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114 See No Evil

 Xia Qingyi came back with her entire body drenched, her hair wet from the waves and sticking to her face. She had taken off the shirt he had made her wear in the morning, and was casually carrying it in her hands, only wearing a dripping wet strap dress, which outlined her exquisite figure.

Mo Han's face blackened again. Xia Qingyi was still smiling happily as she walked towards him, oblivious to what was happening, trying to catch her breath as she sat down, and then lay down on the cloth with a thud.

"How comfortable." Xia Qingyi was so tired that she was panting, her chest heaving.

Mo Han glanced at her again, turned his face away, and forcefully threw a jacket near him at her.

"What?" Xia Qingyi's face was hit.

"What did I tell you?"

"What did you say?" Xia Qingyi raised her head to look at Mo Han. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and had a poker face on.

"I told you to wear that shirt, are you pretending that you didn't hear it?"

"You told me to wear it, you didn't say to keep on wearing it." Xia Qingyi was indignant. "You even want to control what I am wearing..."

"Say another word, and I'll go back and throw away all the clothes that revealed your shoulders from your wardrobe," Mo Han said.

Xia Qingyi kept quiet; no matter what she said to him, the person losing out in the end would always be her.

At this moment Mo Han had taken off his sunglasses. He stood up, took off his shirt and threw it beside Xia Qingyi, leaving himself topless.

Xia Qingyi's eyes widened when she saw the muscles on Mo Han's body, she had never known that Mo Han had such a good figure, didn't he just sit at the office for the entire day? Wasn't he busy with work for the entire day? When did he have the time to work out? How did his abs come about? How did his arm muscles come about? This was such a puzzling matter.

Xia Qingyi's brain started churning, wondering if she should take a photo of the moment in front of her and share it with Mo Han's secretary. Perhaps, by doing so, she might even receive some red packets for sharing such a priceless moment with them. If the women in Mo Han's law firm saw their Barrister Mo topless, they would definitely explode.

"I'm going to swim," Mo Han said lightly.

Xia Qingyi watched him as he left, and seeing him take off his pants as he walked, she immediately closed her eyes.

See no evil, see no evil.

"Look after my clothes!" Mo Han's voice came from afar, and then his pants landed on Xia Qingyi's head.

Mo Han swam a few refreshing rounds in the sea, and when he came back he saw that Xia Qingyi was wearing his jacket, lying on the beach and talking happily with a few other people.

"No, no, I'm studying at a university now. I just came to play because I don't have any lessons these few days," Xia Qingyi did not notice Mo Han walking to her side, and was engaged in talking to the people next to her.

When the people she was chatting with saw a handsome guy with a wet body coming to sit next to her, their eyes brightened.

"This is? Your boyfriend..." One of the girls said as she looked at Mo Han behind her.

Xia Qingyi's eyes widened, and hurriedly shook her head. "No... no... this is my brother, we came here to play."

Mo Han did not speak instead, his eyes did not even look at them, and he quietly took a bath towel from his bag and started rubbing at his hair.

"Wow, you look really similar to your brother."

Xia Qingyi's eyes widened again, and turned around to look at Mo Han's face. "Do we look alike? This is the first time someone had said that about us."

Mo Han also turned around to look at her, the corners of his mouth lifting up into a smile, as though he disagreed with what the girl said.

"How many years are you two apart?"

Xia Qingyi had never taken note of this question before, she did not know her real age, and if she followed the date on her identity card, she should be 19 years old. What about Mo Han? She should have taken note of his age before.

"Brother... how old are you?" Xia Qingyi asked.

"30," Mo Han put down the towel.

Xia Qingyi thought about it, and only after that did she realize that they were 11 years apart.