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Chapter 39: Trust Between Master and Disciple

 Chapter 39: Trust Between Master and Disciple

The two of them were immersed in their own respective thoughts, when suddenly, the entire sky around Ancient Hill Sect darkened, and even the spiritual energy in the surroundings began to uncontrollably gather in the sky. In an instant, a huge storm brew, stones and sands flew about.

Zhu Yao who was currently trying to take up a thinking pose, also rolled backwards due to the wind blowing against her, fully using the advantage of her rounded figure. When she was just about to be sent flying into the sky, a figure flashed in front of her, and she was caught by Yu Yan who was behind her, entering a world filled with warmth.

"Mas... Mas, ter!" Zhu Yao spout out two syllables with great difficulty, smearing saliva on his face while she was at it. It was inevitable, her teeth were not fully grown yet.

Though, Yu Yan seemed to have gotten used to it, as he cast a Dirt Removal Art on her. Raising his head, he looked at the strange sky, then, he lowered his head and looked towards the southwestern direction, to the place where the cause of this activity was, and murmured. "Someone's forming his Azoth Core."

Zhu Yao seemed to have reacted instantly. Azoth, and in that direction, could it be that Xiao Yi? Is breaking through into another realm such a big incident in the cultivation world? It's similar to filling the entire Ancient Hill Sect with formations.

Yu Yan frowned. He was a Lightning Spirit Vein holder, and his sensitivity to Heavenly Lightnings was particularly keen. The lightning pressure hidden within the layers of clouds were incredibly evident, and if he did not guess wrong, they should be the heavy lightnings when one had formed his Azoth Core. However, why would it bring about such a huge disturbance? Could it be that the person forming his Azoth Core was unordinary in some way?

Not giving him time to think, the surrounding disturbance had already stopped. Immediately after, the first ray of lightning struck down from the sky. Sunlight was blocked off by the dark clouds in the sky, and the ray of lightning, as though it was a gigantic dragon that would tear the sky and earth, flew directly towards the mountain peak in the southwest, ruthlessly striking on the person who was tackling the tribulation.

And, the Mountain Barrier Great Formation of Ancient Hill Sect instantly activated the moment the first ray of Heavenly Lightning struck down. Although the Tribulation Lightning would only strike the person tackling the tribulation, the Tribulation Lightning contained heavenly might and the purest of energy, which could very easily cause harm to low-ranked disciples who did not possess strong minds.

Zhu Yao sternly watched the chains of Tribulation Lightnings striking down. Such loud roars, were as though every single one of them was capable of bringing about the loudest of reverberations deep in her heart. They were even causing all the hair on her body to stand on ends. So this is the Lightning Tribulation, as expected, it's very tyrannical. However, why did she feel a sense of intimacy towards it?

The Azoth Tribulation Lightnings struck a total of eighty-one times, and the might of every ray of lightning was stronger than the previous. Once the eighty-first Tribulation Lightning had struck down, it meant that the target had completed his formation of the Azoth Core. Zhu Yao evidently felt that, when the last ray of Tribulation Lightning struck down, the entire Ancient Hill Sect was shaking, and even the Mountain Barrier Great Formation trembled slightly.

Finally, it had finished striking down. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. This was the first time she had ever seen such a tyrannical scene.

"No, it's not finished!" Yu Yan said coldly.

Zhu Yao was startled. No? She was after all, a science student, and she did pretty well with her mathematical studies. Earlier, it had evidently struck down eighty-one times, though?

The moment she raised her head, as he had said, the Tribulation clouds were still gathered in the sky with no signs of dispersing, as though they were preparing something. Could it be that, the heavens had gotten too thrilled with their lightning strikes, and was thinking of striking down once more? As expected, the treatment to male protagonists was different.

As she thought as such, in the sky, a ray of purple light flashed past. A ray of lightning filled with purple light, which was much thicker than the Heavenly Lightning earlier, directly struck down from the skies.

Zhu Yao, who had already activated her show-watching mode, calmly watched, it was not going to strike her anyway. Eh? Why does it seem like that ray of lightning knows how to bend? Why does it feel like it's heading this way?

The hell, it's really coming this way! It was someone else's tribulation, what the hell did it have to do with her!?

"Master!" Zhu Yao grabbed tightly onto her master's collar. If her hands had not been too small, she would have definitely shook him a few times, shouting at him to save her.

