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113 Seaside

 "Why?" Xia Qingyi was unable to understand. "Aren't we going to play at the seaside?" She looked at Mo Han's clothes-a casual gray t-shirt and a pair of loose black pants. "What about you, why are you wearing pants to the beach, aren't you going into the sea, and yet you dressed so formally."

"I've brought swimming trunks, I just have to change into them before going into the sea," Mo Han felt that Xia Qingyi was wearing too little and was revealing too much, except he did not realize that most girls would have probably worn even less when going to the beach.

"Go and change quickly, don't reveal your shoulders," Mo Han said with a surly face.

"No! I'm not going to swim, and my clothes isn't revealing my chest or my butt, why should I change?!"

Mo Han looked at her for a while, and said exasperatedly, "You don't have to change, just wear a jacket over it." Mo Han turned back, found a shirt and gave it to Xia Qingyi, "Wear it on the outside."

Xia Qingyi eyed the shirt, took it and slipped into it reluctantly. "It's too big."

"There's the sea breeze, it's to block the wind."

Xia Qingyi pouted but she did not say anything. She quietly wore the shirt but left it unbuttoned and hung it loosely off herself. The two of them jumped out of the circle of clothing, and then started to take some other things before they left. Mo Han found a taxi at the side of the hotel, and they set off towards the seaside of City F.

The car drove further and further, and Xia Qingyi could not hide her smile now that she could faintly see the outline of the seaside. She opened the car window and slightly poked her head out to enjoy the cool sea breeze.

The sea breeze messed up her hair, and its slightly moist and salty smell lingered at the tip of her nose. The wind was blowing lightly into her ears, and beyond the road, there was the vast and endless deep blue sea, above it the azure sky, and looking at everything from afar, it felt as though the sea and the sky had formed into a line.

Xia Qingyi became excited when she heard the sounds of the waves, and she kept smiling as she leaned out of the window. Seeing that her entire body was almost going out of the window, Mo Han reached his hand out and pulled her back, "Sit properly."

Xia Qingyi did not manage to sit properly for long, and poked her head out again. Mo Han could only pull at her with one hand exasperatedly.

They got out of the car, and as Xia Qingyi had said, it was not a popular tourist attraction, and also because it was not a holiday, there were only a few tourists scattered across the seaside.

It was very quiet, and Mo Han could mostly hear the sound of the waves, this made him feel comfortable.

He could not help but feel relaxed, and slowly walked by himself at the back, looking at the back view of Xia Qingyi running around here and there excitedly.

Xia Qingyi eventually stopped at a small part of the beach that was not surrounded by a lot of people, looked back at Mo Han walking leisurely behind and said, "We can stay here."

Mo Han walked over, put down the bag that he was carrying on the beach, took out the rectangular piece of cloth that Xia Qingyi had prepared at home and placed it on the ground.

"Go and play, I'll just arrange this area first," Mo Han said.

"Aren't you going to swim?" Xia Qingyi asked.

"Later, you go and play first," Mo Han sat on the cloth, and started to take things out one by one.

"Okay, then I'll go first," After she had finished speaking, Xia Qingyi ran into the waves smiling.

"Don't go too far," Mo Han shouted from the back.

Mo Han arranged everything, wore his sunglasses and sat down comfortably, leaned his arms against the sand, enjoyed the sea breeze and basked in the sun.

He had never felt so relaxed before. He was uptight most of the time, he had to handle too many law reports, discussing the development of the case with countless parties, and even when he was traveling, he was always calculating the time needed for this attraction, and planning where to go next for the itinerary.

But now, he had came to a small beach, and sitting here suntanning, enjoying the sea breeze, looking at Xia Qingyi playing with the waves in the distance, he felt that spending his time like this was also pretty good.

Mo Han's phone was placed on the cloth. Usually he would keep looking at his phone out of habit even on his travels, to see the time, whether there was any unfinished work. Yet, Mo Han did not feel any concept of time now, he only closed his eyes and smiled lightly, quietly enjoying the passing of time.