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 He was a little awkward, and shifted his eyes away, not knowing what to say. On the contrary Xia Qingyi slowly closed her eyes again after opening them. She had slept her fill, and opened her mouth after a while. "I'm hungry, brother."

Mo Han was a little exasperated with her habit of wanting to eat right after she woke. He shook the hand that Xia Qingyi was still clasping on and said, "Let go, I'll make you breakfast."

Xia Qingyi nodded her head lightly, released his hand, and turned her body over and continued sleeping.

"It's already seven thirty, wake up," Mo Han sat at the side of the bed, twisting the hand that she had held on the entire time.

There was no movement or noise from her.

"Do you want to go to school? Don't you have lessons in school today?" Mo Han got up from the bed, rearranged his clothes and looked at Xia Qingyi, whose back was facing him.

After hearing that sentence, she sat herself up slowly, her eyes still closed and her clothes in a mess. She forced herself to nod her head of disheveled hair, and then slowly climbed towards the sides of the bed.

Mo Han was already at the door walking back to his room to wash up, and seeing that Xia Qingyi was stumbling out of the bed, hurried back to help before she fell.

"Are you that sleepy?" Mo Han furrowed his eyebrows.

Xia Qingyi forced herself to open her eyes, looked at him pitifully, and said in a hoarse voice, "I couldn't wake up, I'm... really sleepy."

Mo Han helped her to one side and said, "It's the weekend today, the public transportation will be crowded so you probably can't squeeze in. If you want a ride, can you please hurry up. I'm rushing for time and I have to leave latest by eight."

"Okay," Xia Qingyi's voice was feeble.

Even though the two of them had been a little unhappy eating dinner together last night, after waking up early in the morning Xia Qingyi suddenly felt that they were interacting more and more like real siblings, and this made her feel much better. Even if Mo Han could be cold, rarely talked and always had his life revolve around work, she could feel that he treated her pretty well.

Undeniably, Mo Han had always been by her side at her weakest moment.

He did not really know how to say any comforting words, and the only words he knew how to say were also, it'll be fine, it'll be fine, don't think too much.

He only knew to hug her, touch her head, and pat her back.

But Xia Qingyi felt relieved due to his actions.

Xia Qingyi remembered from that time he said he would allow her to follow him home at the hospital, she had looked at his back view, thinking about how good it would be if she could always walk behind him like this. She would not feel lost if she could follow him.

So she decided to treat Mo Han well. Although this sentence may sound weird, but that was how she thought. Now that she was working at the detective agency, she had some money of her own, so she wanted to buy something for him.

But she did not know what he liked.

This was a big problem.

She wanted to make use of these few days to ask the people around him, get a clearer picture of what he liked before buying it for him and let him know that this additional sister was not useless.

Xia Qingyi often went to and stayed at his company these few days, claiming that she needed to rush her homework, but actually she wanted to secretly collect more information about what he liked.

The answer was exactly the same-work.

Xia Qingyi pouted, thinking that this was a huge problem.

She decided to change her tactic. She could not buy a present for him anymore, for he definitely would not like it.

Xia Qingyi suddenly thought of an idea; she knew what to give Mo Han now. Even though she did not know whether he would like it or not, this kind of thing would definitely be useful for Mo Han.