Yu Yan felt it was a little strange as well. This was the first time he had ever encountered a Heavenly Lightning that could strike a wrong target. However, it was good that his reaction was quick, as he had seemingly cast a protective barrier in an instant. It was just a Azoth-stage Heavenly Lightning, he definitely could...

Bang! The lightning instantly pierced through the barrier, landing directly onto the two of them.

Zhu Yao, who was instantly struck charred black, turned her head and looked towards a certain master. What happened to the most basic of trust between a master and disciple?

A certain master who had not yet retracted his hands after forming hand-seals earlier: ......

"Kuh, earlier, it was a Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning!" As though he had felt his disciple's resentful eyes, Yu Yan explained a little embarrassingly.

Neither had he expected that this Tribulation Lightning, would actually be a Tribulation Lightning that only a Demigod-stage could have. And the difference between a Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning and normal Tribulation Lightning was, it was free-for-all, and could bypass all Mystic Arts and defenses. It was commonly known to strike whoever it wanted, and its might was stronger than a regular Tribulation Lightning by a hundred times.

Earlier he had made a wrong estimation, however, if he had not hugged her, and shielded off most of its might, she would not have simply suffered from mere burns.

However, even he was unable to understand why a Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning would be among the Azoth-stage Tribulation Lightnings, and it actually even struck the wrong target.

Casually casting a Dirt Removal Art on his disciple again, his disciple, who had turned into a black bun, whitened.

He then raised his head and looked towards the sky. "Such strange Tribulation Lightning, the person undergoing his tribulation must possess astonishing fate, and will definitely bring about a worldly phenomenon."

Master, are you sure you're not trying to change the topic? Zhu Yao resentfully glared at him again, before raising her head to look at the sky.

The sky was still very dark, it simply no longer possessed that terrifying feeling earlier, and everything had returned to calmness. Rays of light fell from the several spots at the center of the dark clouds, and they slowly converged.

A worldly phenomenon was referring to something brought about by someone who possessed great opportunities, great fate, and great fortune. Usually, people like these were like favourites of the heavens, and when the first ray of Tribulation Lightning fell, the sky would definitely display irregularities. The rarer the phenomenon, it meant the more unordinary the person was to be in the future. But, a phenomenon like this, according to legends, it would only frequently appear in the Ancient Era.

As expected, her master was spot on. The gathering spots of light, slowly formed a figure, and not even a moment later, the figure was fully formed by the gathered spots of light.

Zhu Yao looked at the sky with widened eyes. That was actually a dragon, a gigantic white dragon, a dragon that she had only seen in books. The gigantic dragon flew and rolled around in the sky, as though it was able to fly to the heavens and dive towards the earth in but a mere instant, and even flying towards her was...

The hell, it's really flying over here. Please, aren't you a phenomenon caused by the person forming his Azoth Core? Why are you running in the wrong direction?

And, even though earlier it was still tyrannically and mightily rolling through the clouds and rain, it was currently flying towards their direction while its long body twisted up and down.

And what's the meaning of you roaring ~ouh~~ouh~~ouh ┗|`o′|┛ while you're flying here?

Zhu Yao instantly recalled the Heavenly Lightning caused by this crow-dragon, and she reflexively shouted out, "Don't come here!"

And that dragon actually really stopped in the air with a screech. It looked towards her with pitiful eyes, and it even cried out "Wuuuuu" aggrievedly.

For an instant, Zhu Yao could not locate her jaw. Are you a dog or a dragon!?

The white dragon seemed to have understood that she did not have the intention to allow it to approach her, and finally turned and tumbled far away. It's figure became faint as time went past, and finally, it disappeared in the air. And the thunderclouds that had gathered for a several hours began to slowly disperse as well, and a moment later, a clear sky was revealed.

Zhu Yao: ......

Yu Yan: ......

After being stunned for a moment, a certain master then slowly lowered his head and looked at the little disciple in his hands.

Zhu Yao covered her face. Don't ask me, I don't know what's going on either!

A moment later.

"Yu Wang?"

"Your sister's Desire!"


Hearing this, the corner of his lips gently raised, and for a moment, it felt as though the ice had melted, everything had come to life again, and spring had blossomed.

"It's good as long as you're back."