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12 Are You having a Kinder Party?

 The Silver Winged Bird turned into a silver flash rushing through the woods. The rather heavy Centipede could only be the target.

It opened its giant mouth, roaring to intimidate the silver flash above its head.

The Silver Winged Bird wasn't affected at all. The silver flash swooped across the Horrifying Human-Face Centipede, splashing blood all over the ground.

The Horrifying Human-Face Centipede's wound became more and more intensive; finally it couldn't stand such violent consumption. It turned around crying, running towards the bottom of the boulder.

Seeing this, the Silver Winged Bird accelerated attack frequency.

Cunning flashed across the centipede's eyes. It raised its middle body, and formed a "Π" shape.

When the Silver Winged Bird hawked again, the Horrifying Human-Face Centipede suddenly jumped up, as if a firm bow was pulled with a jerk.


The Silver Winged Bird was whipped away by the centipede's tail, like it was hit by a baseball bat.

Immediately, the centipede's tail fractured, and abundant thick black and yellow liquids sprayed from the wound onto the Silver Winged Bird.

The Silver Winged Bird was pushed away by the spout. It gave a plaintive cry, and fell heavily to the ground.

The Horrifying Human-Face Centipede scrambled fast to the bird, the massive thick liquid still weeping from its tail.

The liquid stained the ground, and looked extremely terrifying.

The Silver Winged Bird wanted to fly, but its feathers were firmly glued by yellow pus. it could not spread its wings at all. Some feathers had already been corroded by black liquid.

The Horrifying Human-Face Centipede was on the same level, 12, as the Silver Winged Bird, which meant that they were about the same when it came to evolution levels. Besides, the Silver Winged Bird was graded Excellent, which was one grade higher than the centipede's normal grade. It was absolutely unexpected that the Normal Grade Centipede won the battle.

Victory was never decided by grades or tiers; combat experience and geographic environment were also quite influential. Now Gao Peng had a better understanding on that.

This centipede was very decisive; at the beginning, when it tried to fight back, it always failed. So later it just ran away to save effort.

Then, when its enemy slacked a little bit, it promptly decided to give away a part of its body to make a deadly attack.

Da Zi watched, on the alert for the Horrifying Human-Face Centipede, which was hissing in provocation.

The Horrifying Human-Face Centipede paused and glimpsed aside at Da Zi, as well as Gao Peng, who was holding Da Zi in his arms.

Then it turned back, ignored them, and crawled to the Silver Winged Bird.

Murong Qiuye clamped her hand over her mouth, and tears fell from her face.

The Silver Winged Bird had been following her for two years; she still remembered the first day she cautiously brought Bell Sparrow home. It was just a tender squab, chirping in her arms.

In the last two years she always took it out for training; battling in suburbs, fighting in the field. She watched it grow bit by bit, like it was her own child.

Silver Winged Bird weakly lay on the ground, turning to Murong Qiuye. Its eyes were full of emotion.

"Alright; that's enough. It's like watching a soap opera." The captain shook his head.

As if receiving an order, a branch on the peripheral slightly wobbled.

A shadow flashed across the air; something hawked through the woods with a sharp cry.


The Horrifying Human-Face Centipede's body became stiff. Its head was thrown high into the sky.

The head rotated in the air, then dropped on the ground. There was a pause; then a massive amount of blood spewed from the broken neck.

Time was frozen. A slender figure gradually appeared on the ground in the woods, its arms crossed, its long knife-like arms gleaming with faint purple light.

[Monster Name]: Variant Devil Mantis

[Monster Level]: Level 20 (Elite)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect

Level 20 Elite, perfect quality; it had met all the requirements for becoming a Commander monster! Upgrading to Commander was just time issue. One more level, and it could become a Commander monster.

So strong. Most students in the class goggled at this terrifying Devil Mantis with jealousy. In their eyes, the Silver Winged Bird was already a strong Familiar, and the Horrifying Human-Face Centipede who defeated the bird was also formidable.

But even such a powerful centipede was sec-killed by the Devil Mantis.

"Is this... is this a Commander Familiar?" Some student asked, slack-jawed.

"Not really, but very close." Chen Hanqiao looked deeply at this Variant Devil Mantis.

Glimpsing at Hai Lanyu aside, who lost his wits, Chen Hanqiao patted his shoulder, saying, "Alas, don't be so sad."

Considering for a while, Chen Hanqiao said, "I will ask my dad to find a new baby Familiar for you next time he is out for work."

"Thank you." Hai Lanyu puckered his lips, with tears in his eyes.

"It's nothing. We are brothers!" Chen Hanqiao chuckled.

"Yes, brothers!"


Gao Peng turned around in silence. He gave himself a hug, only to feel that his back was covered with gooseflesh. But in his heart, he sensed something different.

Brother... What was a brother?

Gap Peng was confused.

After his parents passed away, relatives rarely came to visit. His beloved grandfather had also disappeared. When the cataclysm happened, grandfather was on vacation in the overseas island he bought; it was almost impossible for him to survive.

I don't need any brothers; I have them, that's good enough.

When Gao Peng looked at Da Zi in his arms, a smile involuntarily came to his face. Da Zi raised its sleepy head, antennas winging in the air. It lay in Gao Peng's arms languidly, moving inward with reliance.

"Don't move... I can barely hold you."

Gao Peng put Da Zi down, breathing heavily. This guy was too heavy. Although it looked inconspicuous, it was at least two meters long, and weighed more than one hundred pounds.

After Hai Lanyu's accident, the other students were on alert. They didn't allow their Familiars to run about.

Gao Peng half-squatted on the ground, patting Da Zi's exoskeleton. Its cold exoskeleton was tough like iron.

Gao Peng picked up a stone then stood straight, narrowing his eyes and staring off into the distance. He threw the stone high into the air. Beside him, feeling connected with Gao Peng, Da Zi rushed out. The centipede's speed was not slow among monsters of same size. In the blink of an eye, it was meters away.

At the last second, it jumped forward, its body curled tight; then it suddenly jerked. Its sharp teeth clenched, directing the stone into its mouth.

Da Zi quickly ran back and spat the stone into Gao Peng's palm, shaking its antennas as if it were claiming credit. Gao Peng patted its head as a reward.

"Are you having a kinder party?" A voice came from a tree next to him. Gao Peng turned around, realizing that the Blue Shield Security Team captain was crouching on a branch, looking at him with great interest.

"Um... No. I'm training Da Zi's speed and accuracy." Gao Peng raised his eyebrow.


Gao Peng was assured that he heard this snort.

"Excuse me... It's just... Your training method is like playing house, which is hilarious." The captain patted his face. It was over-laughed and become stiff.

"To be honest, your training method... is indeed like a kid playing games; boring, and wasting time." The captain shook his head, looking deeply at Gao Peng. "You should never train a real Familiar in this way, especially when your Familiar is a fierce Purple-Backed Yellow-Clawed Centipede. You are wasting its potential."

"Then what should I do?" Gao Peng's eyes suddenly brightened.