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Chapter 34: A Pig-like Party Member

 Chapter 34: A Pig-like Party Member

When the five people gathered, while Zhu Yao explained, she urged everyone to return to the sect immediately. Of course, Wang Xuzhi did not have any objections. He pulled out the sect's common spiritual tool, and requested to fly the tool. Although the other three had doubts, they still went along with the Zhu Yao and boarded the leaf.

The strange thing was, Ling Long and Su Zi were holding hands as they climbed up the leaf while following behind Xiao Yi. That deep sisterhood image almost stabbed her eyes blind. What happened? They made up so quickly? What happened to the promised big break-up scene?

The way things are progressing, Xiao Yi is basically creating a harem! As expected, she did not understand Xianxia worlds.

Zhu Yao worriedly raised her head to look at Wang Xuzhi, who was concentrating on flying the tool in front of them. She expressed deep concern for him.

"Big sister Zhu Yao, you don't have to worry. Flying this tool does not use up that much spiritual energy." Wang Xuzhi thought that she was worried he was working too hard, and explained. "Your spiritual energy has yet to recover. You should rest up more."

Who's worried about that? I'm worried that you might do stupid things. Zhu Yao kept her gaze and closed her eyes, as she began to meditate and recover her spiritual energy.

Not long after the start of their flight, the sky slowly brightened up, as the sun gently rose. Only the did Zhu Yao feel a little at ease, they should be able to rush back in time now.

"Yo? What's the rush? Where are you guys planning to go?" A voice which carried a certain degree of ridicule suddenly sounded. The hearts which they had just managed to put at ease, tightened up once again in an instant.

Fox demon!

That familiar red figure blocked the path in front of them. She was still wearing that red chiffon, which could be considered to be negligible, and behind her, her three fox tails were currently swaying leisurely. She turned to look at Zhu Yao who was in the middle, and her voice turned cold in an instant. "So senior was here as well. Your complexion looks terrible, this little demon wonders if there's anything she could do to help."

Zhu Yao tightened the grip in her hands beside her, and replied with a smile. "I really wish that you could help me too, but unfortunately, you're not a male fox!"

Realizing that Zhu Yao was implying about her sexual acts, the fox demon's expression instantly changed. "Hmph! Stinky brat! You actually dared to fool me!"

With a wave of her hand, she took out a white chain, and it attacked towards Zhu Yao.

"Spread!" Zhu Yao shouted loudly, leapt out, and flew towards a certain direction. The other four people found their own directions as well, as they flew and left the large piece of leaf.

And under the fox demon's attack, the leaf-shaped flying mystical tool had shattered into pieces.

The five of them landed on the ground, and summoned their own weapons to fight her. Currently, there was no longer time to flee, and they had no choice but to confront her. But, with three at the Essence-stage, one at the Foundation-stage, and one hiding his Foundation cultivation level, how could they possibly go up against an Azoth-ranked demon?

When the fox demon realized her attack missed, she was not anxious, as she leisurely descended from the skies. Looking at the five juniors in front of her, she smiled sarcastically. They sure are underestimating me. With a wave of her hand, several wind blades, which carried a black demonic aura, were thrown out, and they flew towards the five people.

"Locate the gaps, dodge!" Zhu Yao shouted loudly, and everyone instantly understood. They looked for the gaps between the wind blades, the wind blades barely grazed past them, and none of them was actually hurt.

The fox demon was a little startled. In usual situations, the first reaction one always had after seeing an attack, was either retreating to the back, or dodging to the side. And her wind blades were extremely quick, with their cultivation levels, they definitely could not have been able to dodge all of them, so, they were sure to suffer injuries.

But they actually dodged by locating the gaps between the wind blades. For now, let's put aside the fact that the wind blades were released continuously, and they were in sequence. Wind blades were basically arc-shaped in the first place, and between blades, there were definitely large gaps. They did not have to retreat, nor did they have to dodge to the side, they simply had to slowly move between the blades with small steps, and naturally, it would be impossible for them to get hurt.

