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24 Conflicting Variation


Gao Peng was quite sure that he wouldn't fail but win for sure. To compensate according to the set price was no big deal; even compensating ten times or a hundred of times its original price was nothing to be afraid of.


Gao Peng suddenly felt mad.

He knew he should not do this by over-ranking himself. No one else knew about his true abilities except himself. There were no big problems in Xu Chang's words, it was just a normal philistine attitude.

Gao Peng wasn't sure about the other intermediate Monster Breeders' success rates of evaluating an Excellent monster to a Perfect one, but what he did know was the rate wasn't high.

Therefore, to Xu Chang, this debt was quite profitable.

He would either spend double the consulting fee to get a Perfect monster, or to win double-consulting-fee compensation for free.

Receiving no reply from Gao Peng, Xu Chang smiled. "Well, it's OK, I understand. After all, there is no 100% success rate in this world. Doudou, come on, let's go."

Xu Chang took Doudou's hand and left, walking steadily, neither fast nor slow. Finally, he paused in front of the elevator, but didn't wait for Gao Peng's detainment. He was a little upset, but he had predicted this would happen. At last, he opened the elevator and stepped in.

The door gradually closed...

On the other side, a worker lowered Da Bai through the lift shaft.

Gao Peng was speechless; his first business ever in life ended up in this way.

When the other workers in the studio heard about this, they looked at Gao Peng differently.

This new-comer little boss is arrogant.

In their eyes, Gao Peng was arrogant and thought too highly of himself, all because of his success at such a young age.

But they only dared to discuss Gao Peng secretly. They dared not to say anything wrong directly in the office. After all, they worked under Gao Peng, no one was brave enough to talk about his boss in public. Didn't he want the job any more?

Gao Peng felt helpless, too.

But he didn't want to decrease his consulting fee at all; on the contrary, he even wanted to raise the price on impulse.

Fortunately, at last, good sense triumphed over unreasoning impetuosity.

To be honest and face the reality, to consider from the other's side, to be understanding and sympathetic... Gao Peng knew the truth, but he couldn't take it.

As the saying went, it was easier to decrease a price than increase it. If he lowered the consulting fee now, it would be hard to raise the price later. He understood his customers didn't know he wouldn't always follow their wishes. They had their thoughts, but he had his own stubbornness.

As long as his fame spread out, customers would come constantly for sure. Gao Peng couldn't believe that there was nobody who knew about his goodness (or was brave enough to) in the whole of Chang'an City.

An afternoon passed quickly. Three more customers came, but none of them could accept Gao Peng's price.

"Boss, we have a new customer," Gou Quanquan called to Gao Peng's office. She was exhausted. Why couldn't the young boss lower his price? He could earn less at a time, but as quantity went up, total profit would increase simultaneously!

I can't understand rich people's ideas.

In Gou Quanquan's eyes, her boss was a hidden rich man.

"Are you the Monster Breeder here?" A figure pushed the door and came in, sized Gao Peng up with suspect.

"Yes, I am," Gao Peng nodded. "Let me make this clear first: my price is three times higher than the other intermediate Monster Breeders."

"I don't care how much it costs. As long as you help my Familiar evolve, I can give you ten times as much as the regular price!" The young man in jeans put his hands on the table and leaned forward, his eyes bloodshot.

"Ten times! As long as you succeed, I will give you ten times the price the other breeders have!" The young man said rapidly, looking anxious and impatient.

"That's forthright!" Gao Peng sighed. "Where is your Familiar? Let me take a look before I give you a more accurate answer."

"Here." The young man in jeans unfastened his neck band, and carefully took out a baby's-palm sized purple rat from his inner pocket. However, at this moment, this purple rat was covered with dense blood lines, like there was a ferocious blood python crawling on its skin. The purple rat was at the gate of death, and lightly squeaked from time to time.

"One word, yes or no!" The Young man stared at Gao Peng, breathing hurriedly.

Gao Peng glanced at the purple rat in the young man's hand, squinted his eyes, and said, "What did it eat? I'm a Monster Breeder, not a vet." As he said this, he leaned on the chair slackly.

In Gao Peng's eyes, this rat's status bar showed its status as a conflicting variation.

"I fed it a Blood Jade Ganoderma; I was hoping to help it evolve. Who knew that it would become like this!" The young man's face flushed. "Its evolution is conflicted; if you know how to help, help it, please."

Therefore, studying is really important. It is an Electric monster, but you gave it a Blood value herb; do you think you are buying lottery tickets? Gao Peng felt speechless.

"Alright, I will take care of it. But you know Monster Breeders' rules, don't you? We offer plans, you pay for materials."

"Yes I do, just tell me what you need." The young man was now a drowning man clutching at a straw, for there were only two advanced Monster Breeders in Chang'an City. One of them was the president of Chang'an Monster Breeder Association, and the other also had a high status. Time was limited; how could he meet with such big men?

[Monster Name]: Purple Electric Rat (conflicting variation)

[Monster Level]: Level 19 (Elite)

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Electric

[Monster Condition]: Mild injury (suffering)

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Mud...

[Requirements for Promotion to Excellent Grade]: 1. Normal evolution. 2. Variation evolution...

After checking, Gao Peng realized that the most suitable way for the Purple Electric Mouse to proceed was with a variation evolution, for it was currently in the evolution process, just suffering from the conflict between Blood and Electric power.

[Variation Evolution]: Put five Shadow Fruit, 5g Scarlet Maple Pit, and 50g Golden Lightening Leaves together into millstone, mill them, then boil the powder. Add one (Elite level) Blood Bat monster core crystal into the portion, then...

"Go get five Shadow Fruit, 5g Scarlet Maple Pit, and 50g Golden Lightening Leaves, as well as one Blood Bat monster core," Gao Peng instructed the young man.

The young man nodded without hesitation, and immediately called his men to bring those materials. No matter how much he did or didn't trust Gao Peng, since he had chosen Gao Peng, he had no other way to go.

What if this boy failed... Coldness flashed across the young man's eyes at the possibility. He, Ma Jian, was someone with fame in this city. He would make this boy pay for his loss.

Luckily, these materials were not rare. They were collected and sent to Gao Peng within half an hour.

At this time, the Purple Electric Mouse was lying on the table. It didn't even have the effort to mumble; only its chest going slightly up and down, indicating that it was still alive.

Gao Peng milled the Shadow Fruit, Scarlet Maple Pit and Golden Lightening leaves according to the order, then poured the mixed powder into a boiling pot. He put on the cover, waited for half a minute, then threw smashed Blood Bat monster core crystal into the potion.

Ten minutes later, Gao Peng moved the cover. Then in front of Ma Jiang's astonished face, he picked up the Purple Electric Mouse and threw it into the pot, then covered it...