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Chapter 85: A Small Universal Outbreak

 Chapter 85: A Small Universal Outbreak

Most probably, ever since Xiao Yi realized of the existence of the Wood Spirit, he had never given up on the Wood Spirit. Although he had long cleansed off his Wood Spirit Vein, he still wished to possess it. The reason why he did not have the slightest of objection against her suggestion to have her form a practitioner-pair with Ling Long, was probably because he had long known of her identity.

Yet, he contacted Rui Yu in the dark. No, most probably, ever since he returned to the Sect, he had already planned everything well. He wanted to obtain the Water Spirit, only to unexpectedly realize that the Wood Spirit was in her hands as well. Thus, he captured her, and wanted to obtain both of them.

However, clearly, she had already released the Water Spirit, and Feng Yi had personally saw it as well. Seeing Xiao Yi's look, he seemed to think that it was still in her hands. Could it be that Feng Yi did not tell Xiao Yi about this matter?

"And you don't have to hope that people will come save you."

What did he mean?

Xiao Yi smiled coldly. "On the day you disappeared, several heretic practitioners had broken into Ancient Hill Sect. Although all of them had been captured, the strange thing was, Elder Soi Sauz of Beast-Taming Mountain had disappeared. How do you think everyone will think of this?"

Zhu Yao widened her eyes. The hell, this little white wolf.

He was planning to falsely accuse her for hooking up with heretic practitioners.

"So... No one will come to save you. And even there is, most probably, they will be here to kill you, a traitor who have hooked himself up with heretic practitioners."

Momma's egg! I really want to bite him to death!

Rui Yu grabbed her hair, and threatened. "If you're sensible enough, hand over the items now. I can bestow you a quick death if you do?"

"I have already released the Water Spirit and Wood Spirit." Zhu Yao said honestly. "If you don't believe me, you can ask your master, she personally saw it."

Xiao Yi was startled for a moment, revealing a hint of surprise. After pondering for a moment, as though he had believed her words, he changed his question. "Then, what about your Soul Takeover exotic treasure?"

Zhu Yao suddenly laughed. "That's something I stole from you as well?"

What high-sounding words. In the end, wasn't he simply trying to steal her stuffs? Xiao Yi had always thought that he himself was always right. And even if he teamed up with Rui Yu, he would still righteously believe that what he did was correct.

Setting a deliberate plan. Capturing her, and imprisoning her. And even forcibly saying that the Wood Spirit and Water Spirit were his, saying that it was all in the name of returning to its rightful possessor. Then what about the matters regarding her Soul Takeover? How was he going to explain that then?

As expected, a trace of a troubled expression flashed past Xiao Yi's face, and then, waving his sleeves strongly, he walked away.

Having a guilty conscience? Clearly, he was a villain, yet, he liked to call himself a gentleman.

Zhu Yao had planned to ridicule him with a few words, when suddenly, the pain on her body intensified. She felt as though her blood veins in her body were about to explode, and she could not help but puke out a few mouthfuls of blood.

"I have already said it before, we're very patient." Rui Yi chuckled.

Zhu Yao decided to simply close her eyes and act dead. In any case, this was not the first time she died, she was already used to it. If you have the guts, then kill me.

Rui Yu and Xiao Yi tortured her for another three days, and every time she felt as though she was about to die, when she opened her eyes, she realized she was still there. Rui Yu was basically a devil, as she seemed to especially specialize in these sorts of torture methods, as though she had practiced this for a few thousand times. It seemed like she had done quite a few things like mistreating people.

"If you don't wish to be tortured, then be honest about that exotic treasure which allows you to takeover bodies. And it's even able to maintain one's cultivation?" Rui Yu said cynically. "Don't think of dying, we know that you have a Soul Takeover exotic treasure, so how can we release you to take someone else's body? To tell you the truth, these chains are reinforced with a soul-locking curse. Even if you die, your soul will not be able to escape either."

The hell? How could these two people be so ruthless? Did they even want her soul to dissipate?

"So you best tell us sooner, otherwise, even if you're able to withstand it, most probably, that little brother we captured along with you..."

The one who was captured along with her? It's little wimp!

Zhu Yao suddenly widened her eyes. "What did you two do to him?"

"Yo, looks like he's rather important to you." Rui Yu smiled. "If you don't want him to die, you best tell us honestly."

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, she really wanted to scratch her face. She was both furious and worried. She could care less if they captured her, but why did they have to capture little wimp? He could not resurrect himself like her.

Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yao told herself to calm down, and then, after a moment, she spoke up. "I do indeed have a divine item. My master gave it to me. However, this divine item recognizes its owner, so it's useless even if you two possess it."

It was actually a divine item. Rui Yu's eyes brightened.

Even Xiao Yi had come over as well. Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he said. "Divine items do indeed recognize their owners. Since your master was able to give it to you, naturally, there's a way to have it recognize someone else as its owner, right?"

Zhu Yao did not say anything.

Xiao Yi, however, thought that it was a silent consent, and once again used Wang Xuzhi to threaten her.

Zhu Yao then suggested. "Release me, and allow me to see Wang Xuzhi. Otherwise, I won't hand it over."

"No!" Rui Yu rejected.

"Then at the very least, you can release me and allow me to catch a breather, right? When I'm released, I can first pass you two the divine item, then, you two can lead me to where Wang Xuzhi is."

Rui Yu and Xiao Yi made eye contact. They hesitated for a moment, and only after a while did they cast an art, releasing the chains that were restraining her.

The moment Zhu Yao fell on the ground, she realized how heavy the accumulated torture on her body was. She had always underestimated Xiao Yi, believing that although his three views were a little twisted, at the very least, he should still have a bottom line. But it seemed like his bottom line had long been twisted beyond repair, and had been completely distorted. He had turned into a person who only had himself as the center, someone who would resort to any means to achieve his objectives.

