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Chapter 208: I Recovered My Cultivation

 Chapter 208: I Recovered My Cultivation

Yu Yan formed a seal with one hand, which protected Zhu Yao's divine sense. With a solemn voice, he said. "There's too much spiritual energy in your body, you have to make preparations to form your Azoth Core."


Form her Azoth Core? She was only at the entry-level of Foundation, why must her level be raised in such a forceful manner!? The surrounding thunders roared even louder, and the sword, which was even taller than a mountain, was filled with lightning sparks in an instant, as though it carried a might that could destroy the entire world.

The lightning spiritual energy in the air grew even richer, carrying a oppressive force that made it hard for people to breathe.

"Calm your inner thoughts, and focus on forming your Azoth Core." Yu Yan placed down several formations used for stabilizing spiritual energy, and sat next to her. Behind him, an illusory image of a white dragon was summoned. It circled around the two of them, and aided her in restoring her damaged meridians.

The lightning spiritual energy in Zhu Yao's body was running wild, to the point where it seemed as though they wanted to break out from her body. Her present character merely possessed the Wood Spirit Vein, so if she wanted to absorb these wild spiritual energy to form her Azoth Core, she would first have to convert the lightning spiritual energy into wood spiritual energy, before guiding them into her Dantian.

But it was exactly because the lightning spiritual energy had barged in so suddenly, her conversion speed was far behind the rampant speed of the spiritual energy within her body. The moment she converted some into wood spiritual energy, before she could guide them into her Dantian, they would already be dispersed by the rest of the lightning spiritual energy. She could feel the meridians in her entire body were about explode from the abundant lightning spiritual energy, and blood was even constantly trickling down the corner of her lips.

The hell, did these lightning spiritual energy have some grudge against her? Why were they so uncooperative every single time?

If this continued, even if her master was aiding her next to her, her meridians would still be destroyed by these rampant lightning spiritual energy.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Giving up on her initial plan, she no longer cared about converting them, and instead directly guided lightning spiritual energy into her Dantian.

In an instant, a heart-wrenching pain spread across her entire body, and Zhu Yao's entire body began to tremble.

"Yu Yao!" Yu Yan sensed her sudden action as well. Just as he was about to stop her, he was suddenly thrown into a shock. "How?"

The rampage of the lightning spiritual energy had stopped!

The moment lightning spiritual energy entered her Dantian, the spiritual energy that had been attacking her meridians had finally settled down. As though they had received some sort of order, they began to smoothly flow into her Dantian.

Yu Yan frowned. He did not try to stop her again, but instead retracted the avatar of his cultivation, and began to seriously watch the changes in his disciple.

Though, Zhu Yao was not feeling that well off. Though her meridians were now fine, her Dantian was about to explode. Because foreign spiritual energy had intruded in, she was experiencing pain to the point where her senses were shut off. She could only guide them in a mechanical manner. Her Dantian which was initially soft and smooth, began to slowly turn hot and agitated, looking a little like the time when she possessed the Lightning Spirit Vein.

Could it be that Spirit Veins were convertible?

This thought suddenly occurred in Zhu Yao's mind. With the attitude of 'treating a dead horse like a live one', she accelerated the guidance of spiritual energy into her Dantian. Suppressing her heart-wrenching pain, she tried moving the lightning spiritual energy inside. Unexpectedly, there was really a reaction from them. The spiritual energy which had entered her Dantian were obediently circulating under her thoughts.

She instantly enveloped these spiritual energy around her Dantian, slowly converting them into something she was familiar with. Then, she guided the remaining spiritual energy to envelop the various meridians in her body, forcefully expanding them to absorb the spiritual energy.

In the beginning, the damage to her meridians was immense, but gradually, the lightning spiritual energy that were enveloping her meridians automatically began to restore her meridians. When the spiritual energy had all been consumed by the Dantian, her meridians were as good as new. And, the lightning spiritual energy that had been giving her a oppressive feeling earlier, turned incredibly intimate in an instant.

