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Chapter 255: Onwards to Fall Spirit Peak

 Chapter 255: Onwards to Fall Spirit Peak

Ever since then, the two of them had sealed away the matters concerning Ding Chunqiu, coming into a tacit agreement not to bring up that person again. They began to focus on locating that mystic artifact in Point Formation Clan.

There were a huge number of people attending the Great Inter-Sect Tournament this time. In order to conveniently search for the mystic artifact, Zhu Yao and Ying Luo had followed them here in secret by concealing their identities, and Wen Yu was not aware of all this.

However, for some strange reason, they were unable to locate even the silhouette of that mystic artifact.

She even had the Metal Spirit search for it, but to no avail. The girl said that the mystic artifact this time was a bamboo flute, a wood type mystic artifact crafted with a Thousand Year Emerald Bamboo, so it was natural for the Metal Spirit being unable to sense it. Just as they were worrying about this, they once again bumped into that trash.

"Fellow daoists, we meet again." Ding Chunqiu nodded to the two of them, his face was filled with a courteous smile.

Ying Luo's face naturally reddened, as she habitually hid behind Zhu Yao.

"Why aren't you two ladies watching the tournament at the front hall?"

"We were just about to head there." Zhu Yao replied, as she sized him up. "Clan Master Ding, why are you not managing the tournament, but instead having a stroll here?"

He laughed, as though he was not the least bit mindful of her discourtesy, and slowly said. "I'm just about to head to the front hall as well, and I coincidentally encountered you two ladies. So I passed by here to give a greeting."

"..." Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe that he had such good intentions.

"This one simply feels a sense of intimacy when looking at disciples of Forgotten God Palace." He sighed, as though he had recalled something from his past. "Back then, I was just a mere Foundation disciple, and due to a fateful coincidence, I received pointers from an expert of your esteemed sect. I have not forgotten it till this day. Unfortunately, that benefactor of mine was harmed by the Devil."

When Ying Luo heard this, her eyes instantly shone. "Clan Master Ding, the person you're referring to, could it be... Hall Mistress Ying Luo?"

"That's right." Ding Chunqiu took a step forward, and said with a sincere expression. "Not only is Hall Mistress Ying Luo my benefactor, she is even more so the benefactor of this entire cultivation world."

The girl instantly smiled to the point where even her eyes were slanting. "Clan Master Ding, you gave her too much praise."

"No, she deserves it." He said firmly. "This one has always hoped to see her again, if only she could... Haah!" He sighed with a heart-aching expression.

Just as the girl was about to say something, Zhu Yao stretched out her hand to stop her. Don't be rash, girl. Don't put your trust in trash so casually. The reason why he wishes to see you again, is simply to kill you.

"Clan Master Ding, you sure are a good person who knows how to repay gratitude!" Zhu Yao smiled, intentionally putting emphasis on the words 'repay gratitude'.

Ding Chunqiu smiled, evidently, he did not catch her sarcasm. "Unfortunately, my benefactor has already passed on, and only sadness is left behind. Even if I wish to repay her, it's no longer possible to do so. Presently, the only thing I can do is to protect the mystic artifact that my benefactor had used her life to seal the Devil with."

Zhu Yao was stunned, as she turned back and exchanged glances with Ying Luo.

"Sect Master Ding, could you be referring to one of the five mystic artifacts?" Ying Luo stepped forward and asked.

"That's right!" He nodded. "The emerald bamboo flute which our clan is safeguarding."

"It must have been hard on Clan Master Ding. The Devil is an extremely dangerous creature." Ying Luo acted as though she was simply following the flow. "Even our Forgotten God Palace was left with no choice but to place our piece within Sword Seeking Peak, and have it suppressed by the sword energy emitted by the countless spiritual swords."

"The Devil has already been sealed, what's there to fear?" Ding Chunqiu frowned, as though he was extremely unhappy of her immense worry. "With how extraordinary senior Ying Luo is, how could the Devil possibly escape after being sealed by her? Furthermore, with our Point Formation Clan's Heavenly Handle Descent Formation, wanting to escape Fall Spirit Peak is easier said than done."

Fall Spirit Peak! Done!

Zhu Yao silently gave the girl a thumbs-up. After continuing to speak courteously with Ding Chunqiu for a while more, the two of them departed. They finally managed to find out its concrete location.

"Yu Yao, I think that we can probably tell Clan Master Ding the truth about this whole matter." Ying Luo said a little hesitantly. "I believe that with his character, he will be able to understand."

Zhu Yao's heart clenched. She pulled onto the girl, and sternly said. "No, you must never let him know your identity." Girl, don't act stupid now.

Ying Luo sighed, and similarly, said with a stern look. "Yu Yao, he really isn't a bad person. You were even able to believe me when we first met, so why can't you believe him too?"

Because this old lady here is here to save you in the first place!

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh, and felt that it was time to chat with the girl about life. Otherwise, she would really be afraid that the girl would suddenly act on impulse, and charge courageously onward in the name of love.

"Girl, it's been almost a thousand years. I believe that, in your mind, he's a good person. However, how are you so certain that he still is now?" Zhu Yao said with emphasis on every word. "People change."

She frowned. After a long while, she said. "I know what you mean, but earlier... you saw it yourself. When he spoke of me, he was truly grateful of me, and wanted to repay me. This can't be fake. Though there might possibly be some hidden agenda, his intentions were honest and true."

"Fine, I admit, his words earlier were indeed his true feelings." Zhu Yao nodded, and Ying Luo's eyes brightened a little. However, her tone changed right after. "But, how are you so sure that after knowing everything, he will trust your words?"