The "BUG" on his face had already lightened by a huge amount. Zhu Yao dared to make a conjecture that, without his Metal Spirit, he would no longer be a BUG that possessed a heaven-breaking fortune.

"Where's the divine item?" Xiao Yi anxiously asked.

Zhu Yao smiled at him. Then, she took a deep breath, accumulating all of the strength in her body, she shouted out. "Open Sesame!"

A large roar resounded, and a white flash came flying in, turning into a gigantic demonic beast as it landed.

Rui Yu's and Xiao Yi's faces changed.

"A ninth-ranked demonic beast." Xiao Yi was startled. "I did not expect that you actually still have the strength to summon your contracted demonic beast." Contracted demonic beasts and their masters had a very unique way of communication, and when there's a need, they could forcefully summon their demonic beasts. However, because the place she was restrained at earlier had a formation that could block off one's presence, she requested to be released. "Hmph. Do you think a mere ninth-ranked demonic beast, is able to deal with the two of us?"

"No, this isn't ninth-ranked." Rui Yu's face was a little pale, as she closely stared at the demonic beast in front of her. "This demonic beast... is eleventh-ranked."

"Correct." Sesame boastfully replied with a swing of its tail.

And then, with a loud roar, it pouched towards the two people whose expressions had instantly paled.

Roooar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Roooar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Biting and chasing after the two of them, the pressure of the mighty demonic beast, as though it was playing with them, came pressing down on them.

Although Rui Yu was a Demigod-stage practitioner, she was still, after all, an early-stage Demigod. She was basically unable to beat a demonic beast which was equal to an Ascension-stage practitioner. Even if Xiao Yi was helping by the side, they were only able to barely resist it.

"Don't you want to save Wang Xuzhi?" Seeing that they were already at a disadvantage, Xiao Yi shouted out loud at Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao really wanted to spit at his face. He still did not forget to threaten her in a time like this. Just how stupid was she in their eyes? "Even if I release you, you two still wouldn't tell me of his whereabouts. So I might as well find him myself."

Seeing that she did not fall for it, Xiao Yi's face darkened. Then suddenly, he began to laugh out loud.

"Do you think that, you're still able to see him?"

Zhu Yao was startled. "What do you mean?"

"That brat is very important to you, right?" Xiao Yi laughed. "Ever since we entered the sect, you have always stood up for him. But it's a pity... No matter how much you protect him, there's no use any longer. He's already dead! At the very day when we captured you."

Zhu Yao simply felt a buzz in her mind, as though something that had been clamped together tightly, broke. Her vision instantly began to turn blurry.

"Little wimp is dead... Little wimp is dead... Little wimp is..." In her mind, these words kept repeating over and over.

How could he die?

He should always be there for her to worry about. Shouldn't he?

No, this isn't true.

"You're lying!"

"Hmph. If we dared to head over to Ancient Hill Sect to capture you, how could we leave him alive?"

"No, no!" Zhu Yao muttered out these words. However, the more she muttered out, the more bleak that slim thread of hope became. She muttered it out a thousand times, however, in her heart, there were ten thousand voices reminding her of reality.

A pain that was even more severe than torture, suddenly enveloped her entire body. Uncontrollable tears came pouring out, and in front of her were all of little wimp's figures.

That prideful look he had when he was ten, that look when he said he would definitely not marry her.

That fifteen-year-old youth, that look when he said he would protect her.

After forming his Azoth Core, that look when he said he wanted to exact revenge for her.

And that final day, that look when he passed her a cup of tea.

Even though she remembered them so vividly?

And she was even able to remember clearly what Doctor Wang said to her. "Deities are taking in disciples today in the city. I wish to trouble you to bring my child over."

She clearly promised Doctor Wang, to watch over little wimp.

How could he be gone just like that?

Such a small little child, whom she had protected and watched as he grew up. He was both thoughtful, and obedient.

Even she herself could not bear to scold him.

On what basis could he disappear just like that?

On what basis!?

Zhu Yao simply felt an irregular fury surging from the depth of her heart, as though something had exploded in an instant. In her heart, there was only a single thought.

What's the use in saving such a world?

In an instant, the mountain shook, and the earth rumbled. The entire prison began to collapse inch by inch, turning into a deep, gigantic crater. The universe which was initially as clear as day, turned completely dark in an instant.

As though apocalypse had arrived, the bird-beasts hurriedly flew away, purple-colored heavenly lightning ruthlessly struck onto the earth one after another, surging up a huge storm.

"Mis... Mistress!" Sesame was frightened by this abnormal change as well. Due to the natural instinct of a demonic beast, he felt as though something of an extremely large scale was occurring, and a terrifying aura of death, was currently enveloping the entire world.

It turned to look towards the ground at the side, only to see Zhu Yao currently sitting there in a daze, as though she had lost consciousness. Her body was being surrounded by a huge amount of spiritual energy, yet, they were not the lightning spiritual energy her Spirit Vein needed, rather, they were chaotic spiritual energy combined by the five types of spiritual energy - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

And currently, Zhu Yao was at the very center of the turbulence.

"Mis... Mistress..." It stood still, as it did not dare to move either. This phenomenon felt as though the five types of spiritual energy were going berserk at the same time.

Even Rui Yu was frightened by this strange phenomenon as well. Initially, the reason why they revealed Wang Xuzhi's death, was to disrupt Zhu Yao's state of mind, so as to cut off her connection with the demonic beast.

But right now, just what in the world...

Xiao Yi simply felt a pain in his chest, as he went down on a single knee. The Metal Spirit in his body seemed as though it had received some sort of instructions, as it tried to break out from his body. He could barely suppress it any longer.