After the attack, everyone was a little delighted, and Wang Xuzhi was even looking at Zhu Yao with sparkling eyes. Even Zhu Yao felt it was a little weird, earlier, she simply reacted instinctively. Before she crossed into this world, she had developed net-games for many years, to the usage of skills, and their movement patterns, she was extremely familiar with them. Earlier, she simply recalled one of the patterns in net-games, and blurted it out. She did not think it would actually work.

In that case, the rest of the patterns should be linked as well. At most, she could treat this fox demon as a Boss, and defeat her with that in mind.

"Hmph, you're a little smart! But that's not enough!" The fox demon coldly snorted. This time, her hands turned into claws, and slammed them on the ground. With her position as the center, huge flames began to willfully spread. The huge flames raged, and wherever they went, the grassland would turn into ash.

"Fly up." Zhu Yao commanded everyone to fly with their tools, and she calmed herself as much as possible as she assessed the current battle situation. They had five people in their team, but other than Zhu Yao, Wang Xuzhi and Xiao Yi, the other two girls could be completely ignored, as one of them was at the eighth level of the Essence-stage, while the other was at the seventh level of the Essence-stage. To actually fly up with their swords under the pressure emitted by an Azoth-ranked demon practitioner was already impressive enough, they could not be counted as battle power at all.

Three versus one. Although it looked as though they had the advantage, their strength was being suppressed one-sidedly. Zhu Yao became a little anxious. No, this can't do. Calm down. There's definitely a way.

She was only a Boss, after all. Although Zhu Yao's level was not as high as hers, but in net-games, which Boss would not be of a higher level than the players? Hence, what's important was their coordination and their attacking methods, and also sharp decision-making skills. Even if their team did not have a healer, at the very least, they had three pretty good DPSes.

The experiences in net-games had told her that, in a situation with no tanks or healers, the only way to fight a Boss, was to kite!

"Fly away from this flaming circle!" Zhu Yao commanded, and bringing along the four others, they quickly moved out of the flaming circle.

"Trying to run? It's not that easy." The fox demon flew to the skies, and chased after them.

Zhu Yao summoned a ray of lightning, and threw it towards behind them, blocking the fox demon momentarily. "Xiao Yi, use an Earth-type Mystic Art below us! The bigger the range, the better."

When Xiao Yi heard this, he reacted instantly, an Earthsand Art was sent directly downwards. In an instant, mud and sand flew about, and the flames which were still spreading earlier were instantly extinguished. When they landed on the ground, their vicinity was only left with small and tiny flames.

The fox demon dodged the ray of lightning, and became even more infuriated, summoning countless icicles and shot them towards the five people.

"Spread, the further, the better! Then, find the opportunity to act!" Zhu Yao once again summoned a ray of lightning, signaled to the other four to dodge in different directions. Then, they would occasionally pop out and attack the fox demon.

The fox demon lost a concentrated target, and was instantly furious, attacking wildly in all four directions. The surrounding people just had to occasionally pop out and attack her, with a fireball from the left, a wind blade from the right, a ray of lightning from the front, and another icicle from the back, making it hard for her to defend.

Out of a few, one or two attacks would always make contact, and a fireball had just heavily struck on her right hand. Not only did it burned half of her sleeves, it even burned her arm. The fox demon's eyes turned bloodshot from fury. She no longer bothered looking from left to right, and no longer bothered about the attacks coming from the rest of the directions, rather, she directly pounced towards the source of the fireball.

"You ants!"

And in the direction she was heading, was exactly where Xiao Yi was. Xiao Yi seemed to have not expected that she would pounce towards him without caring about anything else either. For a moment, he was a little stunned, and when he had finally thought of using his sword to block, it was already too late, as the fox demon's palm had heavily struck onto his body. Xiao Yi was instantly sent flying, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Big brother Xiao Yi!" Seeing Xiao Yi was injured, Su Zi and Ling Long ran towards his direction.

"Don't go!" Zhu Yao basically could not stop them in time, and the fox demon's targets which had spread apart, finally gathered together again.

