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112 Waking Up

 The two of them spoke a little here and there, and as they chatted, the plane soon landed in F City. After they disembarked, Mo Han took the bag off Xia Qingyi's back and carried it himself.

F City was not very big, and was a small harbor that was wet all year round. The air was very clean, bringing along a sea breeze with a mild salty taste. It was a little cooler here compared to other places in China. The breeze caressed their faces and was a little tingly, making every single cell of their bodies feel as though they were stretching. Xia Qingyi could not help but take a deep breath.

It was already nine P.M. at night. The two of them stood at the airport exit, and Mo Han asked, "How do we go to the hotel?"

Xia Qingyi answered, "I don't know."

"You didn't look at it in advance?"

"I only booked it online, paid the fees, and only remembered the name."

Mo Han saw how Xia Qingyi was looking all innocent and said, "Forget it, we'll just call for a taxi to go there directly."

The two of them started to discuss tomorrow's itinerary in the taxi. Xia Qingyi leaned towards the window, enjoying the blowing sea wind and said to Mo Han next to her, "Let's go and play on the beach tomorrow."

Mo Han used his phone to check the tourist attractions near the hotel and said, "Do you know how to swim?"

Xia Qingyi shook her head. "No. Do you?"

Mo Han turned his head, and asked her back, "What do you think?"

"Then it's settled, you can go swimming, I'll just stay at the beach, do some tanning and enjoy the sea breeze." Xia Qingyi thought about it and smiled. "Ah! Just thinking about it feels good!"

"Then what about the day after tomorrow? Do you have any plans?" Mo Han asked.

Xia Qingyi thought about it and said, "No, shall we go and play at the sea again?"

Mo Han's travels in the past were always properly planned day to day, and he had never encountered such an undetailed plan before, to go on a short trip based on just a moment of thought. He looked at the happy-go-lucky Xia Qingyi sitting next to him, and he could not help but worry.

"Aiya! We'll worry about it when the day after tomorrow comes! Today and tomorrow are not even over yet, we'll talk about it tomorrow night," Xia Qingyi said.

Mo Han was usually occupied with work most of the time, and now that he had three days of free time, he really could not think of what to do for the day after tomorrow, so he simply followed what Xia Qingyi said.

The next morning, Mo Han woke early as usual and went out to exercise before he returned to his room to rest. Only then he realized that Xia Qingyi's room next to him still remained silent, and he went to knock on her door.

Xia Qingyi appeared in front of them, looking as though she had not woken up yet. Her baggy nightclothes were hanging off her frame, revealing the strap of her bra and her creamy white shoulder. Mo Han shifted his eyes away, coughed and then smoothly raised his hand to pull up her clothes.

"Why are you so early?" Xia Qingyi did not notice what he was doing, yawning as she walked back into the room, looking as though she was going to lie back down on the bed.

"If you want to go to the sea, better be early."

"Don't worry, F City is not a popular tourist spot, there won't be so many people going there to play," Xia Qingyi lay on the bed, swinging her slim, long legs at the side.

"We still have to be early," Mo Han looked at her swinging legs, and could not help but feel a little confused, he tried his best to drag his eyes away from her legs.

He chose to return to his own room, "You better hurry and pack, I'll give you 30 minutes. I'll go back to get something and wait for you in the next room."

Xia Qingyi actually used up less than half an hour's time before she knocked on Mo Han's door. She had changed into a strap dress, revealing her white and smooth shoulders, a rope belt loosely tied around her waist. The simple dress only reached to her knees, making her lower legs look slim and long.

Xia Qingyi gave Mo Han a huge smile the moment he opened the door, though Mo Han looked at her from head to toe and responded with a frown.

"Why are you unhappy?" Xia Qingyi asked.

"You're going there wearing this?"

"What is it?" Xia Qingyi looked at herself, thinking that there was nothing inappropriate about them.

"Go and change your clothes," Mo Han said.