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10 Devil Mantis

 "Where is your Black Raging Kong?" Murong Qiuye asked and furrowed his eyebrows. Normally these royal animals' safeties were out of her hands. But as Hai Lanyu burst out in tears like a kid she became soft-hearted.

"Over there," a Blue Shield security in blue uniform said and pointed at the grove behind them.

Teardrops were still hanging on his face, but Hai Lanyu gawked at the man who suddenly appeared by his side. "How do you know?"

"Because I was standing behind you, only 100 meters away." The Blue-Shield security smiled.

"Then why didn't you get my Black Raging Kong back!" Hai Lanyu hurled the question at the man in a loud voice. His veins stood out from his anger.

The security put his forefinger over his lips. "Hush."

Hai Lanyu felt a chill radiate through his body. He lowered his head as a dark shadow silently shrouded him. The other students screamed.

He turned around, and almost knocked into something. He raised his head and his heart almost jumped out of the chest.

A ferocious trophi opened and closed and emotionless compound eyes stared at him, a cold-blooded killer looking down at its prey. He could see hair wriggling in the mouth, and piercing teeth that gleamed white.

Its huge bulk leaned forward, with a pair of sharp arms like decapitation broadswords, looking like the loneliest sculpture in the world.

"My baby is irritable, especially when seeing someone shouting at me," the security smiled at Hai Lanyu. But in Hai Lanyu's eyes, it was a devil's smile.

"Sir, You scared my students!" Murong Qiuye suddenly growled.

Like a mother lion protecting her cub, Murong Qiuye dragged Hai Lanyu behind her and blocked him.

"Sorry; I didn't mean to scare this young gentleman. Besides, he shouted at me first. That was why my pet came out in such a frightening manner." The security called out his Devil Mantis. The seven-foot-tall mantis glanced at Murong Qiuye. Its head rotated 180 degrees, and its strong legs slightly bent. Then it transformed into a shadow and vanished.

"This should be sufficient to prove that I mean no harm." The security spread his hands, looking meaningfully at Hai Lanyu who stood behind Murong Qiuye. He said indifferently, "I just want to tell you that our job is to protect your individual securities. As for your Familiars, they are not under our protection. You probably have reached adult age. If so, as an adult, you should be responsible for your behavior. Not everyone spoils you as your parents do."

After he said so, the security guard sneered at the boy, turned around, and left.

Hai Lanyu's face was livid with anger. His fingers became fists, his body trembled. But he dared not flare up.

Hai Lanyu clenched his teeth as his chest heaved.

Murong Qiuye sighed in her heart. She wanted to comfort him but wasn't sure what to say. She knew that these half grown-ups were at the age where their self-esteem was most volatile.

She was a teacher for years before the cataclysm. She protected Hai Lanyu out of habit this time. Although the current law lowered the legal adult age to sixteen, in her eyes these students were just a bunch of kids.

"Let's find it." Murong Qiuye called her Familiar and walked towards where Black Raging Kong disappeared.

Many students hesitated but finally followed their teacher, carrying their Familiars with them as they gathered in flocks.

Hai Lanyu sighed with relief and put down his concern. There was nothing to worry about with so many people going together. Gao Peng followed; the pets students took with them didn't comfort him much.

The fact that the Familiars stayed in the city all the time without seeing even a drop of blood was equivalent to the difference between a domestic pig and a wild pig. Although domestic pigs looked bigger than boars, domestic pigs would flee in disorder if a boar confronted them.

What truly comforted him were the Devil Mantises, who made long shadows on branches. A Devil Mantis paused on a branch as a stick of deadwood and swayed to vanish. In the next second, it appeared on another branch in the same position.

Even Ms. Murong's variant Silver Winged Bird would turn into prey in front of these Devil Mantises.

He randomly chose a Devil Mantis's data.

[Monster Name]: Devil Mantis

[Monster Level]: Level 15 (Elite)

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Wood

[Monster Condition]: Healthy (Calm)

[Monster Weakness]: Fire

This was the strongest monster Gao Peng had met so far: Grade Excellent plus Elite level. Every Blue Shield security agent was equipped with a Devil Mantis. The level differences among these mantises were two to three, with slight competence distinctions.

With so many Devil Mantises, they would not be in danger unless they met any Commander monsters.

They searched along the direction of Black Raging Kong's disappearance. The mountain behind Mirror Lake was not big, but it was covered with dense wood.

It didn't take long for them to find the evidence the Black Raging Kong left, a pool of blood surrounded by thick yellow stinky liquid.

"It should be somewhere around here," Murong Qiuye instructed calmly. "Be careful my students. Don't go too far and stay close to your classmates."

The Blue Shield Security agents also ordered their Devil Mantises to protect students' safety.

A person dressed like a Captain tossed an interesting look in their direction. It looks like that thing's style, he thought. As he made the assumption he relaxed, for there was nothing to worry about. If it was that thing it's no threat and the situation is under control. As for these young hands... A smile appeared on his face as he mulled it over. They will probably suffer from nightmares tonight. The blood seems to extend this way.

Murong Qiuye lowered her head to check for bloodstains. Spots of blood scattered in the dead leaves all the way to a mossy boulder in the distance.

"Bell Sparrow, check that boulder. Is there any potential danger?" Murong Qiuye ordered.

Hovering low in the woods, the Silver Winged Bird made a crisp call, then dove sharply!

As the bird swooped down its silver wings cut branches like a sharp knife. Finally it landed on a branch behind the boulder, its acuminous eyes shining with a chilling light. Staring at the bottom of the boulder, it made a shrill cry.

At the same time, a baby's cry burst out from under the boulder.