Yu Yan then removed the surrounding formations.

In an instant, a large amount of lightning spiritual energy, as though they had finally received an order, wildly poured into Zhu Yao's body. In just a moment, her Dantian which was completely emptied earlier, was filled up once again. This time, when the lightning spiritual energy entered her body, she no longer felt that heart-wrenching pain. Instead, she felt a sense of comfort.

However, with the increase in spiritual energy, a swelling sensation rose once again. She was very familiar with this sensation, it's the sign of making a breakthrough in her cultivation. She did not stop either, and continued to guide the spiritual energy into her body. In just a few minutes, a ground-breaking sound could be faintly heard, and her meridians expanded twice their former size.

Furthermore, her cultivation was rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. From the second level of Foundation, to the third, fourth, fifth... all the way to the Paragon level. The bottleneck grew even clearer, and the spiritual energy in her entire body was full to the point where they seemed like they could leak out. Finally, the moment where she could form her Azoth Core had arrived. Forming her Azoth Core again was very simple to Zhu Yao. Following the method in her memories, she circulated and condensed the spiritual energy in the same way.

Just by merely using six hours, her Azoth Core was formed. However, the surge in her cultivation did not stop there. First level of the Azoth stage, second level, third level, fifth level... and her cultivation finally stopped when she reached the Paragon level of the Azoth stage.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and stopped guiding spiritual energy into her body, before opening her eyes.


"Mn." Yu Yan responded. Pulling onto his disciple's hand, he cupped her wrist and checked her pulse. Then, he sent a strand of spiritual energy into her body, and heaved a sigh of relief only after he realized that she was perfectly fine.

"Mistress." Sesame pounced onto her as well, as it rubbed his snot and tears onto her body. "Wonderful, you're alright! You worried this beastie to death."

Zhu Yao pressed her palm right onto his face, and pushed him back. "Get away!"

"Uuuuu... Mistress, how can you be this heartless." It showed a grieved look.

"Scram, search for your four-legged beastie." This old lady only likes my two-legged Master.


"Master, my Spirit Vein..." She recalled the changes in her body.

Yu Yan nodded. "You currently possess the Lightning Spirit Vein."

The hell, she really made the right bet. "Master, can all Spirit Veins be changed?"

"Initially, it's impossible." Yu Yan frowned. Spirit Veins were all innately birthed. Although there there were mystical earthen treasures which could wash away one's Spirit Vein, he had never once heard a Spirit Vein could be changed out of nowhere. "Most likely, because you have always been familiar with the Lightning Spirit Vein, you were barely able to pull this off. It might not be possible for anyone else." His own disciple seemed to always discover things which no one else would know, was this good or bad?

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. Indeed, earlier, she was just following her memories when guiding the lightning spiritual energy to convert her meridians and Dantian. If it had not been lightning spiritual energy which she was drawing in, she would most likely already turn into minced meat.

Yu Yan then asked about the current situation. Zhu Yao clearly informed him about her encounter with the Risefire Beast, her fall into these ruins, and then her encounter with Sesame.

Just when the two of them were deep into their conversations, no one noticed that the mountain-tall sword behind them had suddenly stopped its thundering cry, as it gradually rose upwards. Suddenly, its blade straightened itself, and flew towards their direction.

"Yu Yao!"

Yu Yan's heart clenched. He carried his disciple and was just about to dodge, but was a step too late. In a blink of an eye, that sword turned into a ray of white light, and flew right into Yu Yan's forehead. Zhu Yao merely saw the after-images in the sky.

"Master!" Zhu Yao's heart tightened, as she tugged onto her master. She felt as though her heart was about to burst out.

"Master. Master..." She once again felt that sense of fear and anxiety. That feeling as though the sky itself had collapsed when she found out about little wimp's death.

Nothing, nothing must happen to you!

Yu Yan gently lowered his head, his face looked a little dazed. "Yu Yao..."

