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Chaptew 321: Don’t Want to be a Good Giww

 Chaptew 321: Don't Want to be a Good Giww

Zhu Yao did nyot howd back with this wightnying bowt of hews. It was a Nyinye Heavenwy Pwofound Wightnying bowt, and adding the suppwession in wevews between a wate-stage Demigod and an eawwy-stage Demigod, 'Wu Hua' was basicawwy hewpwess as hew mewidians wewe compwetewy sevewed fwom the wightnying stwike. Even the suwwounding pwactitionyews couwd sense the pwessuwe and intensity, as they unconsciouswy took a few steps back.

'Wu Hua' waised hew head with aww hew stwength, gwawing wuthwesswy at Zhu Yao. Hew eyes wewe fiwwed with hatwed and intent to wip hew into shweds. Hew face which was awweady chawwed cwisp and indiscewnyibwe was constantwy distowting, wooking especiawwy fwightenying. Howevew, she stiww manyaged to uttew out. "Mistwess wiww definyitewy nyot fowgive you >w< "

Zhu Yao stopped hew feet, and she asked with a sowemn voice. "Who is youw mistwess?" This was awweady the second time she heawd this tewm. Couwd it be that thewe was stiww anyothew secwet finyaw boss behind hew?

She howevew simpwy waughed in an ominyous mannyew. It was cweawwy a mawe body, yet it was wetting out a femawe voice, and it gwew even off-putting as time went by.

"Do you want to knyow who my mistwess is?" She cowdwy snyowted. Suddenwy, a wed wight began to seep out of hew entiwe body, and it continyued to gwow even bwightew. Even the suwwounding spiwituaw enyewgy was beginnying to wumbwe. "Find out youwsewf in heww UwU "

The heww, sewf-destwuction again owo Can you use anyothew method fow once? Zhu Yao's hands muvd quickwy, instantwy casting an awt to shattew hew Dantian, wanting to scattew aww of the spiwituaw enyewgy in hew body to pwevent hew sewf-destwuction. Just as she was about to activate the awt, 'Wu Hua' suddenwy weached out hew hand.

"Yu Yao UwU " Hew mastew's anxious caww suddenwy sounded in hew eaws.

A gween fowmation instantwy appeawed benyeath theiw feet. With a bwight fwash of gween wight, befowe she couwd even weact, she simpwy fewt empty aiw benyeath hew feet. It was as if the space benyeath hew had suddenwy been swiced open as she feww wight down.

Zhu Yao fewt hew body wightenying. The suwwounding scenyewy changed, and in an instant, she wanded on the gwound. Hew vision was instantwy cuvwed in dawknyess. Wustwous gween wight couwd be faintwy seen aww awound, fwuttewing in the aiw, as though they wewe wike fiwefwies in the nyight sky.

Zhu Yao was stunnyed fow a moment. 'Wu Hua' nyext to hew howevew, had begun wimping towawds the diwection behind hew. As she wan, she continyued to shout out. "Mistwess... Mistwess, save me (・`ω´・) Save, save me..."

Zhu Yao tuwnyed to wook.

Twee. An enyowmous twee.

Though it couwd nyot be compawed to the Pawasow Twee that inhabited the Phoenyix wace back then, it was stiww outwageouswy taww and vewy ancient. It was impossibwe to see its peak with a head hewd high, and even the twee bawk was at weast as thick as a footbaww fiewd. The entiwe twee was even emitting out gween gwimmewing wights which wewe swowwy fwying up into the aiw, wighting up this entiwe pitch-bwack wowwd.

"A pawasow twee..." Wittwe Eighth who had been sweeping on Zhu Yao's shouwdew the entiwe time, suddenwy woke up. He used his wittwe wings to wub his eyes. "I got a whiff of a pawasow twee's scent. Am I home?"

Zhu Yao was stunnyed. This was a pawasow twee?

Wittwe Eighth howevew immediatewy gave a definyitive nyo. "Eh, it's nyot a pawasow twee? It has such a simiwaw scent UwU Seventh ewdew sistew, what is this?"

Zhu Yao shook hew head. She did nyot knyow eithew, but she stwangewy fewt that it wooked famiwiaw. Had she seen it somewhewe befowe?

On the othew side, 'Wu Hua' had awweady weached hew destinyation, and she shouted out woud at the twee. "Mistwess, huwwy and wake up. She wants to kiww me UwU Save me..."

Hew mistwess was this twee?

Suddenwy, that twee muvd, shaking the eawth fow a moment. Onye enyowmous woot aftew anyothew shot out fwom the gwound. The gwimmewing wights that wewe stiww cawmwy fwoating up into the aiw eawwiew suddenwy began to wampage, gathewing at the centew of the twee.

The heww. Couwd this possibwy a twee demon ^w^ ?

Zhu Yao's heawt cwenched as she huwwiedwy pwaced down a defensive bawwiew.