Ying Luo was startled. Isn't this really obvious? Since he will believe me, then naturally, he will...

"Girl!" Zhu Yao said with a heavy heart. "Gratitude, doesn't mean it will be repaid with another gratitude. There's still a saying in this world, and that's 'gratitude will be repaid with vengeance'."

Ying Luo's eyes widened, as she looked at Zhu Yao with slight fury. The corners of her lips twitched, and just as she was about to refute her.

"I know you're trying to say he wouldn't do that." Zhu Yao interrupted her. She did not mind speculating the people of this world as people who carried heavy evil intentions, because she had long seen the future. However, Ying Luo was not aware of it. "No one can tell for sure what will happen in the future, so I will not argue with you about things that haven't happened yet. Let's talk about the past. He personally said that you're his benefactor, and he had always wanted to repay you, but unfortunately, he didn't get the opportunity to do so? But, is that really true?"

"..." I was dead before, so of course he didn't?

Zhu Yao continued. "He then said that felt a sense of intimacy with disciples of Forgotten God Palace, because you came from Forgotten God Palace. Don't you feel there's some complications here?"

"..." Ying Luo looked confused.

"Ying Luo, if it's you, if someone is a benefactor to you, but that person is already dead, if you wish to repay his gratitude, what will you do?" Zhu Yao smiled.

Only then did Ying Luo understand, and her eyes instantly dimmed.

"You will take good care of his family, and will do everything you can to help the people your benefactor cares about. But..." Zhu Yao continued. "Forgotten God Palace was suppressed by the various sects for so many years, and had fallen from the leading position of the cultivation world, to the point where even their position as a first-rate deity sect could not be kept. Has there been any sect that stood up to speak up for Forgotten God Palace?"

"As a master of a first-rate clan, on one end, he feels a sense of intimacy with Forgotten God Palace, but on the other, he acts blind and deaf, leaving them to die. Is this truly what he meant by paying back his debt of gratitude?"

"If he simply wishes to repay you alone, then why would he bring up the talk about especially favouring Forgotten God Palace?"

"In the end, he simply knows of gratitude, but never thought about repaying it."

"Ying Luo, calm down and think carefully. If he finds out that you have already resurrected, will he truly stand at your side without any hesitation?"

"Or should I ask, if he finds out about everything, will this sense of gratitude of his still exist?"

Ying Luo sank into silence, and for a long while, she did not utter a single word, her brows deeply furrowed. Zhu Yao understood that it was impossible for her to think it through in such a short span of time. Wanting to completely overturn the faith of someone you had known for such a long time, let alone Ying Luo, even she herself would find it difficult as well.

If she heard from someone that her master or little wimp would treat her unfavourably, she would probably charge towards that person who started the rumours and give that person a sound beating.

Ying Luo simply keeping her silence was already a show of very good temper.

Ying Luo thus took an entire day to think it through. Only when the curtains of the night descended, did she finally come to look for Zhu Yao.

"I have pondered about it." She regained her playful young lady look, and sent a slap right towards her back. "I know you have your reasonings, but I'm still unable to believe that is so. After all, I have yet to personally witness it, so I will still hold onto my trust. I won't tell him the truth. I will first find the mystic artifacts before thinking about all these messy things."

Zhu Yao nodded. She understood that everyone had their own beliefs and principles.

"Furthermore!" She said with a tee-hee. "I haven't had any developments with him, so it's still too early to talk about all these. Haah, why is it so hard to find a hunk that is pleasing to the eye in this world?"

Zhu Yao patted on her shoulders, and said with a stern look. "You must believe that there's still true love in this world. As long as you swing your hammer properly, there's no wall that you can't br... Ah pui! No, that's not right. It's, as long as you put in the effort, even an iron pestle can be sharpened into a needle." Eh, why does it sound a little weird? "There's still a large bunch of good hunks waiting for you."

"You're right." She rubbed her own cheeks. "There's no reason for someone like me with flowery beautiful looks, to be incapable of finding a hunk!" She suddenly turned her head and sized Zhu Yao up. "You on the other hand, might be in danger."

"Scram!" Zhu Yao threw her a kick. "Let's hurry and head over to that whatever Fall Spirit Peak."


In the day, they had already inquired about it. Fall Spirit Peak was a forbidden ground within Point Formation Clan, a place where even the clan disciples could not casually approach. Thus they could only wait till it was night before moving out. Zhu Yao had concealed herself to investigate the terrain earlier. The mountain was filled with formations, and on the mountain peak, there was only a single tall building. Inside the building, it was concentrated with even more formations. The mystic artifact should be inside there.

Bringing Ying Luo along, they entered directly from the mountain rear, and they carefully evaded the countless formations along the way. Finally, after many difficulties, they arrived in front of the building.

The formations placed on the mountain were still at an acceptable level, but the formation placed on the building's gate, was the Heavenly Handle Descent Formation which Ding Chunqiu mentioned. It was constructed by the combination of several hundreds of formations of different sizes, and it was basically impossible to enter without spending a few days to dispel it. Zhu Yao studied it for a short while, and was uncertain what she should do.

"Maybe, we can try that method we used before? Merging in a formation core on our own?" Ying Luo suggested.

"We can't!" Zhu Yao shook her head. "This formation is different from the barrier back then. Though barriers are powerful, they only carry a single obstruction property. However, this formation is constructed with the combinations of several hundreds of formations in the first place. Just by pulling a single one of them would trigger the entire thing. With just the slightest change, it will immediately activate." Though she, who possessed the cultivation of a Demigod, was not afraid of this formation, the alarm later would definitely attract the people from the various sects.

"Then what should we do?"