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111 Travel

 "The hotels over there are already booked. We can stay there immediately once we go today."

"What do you mean?!"

"F City is famous for being near the sea, the surrounding sea is really nice to look at, and there are many hot springs too. I saw pictures of them, it's a really good place to visit around this time."

Xia Qingyi continued, "You're tired out from working all the time, so I wanted to bring you out to play. Not for long actually, it'll only be for three days, just treat it as a holiday for yourself."

Mo Han's head started to throb suddenly. "You're not kidding?"

Xia Qingyi felt that he did not seem to really like the idea of traveling, and explained, "I'd already told Liu Zhiyuan to arrange to push forward your work for the next three days and let you do it early. I've also told him to advise your company to be more attentive these three days. If you're still worried, then contact your company and give them directions for the next few days."

"So, you've been finding Liu Zhiyuan for the past few days for this?" Mo Han asked.

Xia Qingyi nodded her head, feeling a little dejected seeing Mo Han's cold expression.

"Where did the money come from? I remember receiving no expenditures from the card I've given you recently."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. I found a job some time ago, it was Zhang Yang who introduced it me. It's at a detective agency, and the pay is not bad. A portion of the money came from my salary, another portion was borrowed from Zhang Yang."

"I gave you money, and you still went to borrow from others?" Mo Han did not expect that there was still so many things that Xia Qingyi did not tell him, and had kept from him.

"I didn't want... to keep using your money," Xia Qingyi said hesitatingly.

"So what if you use my money? Too shameful to see others?"

Xia Qingyi had guessed that Mo Han would be a little unhappy about her bringing him to the airport for an overseas trip without telling him, but she had not expected him to become angry that quickly.

Xia Qingyi could not believe that her good intentions had unexpectedly become like this. She took back the ticket from Mo Han's hand and said, "If you're not willing to go, then forget it, I'll go alone.

"After working on it for so many days, I can't just let it go to waste. Anyway, I want to relax for a while lately, and it won't take long, I'll be back after three days."

"Did I say that I won't be going?" Mo Han glared at her.

Xia Qingyi showed him her smile, and pulled at him. "Then we should hurry up, it'll be time to board soon, I still haven't printed my boarding pass."

Xia Qingyi did not stop even for a moment, and hurriedly pulled Mo Han along as they printed their boarding passes, went through security checks and walked over the jet bridge.

"Did you bring all the clothes and what not?" Mo Han asked.

Xia Qingyi patted the bag behind her, and smiled slyly. "I've already packed them all, clothes and necessities are all inside. I've brought two sets of clothes for you, and even packed your underwear."

Mo Han looked at her exasperatedly. After they had entered the plane and sat on their seats, only then did Mo Han find it believable. Just a moment ago he had been working at the law firm, and in the next, he was on a plane with Xia Qingyi for an overseas trip?

How long had it been since he'd gone on an overseas trip?

It had probably been two years. The last time was with Shen Rou, at that time she had not been to America yet, and she had notified him one month earlier, which was the only reason why he had agreed to put his work aside and accompany her to R City to play.

Xia Qingyi saw that Mo Han was deep in thought, and thinking that he was still concerned about this sudden trip, she nudged him. "You're already here, let's have fun together, it's only for three days, the company won't die without you."

"Tell me earlier if you want to go overseas the next time."

"What's the point of telling you, you definitely won't come along."

Mo Han said sternly, "And also, spend my money next time, I gave you my card so that you can spend it."

Xia Qingyi pouted a little, and quietly muttered, "Show off."

"Why didn't you tell me about your part-time job?"

"Umm... I forgot," She said quickly.

"I think you just didn't want to tell me at all." Mo Han said, "Stop working if you're too tired, just focus on your studies, god knows what you can do with such a small amount of money."

"That small amount of money funded for a large portion of this trip, it may not be a lot, but it can be useful."