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Chapter 25: Who Doesn’t Know How to Bully?

 Chapter 25: Who Doesn't Know How to Bully?

Yu Yan reached out his hand, and there was a jade tablet on the top of his palm. Zhu Yao looked at it carefully. Eh? Why does this jade tablet look so familiar? Ah, isn't this the identity jade tablet I received five years ago? Because she did not have spiritual power back then, she had thrown it away in some corner. "Master, where did you find it?" She had forgotten where she placed it herself.

Yu Yan did not answer, and simply told her. "The weapon you want has already been stored inside this jade tablet."

Zhu Yao received the tablet. Using her divine sense to check, she realized, inside the jade tablet, was a few sets of clothes, and a few books regarding entry-level Mystic Arts. These should be the items issued by the sect, and a fan laid silently beside the Mystic Art books. She hurriedly retrieved it. Zhu Yao did not know what the frames of fan were made of, but they felt comfortable in her hands. The fan was dark red in color, although it did not have any flora designs, it gave off a faint soothing scent, and looked extremely beautiful.

Zhu Yao fiddled with it for a moment. It was exactly the weapon, that could both attack and defend, and was easily retractable, she requested for. Zhu Yao came to love the fan instantly.

"When this fan is opened, it can be used as a flying artifact. It's speed is not incomparable to a sword." He was completely disappointed in her Flying Sword Art. If his disciple, the disciple of Yu Yan, were to fall to her death from flying on a sword, it would be extremely humiliating.

Zhu Yao nodded heavily, and began to love it even more. Touching the fan, she suddenly recalled the few days he had gone missing. "Master, you couldn't have spent the last month refining this fan for me, right?"

Yu Yan nodded his head indifferently, as though spending a month to create such a convenient weapon for his disciple was not that big of a matter.

Zhu Yao held onto the fan in her hands, and she felt so moved, her mind was completely muddled. "Master, you're the best! This disciple will definitely be obedient, work hard in my cultivation, and take good care of you when you're old!"

Yu Yan's eyes twitched, his disciple was being stupid again. "Don't you want to leave? Hurry and change your attire, and follow me to the Duel Arena in the Main Mountain."

"Yes, my liege. No problem, my liege." Zhu Yao immediately turned, and ran into her room.

Yu Yan watched her run off, and sighed deeply. He was not entirely sure if her personality was a good or bad thing. Everything was written on her face, she was too sincere towards others, and she lacked the cautiousness of a deity practitioner. He was worried that she was going to suffer if she were to encounter a bad person in the future.

Returning to her room, Zhu Yao impatiently pulled out all of the items in the jade tablet. She had already learnt all of the Mystic Arts in the books, hence, simply threw them back in after a single glance. However, those few sets of clothes could be used. They were all the sect's white uniform, and were extremely simple looking. When she took a closer look, clouds were actually embroidered on the uniforms. Mn. ****.

In the past few years, as she was unable to open this jade tablet, the clothes she had been wearing were all given by her master. The designs were much better than these white uniforms. Her master was extremely skilled, after all.

However, it was the Inter-Sect Tournament today, she felt that it would be best to wear this white uniform instead. The rest of her Sect disciples were wearing the same uniform in this big event, naturally, she did not want to be the exception. She hurriedly changed, and followed after her master as they left the mountain.

Only when she finally stood on the fan, did she feel the greatness of this weapon. After inserting spiritual energy into it, the entire fan enlarged by several times, and there was even enough space for ten people. The main point was that, the amount of spiritual energy needed to insert into this weapon was the same as flying swords, and the fan even had a built-in defensive formation. While in flight, not even a hint of wind could blow into them. Zhu Yao silently gave her master a thumbs up.

The Duel Arena for the Inter-Sect Tournament was set up next to the Main Mountain. Zhu Yao had thought that it would be similar to the duel ring in ancient times, and a simple platform would just be placed at the center. However, she did not expect to see a mountain floating next to the Main Mountain. Calling it a mountain would be a little exaggerated, however, it did indeed had a size of about three football fields.

A tall circular stage was built at the center.

And then, facing towards the ring, was an even taller stage. On top of it, were a few floating chairs, and seated on them were a small number of people. Among the people who were dressed differently there, were five people in white robes. Needless to say, they were definitely the Mountain Lords of the various Mountains in Ancient Hill Sect. The people beside them were probably the Sect Masters of the other sects, who had brought their disciples to the tournament.