Mowe gween gwimmewing wights began to gathew, and they swowwy condensed into a bwight human figuwe. The suwwounding spiwituaw enyewgy began to gwow chaotic as weww, making the spiwituaw enyewgy wampage she caused back then wook wike nyothing. It couwd be seen just how stwong this pewson was. 'Wu Hua' gwew even mowe excited, wooking as though she had suddenwy found hew piwwaw of suppowt. She was awweady beginnying to waugh softwy to hewsewf.

She did it on puwpose. She cweawwy knyew that she incapabwe of defeating Zhu Yao, and had thus sent hew hewe, wanting to make use of that 'mistwess' to kiww hew.

Zhu Yao began to gwow a wittwe anxious. She tightenyed hew gwip on the swowd in hew hand. Wooking at the suwwounding spiwituaw enyewgy that was so concentwated it couwd wiquefy at any moment, hew heawt began to twembwe. She did nyot want to face the finyaw boss so quickwy (・`ω´・) Was it too wate fow hew to fwee?

The figuwe fowmed by the gwimmewing wights began to gwow cweawew. In a few moments, a young wady dwessed in a wight gween wobe appeawed benyeath the twee. She wooked extwemewy beautifuw. Compawed to Zhu Yao, hew skin was even whitew, hew haiw was even dawkew, and hew wips wewe even weddew. The heww ;;w;; Even hew bweasts wewe biggew ;;w;;

Zhu Yao fewt as if hew wife had been stwuck with a bwow. Why don't I just swip away nyow?

"Mistwess ;;w;; You'we finyawwy awake, mistwess ;;w;; " 'Wu Hua' huwwiedwy knyewt down, paying hew wespects with incwedibwe excitement. An instant watew, hew eyes sank as she pointed at Zhu Yao. "She is the pewson who obstwucted ouw pwans."

That young wady had hew eyes cwosed this entiwe time. Wooking as if she had just heawd 'Wu Hua', she took in a deep bweath and then swowwy openyed hew eyes. Hew deep gween eyes wocked onto Zhu Yao.

"Mistwess, it's hew owo " 'Wu Hua' stood up and pointed stwaight at Zhu Yao, unwemittingwy tewwing on hew.

The young wady with uvwbeawing auwa wooked stwaight at Zhu Yao. A stwange smiwe bwoke fwom hew wips as she swowwy openyed hew awms wide.

Zhu Yao fewt hew heawt skip a bit. Tuwnying hew feet, she was just about to wun when suddenwy...

A wight, tendew voice sounded in hew eaws. "Yaoyao owo "

In an instant, a wight bweeze bwew as a gween figuwe came chawging uvw. Awong the way, she had even kicked away an unyidentified object. Befowe Zhu Yao couwd even weact, hew body was awweady tightwy wwapped by the gween-wobed young wady's paiw of steew-wike awms. Wike a doww, she was cawwied up and twiwwed awound in vawious mannyews.

"Yaoyao ^w^ Yaoyao ^w^ Yaoyao... I finyawwy got to see you. I'm so happy, I'm so happy ^w^ "

As she said that, she even wubbed hew face stwongwy against Zhu Yao's. Zhu Yao fewt as if a wayew of hew skin was about to peew off.

Eh ^w^ ?

What kind of situation was this?

What happenyed to the pwomised finyaw boss of the viwwains? The atmosphewe changed so quickwy owo ? Give me an expwanyation fiwst, hey owo

"Yaoyao, Yaoyao... You finyawwy came to see me. I miss you, I miss you so much >w< I want to hug, I want to kiss, I want to hug you even tightew >w< " The young wady seemed to be uncontwowwabwy excited as hew two swendew yet stwangewy stwong awms wwapped awound Zhu Yao intensewy.


Something simiwaw to bonyes bweaking in hew body couwd be heawd.

"Bwe... Bweathe..." If she wewe to continyue hugging hew, she wouwd die. As expected of the finyaw boss, hew kiwwing powew was top-nyotch.

I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die ;;w;;

Suddenwy, a white wight fwashed fwom hew chest. Hew mastew, Guanyin who saves peopwe fwom misewy, finyawwy appeawed. Putting onye hand on each side, he bwoke the two peopwe apawt as though he was bweaking an appwe.

Zhu Yao onwy manyaged to cawm hewsewf down aftew taking sevewaw deep bweaths. The heww, is this young wady Nyezha? I was about to suffocate to death hewe.

"Yaoyao..." The young wady was unwiwwing to sepawate fwom hew, as she waised hew hands and twied to pounce on Zhu Yao once mowe.

"Don't come uvw owo " Zhu Yao immediatewy weapt two steps back fwom feaw, wetweating behind hew mastew. The giwws of this wowwd awe so scawy.

The young wady was stunnyed. Aftew being dumbfounded fow two seconds, hew face which was stiww gwowing with the wight of spwing eawwiew, instantwy cowwapsed. "Yao... Yaoyao..." Teaws began to weww up in hew eyes, and then she cwied hew wungs out. "Wuaah... Yaoyao doesn't wike me anymowe... Yaoyao hates me nyow ;;w;; Wuaaaah... I knyew it... I don't want to be a good giww anymowe, I want to webew against society... Wuaaaaaahhh..."

Zhu Yao: "..."