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110 Presen

 Mo Han ended work early in the afternoon that day, and prepared to return home early. He was packing his things at the office when Xia Qingyi called him.

This was her first phone call to him in two days.

"Hello? Brother, have you ended work?"

"What is it?" Mo Han's tone was not any different from his usual voice.

Come out for a while," Xia Qingyi said smilingly.

"To do what?"

"I have a present to give you," Xia Qingyi smiled lightly as she held onto her phone.

Mo Han was a little taken aback, he had never thought that Xia Qingyi would buy a present for him. "Today's not my birthday."

"I know, it's just a small present."

"What is it?" Mo Han asked.

"Take a guess?" He could hear that Xia Qingyi was laughing, and after hearing for a while he realized that something was not right. He put the phone away from his ears, carefully listened around his office, and actually heard a soft sound of laughter.

"Where are you?"

"Open the door and you'd know."

After hearing her sentence, Mo Han suddenly understood. Holding his phone, he walked straight to the door of his office, opened it in one pull and saw Xia Qingyi standing right outside.

She was wearing a soft yellow off shoulder dress, carrying a big bag, looking like an innocent and pure high school student.

She blinked her eyes at him, smiled and hung up the phone. "Let's go."

"Why are you here?" Mo Han was a little baffled.

"You've finished your work, let's go, come with me to get your present. You won't get it if you're late."

Mo Han saw that she was carrying a big bag on her back, and thought it was strange. "Why are you carrying such a big bag?"

Xia Qingyi only smiled. "You'll know what it's for soon." After she finished speaking, she grabbed Mo Han's arm and walked outside. "Let's go, let's go, to see your present."

"Where are we going?" Mo Han asked.

Xia Qingyi did not say anything, and continued to walk outside. Mo Han wanted to drive, but was stopped by her. She walked to the streets, called for a taxi and sat inside.

"Sir, to the airport," Xia Qingyi closed the door.

"Airport?" Mo Han did not understand.

"Wait for a while more, you'll know what it is when we're there," Xia Qingyi said as she looked at the time, somehow looking anxious and hurrying for time, though for what reason was unclear.

Mo Han chose not to speak. He leaned back, and instead closed his eyes and patiently waited to see what kind of present she had prepared for him.

After around 10 minutes, they stopped at the airport entrance. Xia Qingyi dragged Mo Han out of the car, and hurriedly rushed into the airport. At the terminal, Xia Qingyi looked around at the surrounding signs, pulled Mo Han towards another direction and started running.

"Hurry, we might not make it, there's only half an hour left!" Xia Qingyi said, panting as she ran.

After entering the terminal and seeing her like this, Mo Han felt more and more strange. He stopped in his tracks and said, "What is it? What are you running for? What does your present have to do with the airport?"

Xia Qingyi also paused to look at him, and then opened her bag and passed two envelopes to him.

"Air tickets," Xia Qingyi said calmly.

Mo Han looked at the envelopes in his hand and felt rather surprised. When in the world had she bought two tickets to F City?! The most important part was that one ticket was for her, and the other was for himself.