Zhu Yao thought of what she could do to pull the fox demon's hate back to her, and hence, she blurted out. "Hey, granddaughter!"

The fox demon, who was about to deal the killing blow, suddenly turned, and stared ruthlessly at her. "What did you say!?"

"......" Net-games did not fail her, as this sentence completely pulled the fox demon's hate towards her.

Seeing the fox demon, who had thrown aside Xiao Yi and the two other fledglings, flying towards her, Zhu Yao turned tail and ran. The hell, it's easy to increase hate, but it's difficult to decrease it!

"Big sister Zhu Yao!" Wang Xuzhi showed an anxious expression, as he threw dozens of high-grade talismans at the fox demon. As they were all blocked by the fox demon, he had no choice but to use his strongest technique, the "Countless Sword Formation". Gathering all of the spiritual energy in his body, he summoned hundreds and thousands of spiritual swords.

But, spiritual swords such as these, in an Azoth-ranked demon's eyes, were basically nothing. Although the spiritual swords could block the fox demon's attacks for a moment, the large expenditure of spiritual energy was something Wang Xuzhi could not hold out long for, unless they could kill the fox demon with a single decisive blow.

A Mystic Art that could kill an Azoth-ranked demon with a single blow, unless...

Zhu Yao suddenly thought of an idea. "Xuzhi, use a sword formation to restrain her!"

It might... really work. We have no other options anyway, so we might as well take this gamble!

When Wang Xuzhi heard this, he immediately moved the sword formation, forming a wall of swords to restrain her. The fox demon used the white chain in her hand to attack the surrounding spiritual swords. But, the moment she destroyed a set, a new set of spiritual swords would take their place, preventing her from breaking through. Zhu Yao took the opportunity to get to the closest spot to the sword formation, circulated her lightning spiritual energy, enchanting Wang Xuzhi's spiritual swords with lightning.

As expected, spiritual swords which were enchanted with lightning were hundred times stronger and firmer than regular spiritual swords, and lightning was demons' natural enemy.

The fox demon cried out from the constant attacks. "Curses, you bunch of ants, dare to harm me..."

The ferociousness of the fox demon was revealed, and black demonic scars began to surface on her face and body. She looked absolutely terrifying. Her small cherry-like lips earlier tore open from two sides, revealing a mouthful of ferociously sharp teeth. For a moment, her demonic aura rushed towards the sky, and the black demonic aura heavily expanded, causing the formation to soon break.

Wang Xuzhi spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, the sword formation showed signs of collapsing.

"Little wimp!" Zhu Yao was anxious. If the fox demon were to escape from the formation, they would definitely die! Screw this! She rapidly circulated all of the spiritual energy in her body. Even though her spiritual energy was not fully recovered, she had no choice but to risk using another "Heavenfall".

Zhu Yao raised her hands up high. The clouds began to surge, white flashes of lightning could be faintly seen, and it looked as though the Heavenly Lightning was about to come striking down. However, just a single Heavenly Lightning, was incapable of killing the fox demon.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to turn her head, and shout towards the person at the back. "Xiao Yi, release your Sword Intent!" After saying that, she stretched her hands towards the sky, and a ray of Heavenly Lightning descended from the skies.

Xiao Yi was stunned. Looking at her with a face of disbelief, he stood there dumbfoundedly.

"What the hell are you looking at, hurry and release it, I... Puah!" Before she could finish what she wanted to say, she felt a chill at her chest. The fox demon which had been struck by a Heavenly Lightning earlier broke through the formation, and pierced through Zhu Yao with her claw. Only then did Xiao Yi's sword intent with carried absolute sharpness descend from the skies.

The hell you hesitated for!?

What a pig-like party member¹. This was the only thought Zhu Yao had before she died.

Zhu Yao collapsed! Series end!

My ass!!


¹'Pig-like Party Member' or 'Pig Member' is a common term used in Chinese MMOs, referring to party members who do not know what to do in dungeons, or are basically burdensome.