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115 Your Brothers Really Handsome

 The girls chatted with Xia Qingyi while they sneakily glanced a look at Mo Han's handsome face out of the corner of their eyes.

Before they left, one girl whispered into Xia Qingyi's ear and asked, "Can you give me your brother's phone number?"

Xia Qingyi had long observed those small eye movements towards Mo Han ever since he came, and had expected her to say something along those lines. So she also softly spoke into that girl's ear, "No. Give it up."

Xia Qingyi did not take a second look at that girl as her face turned red in an instant and she ran away in a panic. She turned back and was unable to hold back her laughter.

"What did you all talk about?" Mo Han asked.

"Nothing much."

Xia Qingyi thought of just now and looked at Mo Han delightedly and said, "Brother, you should treat me to lunch."


"Because I helped you solve a tiny problem."

"What problem?"

"I'm not going to tell you," Xia Qingyi looked up at him and only knew to laugh.

During the next two days in F City, Xia Qingyi did not bring Mo Han to a lot of tourist attractions. They seemed to be treating it purely as a holiday, most of the time was spent at the sea suntanning and taking a walk.

On the last night, Xia Qingyi originally wanted to take Mo Han for a massage, saying that it would relieve him of fatigue and aches, but she was rejected by Mo Han. So, Xia Qingyi lay on the massage bed alone in the end and was in so much pain until she cried out, and then fell asleep on the bed after, causing Mo Han to spend 30 minutes to find her before he dragged her back to sleep.

After coming back from F City, Mo Han returned to being a workaholic. There was some work that required Mo Han himself to handle, so he found it a little hard to adjust from the comfortable getaway on the first day after coming back.

For the first time in his life, he felt his strength fall short of his desire.

You could never earn enough money. His own law firm was on the right track, and the reputation gained from earning a lot of money was something many were envious of. Why work so much every day, and he could go back earlier to eat with Xia Qingyi and be more comfortable instead.

When Mo Han thought of that, he smiled and shook his head, it seemed that he had gotten too comfortable during the holiday that he would actually think thoughts like these.

On the other hand, Xia Qingyi received a notice at school not long after she returned, informing her that she had passed the examination, and she could officially change her specialization in the next semester and study psychology.

She told this to Mo Han, and said she wanted a reward. She wanted him to treat her to a seafood feast outside.

Mo Han said that he had received a rather tricky case these few days, so he would be rather busy. He would bring her out for a feast after the case had progressed.

Xia Qingyi delightedly waited for the day when Mo Han would bring her out to eat a feast. Except that before the feast could happen, something else happened.

Xia Qingyi started worrying from the night when Mo Han did not return.

She remembered that she even called him when she came back, and wanted to ask him to buy red bean cake for her to eat. She then sat on the sofa and watched television as she waited for him. But, she did not see Mo Han even until 11 P.M. that night.

She was starting to be a little worried, he would usually return by 10 P.M. latest. Even if work was exceptionally busy, it was already 11 P.M., he should be back by now.

She called Mo Han, but was greeted with the sound of the phone being switched off. She then called Mo Han's company. It rang for a long time, but nobody picked it up. In the end, she had no choice but to call Mo Han's secretary, and her call was finally answered.

His secretary said that Mo Han asked her to book a plane ticket to America when she was about to end work that night. It was a night flight, so he was probably on the plane right now.