"How are you feeling? Are you hurting anywhere?" She checked his body in a fluster. The only thing left now was to pull his clothes apart and check if he's injured under them?

"I'm fine."

How could he possibly be fine? She clearly saw that sword turn into a flowing light and pierce right through his body.

"Yu Yao..." He stroked his disciple's head, and pondered for a moment. He then pulled her into his embrace, feeling a little astonished that his disciple who had always been unafraid of even death itself, was actually trembling. "Trust your master, I'm fine."

"..." Zhu Yao finally calmed down, and her senses began to return. "That, earlier..."

She turned around to take a look. The giant sword that was still floating in the air earlier had already disappeared. Even the rich amount of lightning spiritual energy in the air had disappeared without a trace.

Yu Yan frowned, as he looked at his own palm dazedly. A moment later, he spoke up with a hint of curiosity. "Yu Yao, your master's cultivation, seemed to have recovered."

"Ah?" What did he mean?

"I recovered my former cultivation."

"Then you're currently?"

"A Demigod."

"..." That's too quick!

"Not just that." Yu Yan reached out his hand, and opened his palm in front of her. A white light flashed, and suddenly, a small sword enveloped in sparks of lightning appeared in his hand.

Zhu Yao's eyes suddenly widened. "This is..." Wasn't this that sword which was a huge as a mountain? Why was it here? And it turned into such a miniature size. Even the word 'bug' had disappeared from its blade.

"I'm unclear of the reasons." Yu Yan frowned, and explained. "Earlier, this object flew directly into my divine sense, and stayed within it."

"Your divine sense, then isn't that..."

Yu Yan nodded. "It had become my Life Artifact."

"..." Weren't it said that Life Artifacts had to be nourished in the divine sense when one reached the Azoth stage? Master, is it really alright to suddenly to take in a foreign sword? Will you suffer from indigestion, hey?

"My Spirit Vein has converted as well."


"I recovered my former Lightning Spirit Vein."

"Eh? Just like that?"

"Mn." He nodded.

"..." -Flips table- Why did she had to suffer from such tormenting pain to convert her Spirit Vein, while her master could recover his cultivation with such ease?

Zhu Yao could sense all of the evil intentions that filled this world.

The amount of shocks she received today were one too many, Zhu Yao felt that it was about time she returned for a rest. However, she recalled that her master's cultivation had been recovered and Sesame had returned. With two weapons of mass destruction by her side, no matter how incredible that Beast King was, they could bully him with numbers- ah pui, they would still have the advantage in numbers, so they would obtain a smooth victory.

She suddenly had the urge to find trouble in the demonic beasts' territory, what to do? ┗|`o′|┛

"Yu Yao, I can't return with you."

"Why?" Zhu Yao was stunned. Kajima!¹ Your disciple still need you to bully people!

Yu Yan sighed, as he stroked his stupid disciple's head. "That sword, has recovered your master's cultivation."

"I know that!" Didn't you say that earlier? "Isn't that better?"

Yu Yan shook his head, revealing a look that seemed as though he was disappointed in his disciple's intelligence. Reaching out his hand to carry his disciple, he planned to demonstrate it to her first-hand.

In a flash, the two of them had already left the underground ruins, and returned to the forest.

Zhu Yao could not even react at all. Just what was he trying to prove by doing this?

The entire sky suddenly darkened, as layers of tribulation clouds instantly filled the entire sky.

"This is..."

"The Lightning Tribulation of Ascension."

"Ah?" Why were they here?

"Yu... Yao, I recovered my cultivation."

"I know that, you already said that thrice..." Wait a minute, he couldn't have... "You recovered your cultivation as a High Deity!?"

"The laws of the Heavenly Dao is restraining my cultivation, so I'm presently a Demigod. But, I'm after all a High Deity. There's an ancient formation based on the law of evasion within that mustard seed dimensional space earlier, so I wasn't found out. If I were to head outside..."

He raised his head to look towards the sky.

Zhu Yao followed his gaze and looked towards the clouds as well, only to see the sky turning pure white in an instant, as a bolt of tribulation lightning flashed in the sky.

