomores will have to take an additional Familiar class. There will also be a new category of special admissions: Monster Trainer cadet. If you wish to become one, sign up with me after class. This decision has been passed jointly by the Alliance Education Department and the Alliance Armed Forces. Cadets with exceptional results will be granted direct admissions to the top colleges or military schools."

There was silence initially, then the class exploded, like water suddenly coming to a boil. The students with poorer results were especially excited. This seemed to be a chance for their comeback.

Those students who already had plans to become combat Monster Trainers were also exhilarated. In no time at all, the class next door also erupted cheers.

Murong Qiuye did not stop her students from making noise, giving them the time to celebrate. Only after a few minutes did she finally bang on the table.


The classroom became silent.

"Do you all think that you all won't need to study language, mathematics and politics after you become cadets? Studying is for you to learn right from wrong, so that you can learn the right values and not simply follow the crowd. You will still have to study all the things that need to be learned. Do not simply neglect your studies after applying to be a cadet." Just from the looks for the students in her class, it was clear that many of them still did not agree with what she just said. Murong Qiuye smiled to herself in resignation.

"Alright, I figure that nothing will go on if you all were to study right now. You all can take a break for now, but don't make too much noise. If you disrupt the class next door, I'll have you all go back to studying."

"Gao Peng, come to my office for a while," Murong Qiuye said as she left the classroom.

"Ms. Murong," greeted Gao Peng as he entered the office. Currently, other than Ms. Murong, there was no one else in the office.

"Mm." Murong Qiuye opened the spectacle box on her desk and put on her spectacles.

"You have done really well this time. You've even managed to get a intermediate Monster Breeder certificate. The principal brought up your name and praised your performance during the meeting." Murong Qiuye looked at Gao Peng with a face full of approval.

"Tomorrow morning, when Seventh High students come over, the school hopes that you can represent the school to address the new students," Ms. Murong began discussing with Gao Peng.

Gao Peng was stunned. To think that they would want him to be a student representative.

"No, no." Gao Peng shook his head profusely.

Gao Peng thought that such things were too high profile for him. He did not enjoy being high profile.

Murong Qiuye did not expect Gao Peng to actually refuse. This was totally unexpected. Weren't boys of this age especially fond of being at the center of attention?

The unexpected refusal made her feel slightly awkward and she did not know how to continue to convince Gao Peng otherwise.

In the end, after trying to encourage Gao Peng a little more, she decided to let him return to the classroom.

Gao Peng did not leave immediately. He hesitated for a moment before saying, "Ms. Murong, I wish to apply to be a Monster Trainer cadet."

Murong Qiuye raised her head in alarm. "You wish to apply to be a Monster Trainer cadet?!"

Her brows were furrowed. "I think you should seriously consider this. Being a Monster Trainer cadet is a decent path to take, but it isn't especially beneficial to you.

Your grades are exceptional. As long as you continue to do well, and with your Monster Breeder certificate, getting into any top college within Huaxia should not be difficult at all. Even overseas colleges should not be much of a problem for you."

She paused. "Even if you do intend to be a combat Monster Trainer, you could use your results from the literary examinations to enter military schools and apply for the specialties that you are interested in. The outcome will be the same."

"Ms. Murong, I think you are mistaken. I do not intend to give up on the literary exam. It's just that I've pretty much learned everything in the senior high syllabus. I'm hoping to learn more of the things that interest me by applying to be a Monster Trainer cadet," Gao Peng said apologetically.

Murong Qiuye was speechless. In the end, she simply shook her head and laughed.

Gao Peng's exceptional results were evident to all. If her students had their own ambitions, there was no way she could stop them, anyway. "Since you have already thought this through, I will not stop you."

"Thank you, Ms. Murong." Gao Peng bowed and left the office.

The teacher from the next class was carrying a stack of scripts into the office as he saw Gao Peng walk out. "That was Gao Peng from your class right?" the teacher sighed. "So much better than my little rascal at home! Obtaining an intermediate Monster Breeder certificate at such a young age."

That afternoon, loud rumbling noises could be heard outside the classrooms as a large number of trucks drove into the school. Afterwards, the fence on the outer side of the school's sports field was taken down. Beyond that was a large empty patch of land. There were plans to develop the land and expand Third High before the cataclysm, but there were delays for various reasons and the land was never developed.

Large troops of soldiers came down from the trucks one by one. Very quickly they began pouring cement over the plot of land. Loud noises from the heavy machinery filled the entire school compound. Many of the students simply lost the ability to concentrate in class and the teachers felt helpless about the situation.

When school ended, Gao Peng glanced at the construction site as he left the school. The groundworks were beginning to take shape in the large open field. He had long heard that Huaxia construction was famed to be the fastest and the most effective in the world. They lived up to their name indeed.

The next morning, when Gao Peng arrived at school, the foundations of what was being built could already be seen. It was a large, flat concrete surface. There were even patches that were still not dry yet.

Today in school, there were fewer students, but many fresh faces as well.

These should be the students from Seventh High.

Below the mathematics building were three rows of uniformed soldiers, all wearing stern expressions on their faces, giving a very serious atmosphere.

What attracted the most attention however were the three rows of giant silver wolves that stood behind these soldiers. Their fur looked like it was made out of liquid silver and glistened under the light. Each of them looked steadily ahead, with their forelimbs straight as poles. Each individual wolf did not seem all that powerful, being only of Elite tier. But with such large numbers gathered together, even a Commander tier monster would be forced to temporarily retreat.

Such awe-inspiring giant wolves lined up in straight rows was extremely eye-catching. Many students simply stopped to look at these giant wolves.

Gao Peng himself could not help but take a few more looks.

[Monster Name]: Silver Moon Wolf

[Monster Grade]: Normal

[Monster Level]: 19 (Elite tier)

Each wolf differed only in level, and each of them reached around level 18 - 20.