Without even looking around, Yu Yan immediately brought his disciple and flew towards the highest point of the stage.

Zi Mo instantly saw him, and was slightly shocked in his heart. He immediately stood up and welcomed him. "Greetings to Ancestral-martial uncle." This big man had never participated in the Inter-Sect Tournament for thousands of years, why did he suddenly have the interest to appear today?

"Hi, old man!" Zhu Yao appeared behind Yu Yan, and waved her hand at him. She was a little excited after meeting someone she was familiar with for the first time in five years.

Zi Mo stiffened, and then, he coughed for a bit, instantly understanding the situation. "Greetings to Junior-martial aunt." So he came to spectate because of his disciple. Zi Mo then looked at her carefully, and realized Junior-martial aunt, who had not taken in spiritual energy five years ago, had already built her Foundation, and was even a Paragon! This terrifying cultivation speed, as expected of a great master to bring up a great disciple. It was no wonder why Ancestral-martial uncle insisted on taking her in as his disciple back then.

The others had realized the situation here as well. Their eyes shone, and they began to stand up and bow one after another. "Greetings to Sovereign Yu Yan." They were all rather excited in their hearts. After all, Sovereign Yu Yan was number one in the cultivation world, and it was stated in legends that he had not appeared in front of people for tens of thousands of years, and they were actually able to meet him today.

Yu Yan nodded, and he unreservedly walked over to sit on the chair right in the middle

The rest saw that he had no intentions for idle chatter, simply stroked their noses, and returned to their seats. However, they silently lowered their seats a little, giving Yu Yan the highest seat.

Zi Mo, who had his chair stolen: "......"

He quietly instructed a disciple to bring another chair over.

While Zhu Yao took out her fan, flew behind her master, and stood upright behind him. My master is this cool and dazzling tyrant, and I'm cool and dazzling tyrant number two.

Suddenly, she felt a chill down her spine, as a cold pair of eyes stared right at her. When she scanned her surroundings, she made eye contact with a cold-faced woman.

Mn, she was rather familiar. Was she not the Medicine Mountain Lord she offended when she just entered the sect a few years ago? Her name seemed to be Hong Chou.

When she recalled that she even scolded her back then, Zhu Yao broke into a grin, and a voice with a sarcastic tone sounded. "Yo, Junior-martial niece."

The lady instantly looked gloomy. After giving her a ruthless glare, she coldly snorted and looked away, showing Zhu Yao the back of her head.

Eh, you're no longer cute if you act all prideful.

This Hong Chou seemed to really take matters like this into heart. The incident happened so many years ago, yet, she still gave Zhu Yao such an expression. However, since she was Hong Chou's martial-aunt, as a benevolent person, Zhu Yao would not fuss about it. Zhu Yao was about to silently watch the matches, however, she suddenly heard the sonorous cry of a bird.

Someone she did not know suddenly said. "The three Sovereigns are here."

The audience on-site, turned to look at the clouds one after another. Three people, two men and one woman, appeared from above. One was stepping on a seven-colored mythic bird, one was stepping on a white tiger, and the last one was even stepping on a bright-colored jade lotus. Their bodies were filled with divine aura, as though they were deities who had descended into the mortal realm from the nine heavens. Especially the female practitioner among them, was as beautiful as the glowing moon, giving off a feeling of elegance and holiness. And, the bird cry earlier, was emitted by the mythic bird she was riding on.

From their imposing aura, they must be the three Demigod practitioners of Ancient Hill Sect.

Before Zhu Yao could even feel astonished from this spectacle which looked as though it was from a Hollywood Production, suddenly, an overwhelming pressure assaulted her. She was just a Foundation practitioner, how could she withstand the pressure from a Demigod? Instantly, her blood rumbled within her body, her meridians began to hurt, and she felt as though her cultivation level was about to be damaged.

A hand was raised out, and it landed on her shoulder. Instantly, the pressure she felt was completely dispersed.

Yu Yan's expression momentarily turned cold. A pressure that was much more terrifying than the previous, which held a heavy killing intent, was instantly sent back at them.

The three of them instantly felt that terrifying pressure, and because they were not prepared, their legs turned jelly. If not for the fact that they had to keep their reputation into account, they would have already fell off from their spiritual beasts. However, they managed to hurriedly circulate their spiritual energy to block the pressure, and only then did they saw Yu Yan, who was staring at them coldly in the eyes.