Yu Yan released her. "I will be forced by the Heavenly Dao, and I will have to ascend into the Higher Realm."

As expected, intense heavenly lightning bolts descended in Yu Yan's direction. Carrying sky-filled might, with a boom...

They struck Zhu Yao!

Zhu Yao: "..."

Yu Yan: "..."

Zhu Yao who instantly turned charred black from the zap, puked out a mouthful of black smoke.

"Master, can I discuss something with you?"

"... Mn."

"When lightning strikes next time, don't pull me over to spectate it, can you do that?"


Would it kill you to not troll your disciple!?

In order to prevent himself from ascending, her master had no choice but to stay behind in that mustard seed dimensional space where that God's Artifact was stored. Zhu Yao had thought that once her master recovered his cultivation, she could walk around with her head held high. She didn't expect that it was basically all for naught.

This setting where he had to ascend the moment if he were to head out, was simply beyond sad, alright? If she had known, she would have rather he stayed at the Azoth-stage!

After all that, she still had to clear the bug on her own.

Her heart ached...

"Mistress, someone is coming." Sesame nudged Zhu Yao.

Oh, right, she still had a beast.

"No, we have to find her." A somewhat familiar voice sounded from afar.

Only to see five figures walking over from afar. Three men and two women, they were exactly Yi Ling's bunch. However, other than the four people she recognized, there was a man who was foreign to her. Similarly, he was of the Azoth-stage. With a divinely handsome look, the might of someone in a high-standing position could be seen from between his brows, and presently, he was looking at Yi Ling with an infatuated look.

Did her harem grow again?

As expected of Mary Sue, pulling in rich handsome men from everywhere.

They seemed to be still in conflict about something.

"Junior-martial sister Lin Xiang." Qi Ping stepped forward and spoke to Lin Xiang. "It's not that we are unwilling, but we have already searched for two days, yet we have yet to see her figure. Furthermore, the dungeon underground has a complicated terrain filled with mechanisms and traps. Searching any longer will just be a waste of time."

"That's right, senior-martial sister Lin." Yi Ling gently said. "I'm also anxious about senior-martial sister Zhu's disappearance, but... senior-martial brother Qi's injuries are not completely healed yet. How can you just care only about your own wishes?"

"My own wishes?" Lin Xiang laughed out from anger. "Yi Ling, you must be blind, right? If not because she had lured away that demonic beast, do you think you people can still be standing here unscathed? Now that she has disappeared, you people are not even willing to search for her..."

"Senior-martial sister Lin..." Yi Ling's eyes reddened, looking as though she was about to cry from being wronged. "I don't mean it that way. It's just that we have searched for long... Also, if she had told us earlier that it was a sixth-ranked demonic beast, we wouldn't have..."

"What did you say?" Lin Xiang was instantly enraged. "Didn't she tell us? You simply didn't believe her. Furthermore, she saved you, saved all of us, yet you actually dare say such words. Where the hell is your conscience?"

"Senior-martial sister Lin..." Tears began to drip down from Yi Ling's eyes.

The three men present on site instantly showed a heart-ached expression. "Enough, junior-martial sister Lin. This isn't Ling'er's fault either." Lan Qi glared at Lin Xiang a little angrily.

Lin Xiang scanned her eyes at the three people, and snorted. "If you people aren't going to search, I will search for her myself!"

So it was all to search for her!

Zhu Yao gave Lin Xiang a thumbs up. Such righteousness! It seemed like there weren't just a morons and Mary Sue in this world. There were still people who possessed normal three views.

She was a little pleased. Just as she was planning to step forward, suddenly, Sesame who had been standing next to her, muttered.

"There's actually a woman who possess such otherworldly beauty in this world."

Zhu Yao tripped.

With a plop, she fell flat on the ground.

¹Kajima [가자마]: is Korean for 'don't go'. The author was probably in a Korean drama phase while writing this. *coughs*